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81 Minecraft Haters
82 Game of War Fans

I hate this game. - Lmrpirate

I honestly don't think anyone plays it legit it just gets used for free currency offers - ThOfficialDFC

83 BenTheLooney Fans V 1 Comment
84 Death Fans

Wait, Death as the fictional Grim Reaper, or the thing that happens when you die?

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85 Guitar Elitists
86 Magcon Family

Worst fandom to join they have too much drama

They're not even real celebrities

Deserves a higher place.

87 Cloppers

They are absolutely disgusting in every way. Think I'm exaggerating? I'M NOT. Also, they make bronies get a lot of hate, because some people look at a person from a certain group/fandom, and immediately think of the extreme. :(

As a brony, I find it plain wrong to masturbate to clop. And I fear for anyone who associates with a position who draws clop.

They give bronies a bad name, because many people automatically think of the extreme when they look at a fanbase.

NOTE-Not All Bronies Are Cloppers
Only Some Are

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88 SasuSaku

Worst ship ever..

89 Xenophobes V 1 Comment
90 Sanjay and Craig Fans

There's people who actually like this show?

91 Sky Army (Skydoesminecraft Fans)

SkyDoesMinecraft is really annoying. He talks about how he hates squids and he calls gold "budder" Once on Minecraft I said to some guy "Do you want gold? " I asked him. He says "YAA I WANT BUDDER" He said. And once my friend said in chat on a server "I have a pet squid named Inky." and seriously like three people said something like "STUPID SQUIDS" OR "SQUIDS ARE BAD! "

Seriously -_-

Skydoesminecraft is an annoying little brat that never shuts up about gold or as they call it "budder" and how squids are evil

What is wrong with squids anyways? And it's gold not budder. It says its gold in the game! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

One of my OCS likes squids...

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92 EvanTubeHD Fans

They are annoying. Seriously, they should be #1. EvanTubeHD is a huge brat with no life at all. His fans are all like "Lalala Evan can I meet you I love you" and defend all hate comments that are true. He is annoying and he brags about everything. Seriously kid, get a life. EvanTubeHD doesn't deserve all the likes. He has a high squeaky voice and is into really stupid toys.

I agree once a fan said he was sexy he is a 9 year old brat

What? Honsetly, he is a spoiled child and brat his parents spent more than 10,000 dollars, I swear


93 Sonic Haters

Sonic 2006 haters are awful.

I get it, it wasn't the best game, but it doesn't deserve the hate it gets, either. I'm so sick of seeing everyone having this popular negative opinion I see.

94 Supernatural Fans

The show is good and I am a fan but some people take it too far...

Today in Minecraft (I'm a sane Minecraft fan, don't worry.) someone said they hated supernatural and then 3 people started bashing them.

The show itself is pretty good, but some of the fans worship it like it's the only thing people should pay attention to.

I like the show but most of the fandom spends more time on how hot the actors look and "Destiel". No I came to talk to people interested in the plot on the show and what people think about how a surprise plot twist turned out, not some actor's looks and non-existent pairing bull. - Anonymousxcxc

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95 Studio Ghibli Fans

They are worse than anime fans when I said I don't like them they rage at me like it's their lord - sadfag

Ghibli has a bad fanbase? I never knew that and am sad to hear that. - SailorSedna

I actually like Studio Ghibli, it has cute characters and a good story and simply beautiful.

I love watching those movies! They were so beautiful! But, as most as you guys know,everything can be ruined by the Internet.

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96 Invader Zim Fans

Guys, it ended in 2002. Get over it, please. I don't understand. The show is a very grim-dark comedy... how come everyone focuses on making terrible fan characters and Gir? It wouldn't be too bad but the fans are such idiots. While the creator makes fun of all his fan-bases at constant, this time I don't blame him. Nobody ever focuses on the actual show itself. Though the worst has to be ZADR. By far. If you don't know what it is I'd say look it up but honestly don't. Please don't.

Alright I admit the show is fine, but the fandom is terrible filled with attention seekers, mary sues/marty stus, immature, terrible recolors (original characters), hate on people to the stage that they send ether death threats, hack threats or both because someone does like a specific character or they aren't fans, some think they are the actual character from the show or if you do something wrong in character they will start bashing on people over something stupid and oh don't get me started with the Girtards. This should be in the top ten at least.

The recoloring has ascended to the worse: Now people are recoloring other people's original work. Sometimes with watermarks. - PastelFlowers

You know one reason the creator ended the series and has never agreed to remake it despite how popular it would be is because he hates the fans. No Joke, the Guy who created it hates his fans.

Guys I like the show but some of the fans can be weird. - Anonymousxcxc

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97 Foxy Fans (Five Nights at Freddy's)

People think that Foxy is "the good guy, the innocent one" though. Foxy is as innocent as the others, and does it matter because it is a GAME!

Why do people like foxy so much? Why did he get his own fandom? Ah well... Please don't spam theories - Lollyclouds

Foxy is an awesome character but Toy Bonnie will always be my favorite because he's FABULOUS

Hate it.

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98 The Annoying Orange

I actually like this show.
The title is ANNOYING ORANGE people.
Read the title before you watch it.

Why does this channel exist? All it is is some adult acting like a immature child, with unfunny jokes that even my 12 year old Brother (who has a immature sence of humour) didn't laugh at. He even has a T.V. show! This is something... That is so overrated- and I feel this should definitally be up at 5-1 - Purplederps


99 Neon Genesis Evangelion
100 Melanie Martinez Fandom

If you say something bad about their goddess Melanie, they'll attack you. - talanartemis

She's a really good singer in my opinion, but good lord her fans are cringe

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