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81 Cloppers

They are absolutely disgusting in every way. Think I'm exaggerating? I'M NOT. Also, they make bronies get a lot of hate, because some people look at a person from a certain group/fandom, and immediately think of the extreme. :(

As a brony, I find it plain wrong to masturbate to clop. And I fear for anyone who associates with a position who draws clop.

They give bronies a bad name, because many people automatically think of the extreme when they look at a fanbase.

Oh god, I think I'm going to throw up! - psychopath

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82 MLG Fans

On my bus kids are always yelling "smoke weed everyday" and " 420 blaze it" and we can't forget "and his name is John Cena! " I'm sick of it

Half the kids are 12 year olds that don't know what MLG means

Just because you say "Smoke weed everyday! " or do 360's, or say that obnoxious "Ohh! " that doesn't make you look cool, it just makes you look annoying. - AlienKing

It's just dead leave it die... - DJRainFlame

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83 Wolfaboo's

Personally, I prefer Tigers and Crocodiles.

Wolves are awesome, don't get me wrong, but the way the furry fandom portrays them is just awful. Same with foxes. I also dislike the stereotypes furries give to these wonderful animals, too. I find the whole "lone wolf" stereotype to be dumb because wolves are highly social animals that live in packs (and are ancestors of the domestic dog) while foxes are more solitary and fit the "loner" role more than wolves do.

What so there is a furry civil war going on?

Wolves aren't the best animals in the world in my opinion. Opinion just wants respect but no one will respect it...sobbuh sobuh sobuh

just accept that you're whatever species you are. it's 2018 basically, just change your species, race or name or something whenever you want. that's what quite a few people do - Puppytart

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84 Minecraft Haters

More like Minecraft fans. - LordDovahkiin

85 Meninists

Just because someone is a women, doesn't mean they are useless. These are the guys that treat women like $ecks toys. We are all equal, no matter what gender. These people should get forks thrown at 'em.

Meninists claim that they exist to counter modern day feminism (e.g. The ones that don't believe in equality, but female supremacy). However, they are almost as bad as feminists because they are actually sexist. They are not quite as bad SOLELY because there are less of them.

This should and shouldn't exist at the same time, it should exist but it exists for the wrong reason, as a mean of hatred towards that specific part of feminists that are annoying, I bet this was voted from those very same people, BUT, I have to admit, Meninism can get annoying sometimes ( a lot of times)

Never heard this term. Didn't know this existed. Just like feminism, it serves no purpose. - LordDovahkiin

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86 Eddsworld Fans
87 John Cena Fans

I feel bad for John Cena, he probably wants to be taken seriously as a wrestler, but all the trolls are always joking about him

Worse rapper than vanilla ice. - Ziffe

Ovverated wrestler... But he has to keep someone happy, right? Hopefully the five year olds will find a better wrestler to support in the future.

This pro wrestler doesn't need you to make random memes! I bet he really hates it and wants to slip under his rock again.

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88 Mixels Fans

They over hype everything. Nothing really important seems to matter to them as do things just for fun. In fact they make themselves look really bad doing it. Their the community is a wreck with uncontrollable trolls. The Wiki on the other hand is even worse. While trolls aren't on the loose the people there act crazy and are hypocrites who hate kids. Mixels is for young kids, but these fans are too old.

Mixels is an underrated show on CN, but when you enter this fandom, there is some TERRIBLE fans.

First of all, most of them make TERRIBLE OCS, they are either just humanoids, recolors, or an OC that doesn't even LOOK like they are in that franchise. And even though ALL mixels are boys, fans STILL make female mixels for whatever reason.

Another thing is: the shippings. People have NO REASON WHATSOEVER in their shippings, they just ship it. And guess what, the MOST POPULAR shipping in this fandom are two characters THAT HAVEN'T EVEN INTERACTED IN THE SHOW!

Another thing is most of the fans have TERRIBLE grammer, and you cannot reason with ANY of them, not to mention they do NOT make sense AT ALL.

These guys are very annoying and stupid. I was on chat once and they were whining about stupid stuff.

The most cancerous of all was thedrksiren. that person made cancerous mixel pregnancy,tickleing belly buttons,etc

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89 BenTheLooney Fans V 1 Comment
90 Death Fans

What kind of sick person... - Wonderman532

Wait, Death as the fictional Grim Reaper, or the thing that happens when you die?

91 Guitar Elitists
92 Magcon Family

Worst fandom to join they have too much drama

They're not even real celebrities

Deserves a higher place.

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94 Sanjay and Craig Fans

There's people who actually like this show?

95 SasuSaku

Worst ship ever..

96 Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans)

I would like to point out that a lot of Nintendo fans are not douches. I'm a Nintendo fan, and even I like a bit of Star Wars Battlefront from time to time (but just the first one).

Idiots who diss on anything that isn't Nintendo. Yes Nintendo is good, but the fans are morons - Drawbox

They are the braggiest douches on earth - VideoGamefan5

Nintendrones are the worst fanbase of all time, They Hate everything that isn't Nintendo, they shove their opinions to other people's throats, call every shooter a Call of Duty Clone (which means Metroid Prime is also a Call of Duty Clone) obey to Nintendo's every whim like mindless sheep, Disrespect everyone who disagrees with them, swarming over people to not talk bad about them, Kiss James Rolfe's ass, being Delusional idiots, not accepting Nintendo's Corruption, forcing them not to have 3rd party support and that's just the tip of the iceberg! I'd rather play Doctor Jeykll and Mr Hyde on NES While Listening to Hong Kong 97 Music than Call the Nintendo fanbase "Great"

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97 Anime Fandom

Does this not overlap with weeaboos in a way?
Anyways, for my thoughts. I certainly have no vendetta towards the medium of anime itself, as some of the most engaging and innovative film and television experiences has spawned from it, and it often tackles subjects and genres most other mediums wouldn't even dare look into the same direction of.
My issue lays mostly with its oversaturated popularity in the West. Japan has rich cinema and literature that easily rivals its counterparts in the US and Europe, yet, anime fans only care about Naruto's sex changing jutsu. Anime fans have placed the medium on a pedestal and shame other forms of mediums for not being up to standard and its global popularity has overshadowed other forms of animation and Asian entertainment alike. Now Western comics and cartoons are beginning to imitate the anime/manga look because it will appeal to younger generations, or give it the allusion it's "more mature". come on people, Japanese animation has given ...more

Not all animes are bad, but sadly most are

They are really weird. They watch foreign sexist cartoons, where the girls boobs are massive and the guys always have large crotch outlines. They say the story line is good and stuff, but it's the most simple plot ever. Also, they have the MOST porn out of every fandom. It's so weird.

I tried using fandom force to get into a few animes... but it failed MISERABLY. I tried liking it, but I never saw any appeal whatsoever. All I saw was awkward humor, annoying high pitched voices, and a few dirty things. And those were some of the "cleaner" animes. I hate anime (Yes, I've tried watching multiple different episodes of multiple different animes, and I didn't like any the slightest bit.) And when I tell people, they get mad at me and question me like nobody's business.

~A message from an anti otaku

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98 Sky Army (Skydoesminecraft Fans)

SkyDoesMinecraft is really annoying. He talks about how he hates squids and he calls gold "budder" Once on Minecraft I said to some guy "Do you want gold? " I asked him. He says "YAA I WANT BUDDER" He said. And once my friend said in chat on a server "I have a pet squid named Inky." and seriously like three people said something like "STUPID SQUIDS" OR "SQUIDS ARE BAD! "

Seriously -_-

Skydoesminecraft is an annoying little brat that never shuts up about gold or as they call it "budder" and how squids are evil

What is wrong with squids anyways? And it's gold not budder. It says its gold in the game! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Hasn't sky quit youtube? - psychopath

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99 Little Monsters

How can this be only 68th? Little Monsters are the worst out there. It's like they're always blaming other artists for having more success than GaGa. It's stupid when you are in Facebook reading posts about some singers and there are always Lady GaGa fans complaining, even when the post has NOTHING to do with GaGa, specially in things related to Katy Perry... They are so annoying, trying to convince everyone else GaGa is the best. Guess what, there will never be an artist loved by everyone, so, understand than not everyone has to like GaGa, it's stupid to create fights just because you think other artists are less talented. NOBODY CARES, if they love an artist, they don't care who's more or less talented, they love that artist and you have to respect it!

They think every artist copied her idol

They ruin howie mandel's good name with obnoxious pop music

They literally hate all the artists who are better than her, and that's a lot of artists y'all!

100 Game of War Fans

They exist?

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