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121 Team 10

How can I even say this... Team 10 is the WORST thing that could have ever been made in this planet. It's basically a group of retarded, brain dead millennials that's fanbase consists of 5-14 year olds that like to blast the word " HE SO SAVAGEEE! " If you go up to a Jake Pauler and say that Jake Paul and Team 10 are idiots, they will scream at you, saying that Jake Paul is awesome and amazing and how you're a stupid idiot for hating on him and then they will say "dab on dem haters". I just really don't understand why anyone, young or old, would watch screaming college rejects destroy house materials for fun and acting like they're cool by saying stupid words like "we lit fam". To put this in an easy way, Team 10 and the Jake Paulers are a cancer on this planet (i'm very sorry if you actually have cancer, I am only trying to say that they really suck), and that they should be taken off this planet. Trust me, the world would be a MUCH better place without ...more

122 Rabid Amourshippers

They send death threats to other ships in Pokemon, and they refuse to at least accept their existence.

Ah yes, glad to see someone added this to the list. These perverts need to get a life.

This ship ruined Pokemon

Looking at you, @LunaDude1996. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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123 Modern Music Haters

Don't think that people with good sense of music are a bad fandom - SoldierOfFortune

And I don't see why liking any song made in the modern day means I have bad taste in music. - izackak

Fools. Modern music is downright awful! - LordDovahkiin

Most modern music isn't bad, it's just most mainstream music. - TheParable

124 Rabid Character Hatedoms

I absolutely agree with you. People who rabidly hate certain characters must stop doing that.

Modern Sonic haters are one of the worst.

I'll gladly take the Steven Universe fans over these guys. When I prefer SU fans to another group of people, you know they've gone too far. - Chris2003o

You might say that the worst example is Johnny Test: while bad, it's not as bad as Kyuubey's. That's right, the kitty character in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. While I like him, I understand people disliking him. But they exaggerate his bad traits and downplay his good ones: they constantly make him out to be an evil monster (and call him SATAN) for being obsessed with contracting the PM's while forgetting that he preserved the Puella Magi's souls in gems to protect them from an early grave. And last but not least, there have been drawings of him being killed/tortured/anything horrible over petty things like, as noted above, wanting to make a contract with Madoka. And even in the comments, somebody said he wanted to BASH HIM WITH A STICK and someone else agreed with him, with both comments being written in a sadistic light (needless to said that I got a phobia of being bashed with a stick after that)! Why do they have to show animal abuse and glorify it, with nobody being the wiser ...more - Chris2003o

125 ISIS Supporters

...Is it not obvious?

126 Nintendo 64 Fans

I really enjoyed the N64 and still do, even though I've been playing the Switch more often recently alongside other systems. I still hope to play my N64 sometime soon once I hook it up again. But the nostalgists... Man, they whine because Rareware is no longer with Nintendo and is part of the Microsoft and Xbox side. I mean, other companies make good systems/games, too. What is so bad about being a multi-platform gamer?

127 Crybabies

I don't like Melanie Martinez, but I don't despise her. However, her fandom isn't any better.
In a nutshell, they are a group of girls aged 14-16 who try to sugarcoat their idol way too much and claim every song from her is the greatest music they've listened to. Her music is OK, in my opinion and I feel like the fandom needs to realise that she isn't the best, though I do like the theme she goes with in a lot of her videos.
By the way, what sort of name is 'Crybabies' for a fandom?

I used to be a big fan of Mel in her x-factor days, but now it so much due to her music and her fandom. Most of the crybabies are rude, judgey girls in their teens who think they are meld biggest and most supportive fans. But then they get pissed at her for not releasing the MAD HATTER music video yet. And they called me a fake fan for not knowing the lyrics to training wheels like stop being bitchy.

128 Happy Tree Friends Fans

Are you kidding me? Happy tree friends has one of the most cleanest fan based out there this fandom on here. Happy tree friends is no different from Itchy and Scratchy and another is Tom and Jerry expect happy tree friends has gore and Tom and Jerry hasn't.

Happy tree friends is the best show

I personally don't like the T.V. show, my friend showed it to me once and I was disgusted and terrified. Lots of blood. Lots. But I don't think there is anything wrong with being in the fandom.

Former deviantart user yoshachu made tickling CRAP of it. - 404_name_missing

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129 The Lego Movie Fandom

Seriously, I hate that fandom because the fans sing the everything is awesome song... It gets annoying.

The Fan Art is just... No... Just no...

Thank God They're Rare

I love that movie - SushigirlO6

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130 ALDUB Nation

The Worst Fandom in the Philippines!

This is really true! Using dummy accounts on Facebook to bash the rival show. Such a disrespectful fandoms ever.

They Create a Dummy Accounts to bash anything On the internet

They're the worst!

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131 SAO (Sword Art Online) Fans

SAO is EXTREMELY overrated. I enjoyed the first story arc, but there were at least 3 or 4 episodes that were just filler, and did nothing to progress the plot whatsoever. Every story arc (except for Mother Rosario) follows the same formula too; Kirito has to beat a game, he is assisted by a female gamer who understands the game better than him, Kirito ends up saving this character at least once, Kirito has to face off against a murderer, Kirito wins, rinse, wash, and repeat.

When your character is written as a Marty Stu (in which he's somehow able to get through everything with minimal effort or losses), and the Femme Fatale is turned into a tsundere love interest within 5 episodes, it doesn't really show the writers' talents or skill, and it certainly doesn't build upon the creations of the firs episode. The worst part are the fans, who will immediately flock to defend it if something bad is said. It's not terrible, but the fans continually trying to prove to you that it's somehow the best ever makes the fandom an embarrasing excuse.

Terrible anime and worse fanbase


132 ChoKaru Fans
133 Finding Dory Fans

Most Of Them Just Disrespect Opinion On The Movie - VideoGamefan5

I liked the movie but respect opinions on ones who didn't. - SailorSedna

134 Jontron Fans

I really don't like this guy, simply because he's a whiny nostalgist who hates on Rareware's Microsoft or Xbox work and wants them to be back with Nintendo again. And he's downright rude to others. No wonder why his part as a voice actor in Yooka-Laylee was cut off from the final version from that game.

135 Sword Art Online Haters

Okay, these douchebags deserve way more hate than they're not given. Look, I'm not saying EVERY person who dislikes SAO is a bad person. While there are those who dislike SAO with legitimate reasoning and respect the opinions of those who do like the show, there's unfortunately also many SAO haters who are very close-minded and disrespectful of the opinions of the fans of Sword Art Online. More specifically, these types of SAO haters are the worst of the worst. They either jump on the hate bandwagon, spam hate comments on every anime article and forum related to Sword Art Online, are nothing but trolls in the comments section in every anime video, and/or bully and harass people who like the show. Also, I was on an anime forum on one time where these people were talking about what they would do if their friends liked an anime they hated. One comment had one of them saying that if their friends liked SAO, then they would slit their friend's hands, make them ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The hatedom is worse than the fandom, I believe.

136 Teen Titans GO! Fandom

Because as we all know hearing the word waffles for eleven minutes straight is hilarious.

I cannot express my hatred over Teen Titans Go...

Belive it or not, people like the show that RUINED Cartoon Network.

Don't go to the comments section of the show's Wikia site. You might lose some IQ. - alphadan12

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137 Gravity Falls Fans

Gravity Falls is an awesome show. Give it a shot. But I once joined a Facebook page for it, and the Bipper (Bill, triangle demon + Dipper, 12 year old human) fanart and fanfic is downright disturbing. The ship wars got so crazy I had to just withdraw myself from it. It is often pedophillic and overly-sexualalized. And then there are those who complain about the creator, Alex Hirsch. Disney gives him the WORST T.V. schedule ever, so we might have to wait MONTHS for a new episode. So "fans" complain to the guy who MAKES their show. What type of logic is that, you impatient idiots? And then the theorizers, who guessed the show's twist in season 1. They are cool, but I wish the surprise was there. So you might deal with spoilers before the episode that is being spoiled is even released (Did that make sense? Oh well). So, don't hate the show, hate the idiotic and disturbing fanbase. They are not all bad though. Some just genuinely like the show - TheWiseOne

What I've seen from the fandom, it's just Bill Cipher.

Seriously, I can't even watch a YouTube video without seeing something related to Gravity falls

This is probably one of the hardest fandoms to ever try to explain to people, because yes, it is actually kind of weird. I will say this as a billdip shipper - we are not here because we are pure. Some of us are here because we want to see pure things be corrupted. If you are a girlfriend fan who loves the show but can't stomach the twink version of Bill Cipher then I am honestly, from the bottom of my heart, sorry.

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138 YouTube Cringers/Doxers

Someone make a Cringe Comp Cringe Comp.

The majority of "cringe compilations" are usually made by socially inept edgelords made to appease other socially inept edgelords.

Keemstar is probably the worst one of them all.
A.k.a Dramaalert

139 Zadr (Zim x Dib Shippers)

Well the fanbase just as bad, but this one of the worst things in the Invader Zim fandom.

Do these sickos not realize that this is pedophilia (as Dib is a child and Zim is a fully grown alien). Not to mention they're of different SPECIES.

The worst ship out there

For all the fans that think they see ZaDR in the show, Jhonen Vasquez specifically said, "you know there's something wrong with them [ZaDR shippers]."

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140 Nintendo Haters

Nintendo is amazing who said Nintendo sucks is stupid. This should be no. 1

Another subcategory of the "worst Sonic fans". Sigh...

Nintendo Haters are actually non existant. They are trolls but the Nintendrones are too blind to see that. - Aguythatpeopleignores

MICROSOFT IS SO BETTER! even though I think that Play station is microsoft rival.

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