The Phandom


I think a large part of the phandom often say things ironically or just joking. But then there's the 12 year old fans who don't understand how jokes work and start copying what everyone else says and have no boundaries. And the bad part of the phandom is what sticks out the most even though I think at least more than half their phans are really nice creative people. I love Dan and Phil, they are my idols for many reasons and it makes me sad that people won't give them a chance because the part of phandom drives them away.

Internet cult leaders, Dan and Phil. How isn't this on the list? The Phandom is everywhere and personally, I love them. Craziest people on this planet and also the most creative. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.

I am ASTONISHED at how low this is on this list. Honestly, this fandom is the WORST. Although I love Dan and Phil myself, the fandom oversexualizes the two and almost pushes the two into being together. And don't even get me started on the smut.

I think the Phandom should be #1, because we are literally everywhere. We also are really protective when someone says something mean about our "leaders". BUT that's what I love about the Phandom. We are basically a huge family and we are helping each other as good as possible.

They are so overdramatic, so badly that someone could simply say that Dan and Phil aren't their favorite and they will pounce. Also the fact that their otp controls their lives and internet personality is concerning. Don't forget the fact that romanticizing mental illnesses is extremely common.

Dan and Phil are amazing, in my opinion, and I would count myself as a fan. But some of The Phandom pushes it really far and invades their privacy and others. It's prefectly fine to ship Phan(I do too) but we shouldn't repeatedly ask them about it when it's clear they're uncomfortable with the topic. And you don't have to ship Phan, even though some demon phannies may day you're not a real fan if you don't. One of the worst things I've seen the Phandom do is making a meme out of Dan's sexuality. Back in 2012 or before, he was really hot-buttoning discussing his sexuality and he was clearly not comfortable with talking about it. He has even said 'I'm not gay' several times to people who kept inquiring him. I'm glad that he is more open about it now than he was before but we still should not force it down his throat. I'm sorry this sounds so bias, some of the Phandom is really really fun and creative an open-minded. It's just that there's a big portion that annoys me.

This fandom is weird and sometimes crazy but at least we're everywhere so we never feel alone

I love Dan and Phil but the Phandom can be ridiculously over the top. - FennikenFan9

I love Dan and Phil, but some of the fans act like it's the only thing and the world and it should be loved and worshiped.

I love Dan and Phil but on every single video on YouTube, somebody is going to comment something about the phandom. - Catacorn

Dan and Phil are great, but the Phandom is extremely annoying and down right disrespectful.

I think Dan and Phil are really funny Youtubers, but that doesn't mean I over obsess everything they do. - SkyElephantClan_

Annoying fandom. They worship Dan and Phil like God. I had people like that in middle school. - talanartemis

When I watch a totally unrelated video, someone always has a pic of dan/phil as their profile pic. They comment something like: "Oh, that's cool" and then other people with a dan/phil pic reply "the PHANDOM" " A PHAN" like seriously?

Dan and Phil are amazing people and make brilliant content, however, their fans are among the worst on the internet. - Miker0

I have nothing against Phil and Dan. They are fine people, I just HATE the fanbase. Why the hell are they shipping real people? They treat Phil and Dan like GODS. what?

I honestly don't like Dan and Phill anyways. But once I just said I didn't really like them to someone who was a fan- and they got all offended. They just seem like another British youtuber gaming- at this point- it's unoriginal. (If u wanna see some actual good videos done by a British youtuber- search up DAgames- they're great! ) - Purplederps

Dan and phil are amazing and I love the phandom

I used to love Dan, Phil, and other British YouTubers. That was in 2016. Then the cancerous fans came and never left. They still give me positive vibes.

I watched a few of their videos and I liked them. I just can't stand people shipping them and writing the most disturbing fanfics.

Honestly, I enjoy Dan and Phils videos. I get the idea, Dan shares his awkward moments, funny content that people can relate to, Phil posts relatable, funny content as well. These guys share they're music tastes, too. Which is My chemical romance, Panic! At the disco, Fall out boy, Kanye West and others. And whenever you go to one of the artists named related videos, the comment section is full of things like "YO WHERE R the PHANNIES! TURN UP HAHAH! XDDD" Also if anyone mentions Dan, Phil, HAMSTERS (this is absolutely true! ) They always start commenting like that, too. The fandom is cancer, aids and any other terrible illness all in one. They think they own the internet, or that they can take over the internet. It's terrible.

I am disgusted by them and their puberty attacks. Please, you don't seem cool when you act like a Tumblr trash with using the ugly words, "I don't know, dunno, idc" stuff. You don't look careless, you look fake. They are ALL trash. I don't even need to argue with it.

I agree, they are the worst fanbase I have ever crossed on the internet. I hate that on some vidoes that has no mentions of Dan or Phil. I will always see "WHERE IS THE PHANDOM?! " or "ANY PHAN FANS HERE?! ". Seriously I just go one day without seeing this? Annoys the crap out of me.

They were also in The Lion Guard as gorillas. TLG is a terrible show, to be honest.

I'm a fan and they both make me happy like, really happy but I'll have to vote for this one. Some are annoying and just.. you know what I mean. The "no youtube comment section is safe" thing? It's kinda funny at first but it got annoying and it doesn't look right anymore. Also, that one incident that happened. 2012. I also don't like it when some fans are bashing the female youtubers they're having a collab with or being in the same video as them. The YER A WIZARD DAN video and The Amazing Cat Is On Fire videos? The comment section for those videos are filled with immature hate comments. I remember someone replying to Cat(rific) about how he/she's thankful about her and then suddenly that person replied a really immature, inappropriate thing. Cat replied to that person and saw it. I'm sure Cat is aware that most phans hate her and stuff but I mean, hate a girl because she's close with dnp? That's not a good thing.