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161 My Little Pony Haters

Yes, they can be downright awful. Especially if they're traditional scum who think ponies are just for little girls when the fact is that the series is gender neutral.

Thought rabid Bronies were bad? The haters are worse. They want the show to be only for little girls when it is for both genders.

So big, so hateful, so what.

162 MommyOFive Fans

Who, in their right mind, would support her?

163 White Knights

Sometimes people just deserve to be trolled, white knights don't understand this concept

Oh god I can hear them breathing really heavily and mashing their keyboards already, get the brain bleach.

This should be way higher on the list.

Like the Cyanide and Happiness White Knight. Best super hero ever. (The C&H White Knight is funny. Go to YouTube and watch it. You won't regret it. I promise.) - LordDovahkiin

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164 Marvel Fans

Think that all the movies Marvel make are the best in the world. Brainless group that will defend even if someone put a Marvel label on it.

Marvel is great, but so,e fans be like "Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow and Wolverine" that's all that exists!

I like Marvel, but those damn kids...

I like Marvel, their movies can be great. But the fanbase is quite possibly one of the worst fanbases out there.

Marvel Fans worship the movies like a God, they often go their way to attack any DC film released and defend anything Marvel-related. They will also shove Avengers or X-men in your face until it burns into your skull.

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165 K-Pop Fans

K-Pop fans must be uneducated. They are hate-worthy equivalent to Directioners and Beliebers. Their singers are male but they look like WOMEN. Their songs are so terrible it's chopping the film industry with a knife. A lot of the fans are under-17 girls (specifically in Asia). When you harass the genre they harass you. When you ask why they like it they say "he's handsome". Pfft. All K-Pop fans are uneducated schoolgirls with a blinded sense of taste

It is annoying that almost all girls in my country keep rattling on and on about k pop EVERY SINGLE DAY, but it is abomination that instead of discussing the music, they just chatter about how hot the singers were, they will shriek and scream when k pop is mentioned. I do not see whats so amazing about sissies lip syncing to bad music so much that that is more important than human right abuses and corruption. - Golder

They are about as bad if not worse than beliebers or directioners

I love K-Pop and some fans are clean. But if you insult Jackson(from GOT7) or Suga(from BTS), they'll attack you. Some fans just care about their looks! That's wrong if you ask me. - talanartemis

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166 Dora the Explorer Haters

Okay, people, lemme get this straight. DORA IS A BABIES SHOW. You people shouldn't hate on it. Sure, I think it is retarded, but it is for babies. So, if YOU know how bad it is, have you been watching it? Huh? So be quiet.

I'm sick of dora really stops time just to let you answer

Why is this on the list, did some 3 year old obtain access to the internet again?

boo dora

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167 Star vs the Forces of Evil fans

Yeah the show is ok in my opinion, sometimes it can be disgusting and werid, but it's not bad. I will prefer a different show over it. And this is my far opinion, I'm learning to like it, so yeah

The shipwars, and let's not even forget the rude, disrespectful and rabid shippers of Starco (I respect the mature ones though)

168 People who make fake genders

Making up genders is pointless since there is only two genders: male and female, and you're born to be only one of them, even though you can look/act like the opposite gender if you want to. You are what you are.

So many special snowflakes...

Tumblr especially. Actually transgender people would easily be throwing up. - Swellow

Tumblr and sjw in a nutshell. - talanartemis

169 Fallout Fans

They claim that they respect opinions and other Fandoms but #stopfallout4 proved that wrong and then some. How they Disrespected the obvious Troll behind the hastag telling him he is Autistic and should kill himself. And look at the "Fallout Fan Club" in Google + one Furry fanart (wasn't even rule 34) and people went crazy over it saying that the one who posted the picture should kill himself and the creator of the art with a bestiality fetish. Doing the EXACT opposite of what they are claiming to do. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They can be kind of annoying sometimes, but that's really just when a couple get out of hand and harass Patrick saying that pet Erick is real. They are way more chill than some other band fandoms though

Haha yes.

170 Teletubbies Fans

They actually have fans? - LordDovahkiin

Is anyone this?

U can slag off peppa pig, in the night garden or Mike the knight
But don't u DARE hate on tellytubbies. They are geniuses!

171 Cory in the House Fans

How dare you! CORY IN THE HOUSE IS THE BEST ANIME ever! (this is a joke). - talanartemis

172 The Chainsmokers Fans

When closer came out everyone was talking about it and if you said you hadn't watched it or you didn't like it at school you pretty much lost friends. I don't have anything against the song but it was just the clingy and obnoxious fans it picked up

All sound the same lol

173 Fidget Spinners

These are so overrated! People with problems ought to get fidget spinners, they actually help with coping stress or anxiety. Youtubers are ruining fidget spinners for those who need them.

174 Jeffy Fans (SuperMarioLogan)

Jeffy fans are literally the most selfish and annoying fans I have ever seen. I feel sorry for Logan because when he uploads a video that does not include Jeffy, The Jeffy fans get upset saying "THIS VIDEO SUCKED WERE WAS JEFFY?!?! " and it just annoys me so much. This is also really apparent in the Toads mistake remake were the Jeffy fans were saying that Mama Luigi sucked and some people even called him a ripoff of Jeffy. (Even though Mama Luigi was in SML before Jeffy) - Tayxd123

UGH I hate Jeffy fans. They are so annoying when they quote his lines to. - Tayxd123

I remember when jeffy wasn't that popular, but after jeffy the rapper was released, is when it got bad

I am a Jeffy fan. I am actually good. Jeffy is hilarious! - LordDovahkiin

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175 Mega Man Fans

The fandom actually is responsible for MegaMan 11 and the Legacy collections so this is a great fandom. - hugh201

I legit didn't know Mega Man had a fandom. And I didn't know it would be bad. Someone fill me in. - UnlawfulMatron

176 Selenators

They think that selena can sing

Really the worst Selena fan would have to be the one that killed her, Yolanda something.

Selenators? Worst Fandom name ever. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Selenators made me hate Selena

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177 SpongeBob Fans

I don't remember SpongeBob fans being too obnoxious, most of them are pretty normal unless I'm missing something.

Sure SpongeBob is great, but fans WONT SHUT UP that it's not how it used to be

What SpongeBob is a good show (well at least the episodes before The 2004 movie) - Wonderman532

People say The Simpsons should be axed has anyone ever said it about SpongeBob and this cartoon is silly.

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178 Touhou Fanboys

Glad to see this! And I don't know if anyone will read this because it's so far on the list, but I left the fandom at around 2012 - specifically the music arrangement fandom on YouTube. I don't know how it is nowadays, but back then, I can say with confidence that around 90% of Touhou arrangements on YouTube were crap, 8% were good, and only 2% were awesome. Now, eventually this got frustrating for me, seeing that most of the original music was really good but nobody was honoring it. But no, you can't speak out against anything in this fandom. Literally everyone in the comments are like "this is good :)", "this is nice :)", no matter how soul-less and generic the arrangement is. And if you say one word against it, ONE WORD AGAINST IT, people will jump on you. And that's just not even everything that's wrong. The commenters were just so brain dead in general. No-one had anything intelligent to say about the music, ever. It's even more annoying when they would just ...more

Although not all of them are like that... Some Touhou fans are actually nice folks.

These Fanboys are the pinnacle of turd. They masturbate to the fan art of a doujin game called Touhou Project. They are not nice by the way. And they spam Touhou this, Touhou that everywhere.

Wasnt touhou just a bullet hell game with anime girls on it?

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179 Exo-L

Some may have not heard of EXO, but they are Korean boy group with crazy fans. Honesly! If they don't like other groups or their songs they just burn their pictures and post the video on Twitter.

They always start fandom wars honestly

EXO-L should be number 1..they are the most worst n rude fandom

Exo_L just don't let you naturally fall in love with the group. they try to force feed it to you and over play the talented card when in reality they're not anymore special than other kpop groups. Exo-L is becoming famous for accusing everything in existence as copying off their group. this last 1 isn't for everyone but my personal problem is the exaggeration and heavy focus on visuals. its hard to find an Exo-L that will actually spend time talking about the music without going right into the " such a god" or " he's killing me". they ok not all that.People have different music taste, deal with it.
in kpop as a whole all groups do that but I feel like currently this fandom in particular take the cake. like I''ve seen dramas and shows where they play an exo song for like 3 seconds in the bakcground the comments section will be flooded with exo <3. like they need to chill.
Exo-L is also notorious for throwing shade at other groups and throwing EXO's success in their faces. They ...more

180 Xbox Fans

If you ever go on YouTube, you probably will run into Xbox fanboys whom never shuts the hell up abut it nor at least leave us alone about Xbox consoles, which are boring and pretty much ruined ever since Microsoft brought company characters from Nintendo, really, they are so unoriginal and Microsoft is officially not now so #NeverlikedMicrosoft

Man, this fandom is the absolute reason why I hate Xbox. Back at Boy Scouts, I encountered 2 people, both of them eventually said "Pokemon is for Babies." I'm like, WHAT THE HECK! What I'm saying is, Xbox made 99-100% of bullies everywhere.

Xbox and PlayStation are the same things.

I don't understand why they all easily get butthurt? - Lose

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