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161 SpongeBob Fans

I don't remember SpongeBob fans being too obnoxious, most of them are pretty normal unless I'm missing something.

Sure SpongeBob is great, but fans WONT SHUT UP that it's not how it used to be

What SpongeBob is a good show (well at least the episodes before The 2004 movie) - Wonderman532

People say The Simpsons should be axed has anyone ever said it about SpongeBob and this cartoon is silly.

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162 Dragon Ball Z Fans

Okay, seriously, Goku isn't a damn god, sure he's a powerhouse tonne of galactic energy thingy, but I mean, he has been beaten on many occasions, and one time I heard a story of superman beating Goku, and the DBZtards lost their minds, claiming his alternate victory, when the living proof of the stats showed that superman was more stronger and durable than Goku, and I mean seriously? Do they really think Goku can solo every universe? I mean sure he can solo plenty of universes with ease, but he couldn't beat superman, and I've heard that hulk and thanos of the MARVEL universe could possibly beat him, so no, Goku isn't unkillable, but I'll give credit, he is OP, but all that's just my opinion

Alright the anime, manga and the games are just fine, but the weiboos in the fandom are annoying all they do is claim that Goku can beat every character from franchises when he isn't the strongest out there sure he can beat a lot of characters but there are still a lot that he can't beat take superman for example due to stats, screaming Vegeta's quote it's over nine thousand to the stage that it gets annoying or even scream kamehameha without even knowing what it actually is.

However, I think the Broly fans are the worst in the fandom they honestly think that he is the strongest character throughout dragon ball z because he was titled as the legendary super saiyan when he isn't even the strongest through out dragon ball z and say that someone in the series that can actually beat him they will go and deffend Broly claiming that he can beat that character and if you say you like a certain character like Gohan for example which he is one of my favourite characters for example, ...more

I mean half the people that say kamehameha don't know anything about the show so when you ask them who vegeta is they'll be confuzzled

I am huge dbz Fan but I agree with you. Community is cancerous. Especially the goku Vs Superman War. Also MS Marvel Vs a18 ( even if I'm happy that 18 won becuase She is the girl that I have crush on for almost my entire life) its cancer. I don't even care about community I'm a Fan for myself and I Watch for entertainment, not to be cancerous DBZtard - P-51IsDaBest

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163 Kanye West Fans

We are talking about a fanbase who said that while they didn't know who Paul McCartney is they think his career will be big after working with Kanye. He's an idiot and so are his fans - Johnnyt800

Who wants to worship a guy who worships them self

(Insert retarded quote here) vote for me. -kanye west

Worst rapper

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164 Once Upon A Time

...just ugh. This show is bad enough but the Regina/Hook stans literally make me want to hurt someone.

Yeah but I subbed 4 CSers who respect other ships and are positively moral unlike the rest

Since the shows quality's gone down hill there there are only three types of fans left: Stockholm syndrome Sally's who always spout nonsense about how much they still love the show despite the writers using this to gleefully manipulate them to keep watching. The Hate Watchers club who bitch about literally everything and whine about how much they want to quit...and they're still there, every week every day every second watching every episode, reading every interview and recap. The hate watchers act like the writers are holding them hostage and forcing them forcing them to watch this fairy tale soap opera. Which leads me to fan #3: the shippers. God knows the show and fandom can't spare a thought about family and platonic relationships anymore (what the show was built on) so they obsess over the ships instead. Currently all facets of the fandom (RumBelle, Swan Queen Outlaw Queen and SwanFire) are united against the Captain Swan, who are frequently entitled 12 year olds that have a ...more

165 K-Pop Fans

K-Pop fans must be uneducated. They are hate-worthy equivalent to Directioners and Beliebers. Their singers are male but they look like WOMEN. Their songs are so terrible it's chopping the film industry with a knife. A lot of the fans are under-17 girls (specifically in Asia). When you harass the genre they harass you. When you ask why they like it they say "he's handsome". Pfft. All K-Pop fans are uneducated schoolgirls with a blinded sense of taste

It is annoying that almost all girls in my country keep rattling on and on about k pop EVERY SINGLE DAY, but it is abomination that instead of discussing the music, they just chatter about how hot the singers were, they will shriek and scream when k pop is mentioned. I do not see whats so amazing about sissies lip syncing to bad music so much that that is more important than human right abuses and corruption. - Golder

They are about as bad if not worse than beliebers or directioners

I love K-Pop and some fans are clean. But if you insult Jackson(from GOT7) or Suga(from BTS), they'll attack you. Some fans just care about their looks! That's wrong if you ask me. - talanartemis

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166 Vore

Vore is disgusting and should have never existed. - Lollyclouds

Whoever loves this disgusting hellspawn from Satan is part of the lowest scum of the Earth. - SailorSedna

Shenzi, Banzai and Ed's fanbase in a nutshell.

Then you want death to all the snakes,they eat their prey alive,is that disgusting at all? Its what a human do,eats food,food goes through throat,food falls on stomach,digest.

167 Sanjay and Craig Fans

There's people who actually like this show?

168 Bleach Fans

I think this person is referring to the anime, but yeah the fans are annoying.

The anime or the liquid?

169 People who make fake genders

Making up genders is pointless since there is only two genders: male and female, and you're born to be only one of them, even though you can look/act like the opposite gender if you want to. You are what you are.

So many special snowflakes...

Tumblr especially. Actually transgender people would easily be throwing up. - Swellow

Tumblr and sjw in a nutshell. - talanartemis

170 The Secret Life Of Pets Haters

They hate the film because they think it's a Toy Story ripoff when it isn't. Still a good film and kicked your beloved Zootopia's butt in the domestic box office.

People can hate and dislike this if they want to. I think this film is "meh". - SailorSedna


171 Brogres

Thanks to that Shrek is Love video, I'm kinda hating this fandom more.
Shrek was once one of my childhood favorites... Until the fandom

Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

Why is every kid on the internet obsessed with shrek is love, shrek is life?

I loved shrek...
until stupid 'memers' 'mlg' aka IDIOTS [my opinion] took it over...

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172 Team Fortress 2 Fans

I like it but I'm no fan... unless playing on own servers with bots counts as being that much of a fan. I play with bots because some players are annoying.

The new Call of Duty fanbase.


The funny thing is that I never saw any nsfw of that's something

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173 Terraria Fandom

I like Terraria, and I know that it Minecraft came before, but I don't get why that makes the 11 year old Minecraft fandom think that Terraria is a rip off. One is 2d, the other is 3d! If you want an actual rip off, go try and win the lottery

Terraria shouldn't have anything to do with Minecraft!

Ehhh not a bad fandom. The Terraria haters are worse though

As a Minecraft fan I don't mind Terraria I watched some let's play videos of it and I think it's creative and fun but Terraria fanboys are equally bad as Minecraft Fanboys ( I am a mc fan who can take opinions) They always treat Minecraft fans poorly and Minecraft fanboys continuously says that it's a ripoff. - Aguythatpeopleignores

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174 Girtards
175 Xbox Fans

If you ever go on YouTube, you probably will run into Xbox fanboys whom never shuts the hell up abut it nor at least leave us alone about Xbox consoles, which are boring and pretty much ruined ever since Microsoft brought company characters from Nintendo, really, they are so unoriginal and Microsoft is officially not now so #NeverlikedMicrosoft

Xbox and PlayStation are the same things.

Does it really matter? People have different opinions. Gosh it's not the end of the world.

I don't understand why they all easily get butthurt? - Lose

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176 Berserk Berserk Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV. V 1 Comment
177 Nekotalia

As a Hetalian and a cat person, I like this segment way too much.

Okay nothing is wrong with Nekotalia it's just a segment in Hetalia and if you don't like it take it up with Hidekaz Himuyura...
Obviously whoever put this up considers it different than Hetalia
Which it isn't

178 Gamergaters
179 Fire Emblem Fans

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Love the games, but hate the fandom. The fandom is full of shipping wars, yaoi, yuri, hentai, crack pairings that never happened, character bashing, bad characterization, villainization of some of the good guys in the series when they never had a such role *cough* How the fandom sees Karel in Blazing Sword *cough*, horrible crossover fanfics and art with other series, and the list goes on and on. At least the fan-dumb and the stuff they make can be avoided and we can just enjoy the games and it's characters for what they are.

I have to admit. I like the games but not the fanbase

No tumblr. Only Birthlight has les and Conquest has gay. And no, Lucina is not in the same UNIVERSE/WORLD as Palutena.

I forgot to mention that the fan-dumb comes up with awful nicknames for various characters in this. Like referring Eliwood as "Eliwuss" or "Smellywood". Seriously, people. WHAT KIND OF NAMES ARE THOSE?! It's like they have no respect for the characters or don't see them the way they are.

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180 Kingdom Hearts Fans

I love kingdom hearts and I love their fanbase. But I think for others they will think we are a bunch of idiots because we play a kids game just because there is disney characters in it. There are many youtubers into kingdom hearts and they all try to squeeze the tiniest bit out of some kingdom hearts news but all in all I love the game you really should try it!

I hate this series so much...

Well, before the ponies of MLP:FIM took over the Internet, KH was everywhere. Glad those days are over, though.

I love KH but the fandom is STUPID

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