Sonic Fans


Ah, what a Sega game. I want to see the timeline of how this fandom got so terrible! Lets start by the beginning should we?

1991-Sonic was a game created by Yuji Naka, he successfully port the game into the US before Japan. The fandom of Sonic those days were simple. Just a bunch of normal people, at least people who had a life wants to find a challenge.

1996-Sonic OCs has began when Sega wanted to make consoles that no one wanted to buy. I didn't expect the Sonic characters to go up high in a short while, even though there was Sonic cartoon, god I couldn't stand Sally and others. Since Segas console didn't get as much as often, the fandom changed quick, as the normal people went to better games.

1999-After Sonic Underground, and that Dreamcast, the Sonic Team even wanted to make an even stupider choice. Yet the fandom starts to get out of control. Even though it's far from today, this is the beginning of the downhill of Sonic the Hedgehog.

2000-Internet ...more

I really love Sonic the hedgehog series but I just can't stand the fandom. For some reason, they hate every single game, even those who haven't been released yet! You can't really voice your opinion or discuss about something you like because you will be met with hate immediately. Let's say there will be some fan of Sonic 06 (considered to be the worst game ever for those who don't know) who wants to discuss about the game. Well there you have it, most hated game but it appears some people like it after all. This causes wars every single time because people hate everything there and can't accept the fact someone might have different opinion. I would much rather call them anti-fans. If you don't like something, why joining a group, why spending your own money on the game? If you're not a hater, you won't be welcome in this fandom. I shall enjoy the adventures of the blue blur while staying out of the fandom.

I'm going straight to the point but not going through the whole "fandom" and "OC" parts. I'll talk about the "complaining/nostalgic Sonic fans" part. They're never happy with anything. They complain about the imperfections of every single Sonic game, bash about how the classics were better (though some have never played the classics or just played Sonic 1), how 3D gameplay made Sonic games worse and Generations is the only Sonic game worth playing nowadays because of the nostalgia elements. Sure the classics are amazing games that marked the Genesis gaming era, but some new games aren't bad at all. Sonic Heroes is a good game, the fans say it's horrible. Sonic Unleashed is a good game, the fans say it's awful. Sonic 06 is NOT the worst game of all time (sure it had its problems) like many fans claim to say. The Black Knight isn't a bad game either. However I do agree that Sonic Boom is a bad game, but again, not the worst game ever made. SEGA made Sonic 4 to please the fans that ...more

Sonic games, comic and series are just fine. But when you see people above their 20s that don't wanna admit it's for children, that pair up with characters treating them as "husbands" and that hate a (Amy or Sally) character to death... You just want to back away... slowly.

That doesn't make me hate them actually. So they don't follow conventional age stereotypes, big deal. Although the pairings are disturbing.

I hate the fandom of Sonic, the fan art is terrible, they sometimes ruin characters, they sexualize characters, and people fight when it comes to shipping, the characters, people even fight when it comes to shipping between crossovers. This should be higher on the list.

You know your fanbase is bad when there are massive debates over something as minor as a character's eye color. The sonic fan base is unbelievably broken. No matter what Sega does they can't be pleased. But that's not even getting into stuff like the fan characters and fetishes. The fandom pretty much has so many overly powerful fan characters that it has become a game to look up "(your name) the hedgehog" as it's almost guaranteed to get terrible results. And a lot of those characters and their creators treat themselves like gods. Then there's the fact the fanbase is overridden by fetishes. Not just the overly obvious furry fetish, I'm talking vore, inflation, foot, mpreg, and more. There's a lot of artists who draw nothing but fetish art. Hell most people don't even care about the games. The entire fandom is just misaimed. Oh and Shadow x Shrek came from here. And no that's not a joke ship. That alone is worth my vote.

So many people think that Tails and Cream should be a couple when they never shown romantic interest to each other in any of the games, comics or shows. It's even worse when it's fans defend it to the death and hate every other Tails-related shipping such as Tails/Cosmo and Tails/Zooey. I think Tails and Zooey look great together, and Cream deserves no one; she's better off alone and unloved.

Look if your a fan of something that's all fine and good, but these guy's take it to extreme levels that only a select few fandoms can compare to

I am a huge sonic fan. Played basically every game. I always rush to get the newest game for over 10 years since I was a kid and I still have a genesis. Now the rest of the fanbase is just messed up. There is so much stuff unrelated to the games, there are horrible ROM hacks of the games, ( not all of them, but most) then there are the fetishes which I don't even want to talk about because it is just disgusting. Now, I think sega isn't doing anything wrong with the games, I think that a lot of games are horrible because of the fanbase. I mean sometimes games just get downright ruined for you after seeing what the fanbase does. Now, not ALL of the fanbase is bad, (most of it though) but honestly there is so much cancerous stuff, things get ruined.
If you want some advice, just play the games and just stay away from websites, just saying

I don't think these guys even played the classics, but instead they watch the SAT AM cartoon and the anime.

Luckily, the worst Sonic fans can be hilariously entertaining.

I'm not being hypocritical here... But I have to be honest right now. The fandom sucks! This community destroyed Sonic the way he is! - Koro

They complain about everything and they are cringe-worthy. I used to love Sonic (I still do but not anymore) and be in the fandom but I left because I didn't like being in there. I like Sonic separately.

Shipping wars are one of the worst when it comes to the Sonic fandom, especially, dare I say it; SAME SERIES VS. CROSSOVER SHIPPING WARS. It bugs me so much when some fans think a crossover ship is better than a same-series shipping when there is no chance of it happening.

Not all Sonic fans are bad, such as I. I don't like the regular ones though, they're terrible!

I'm apart of this fandom and it's a brutal war between Classic and modern over here...

I am a sonic fan I'm not obsessed about but other sonic fans are highly annoying going and on about how great he is but in reality he is an ass and then go and write fanfiction about him in an orgy but most of them are autistic not much I can say about that there just annoying

They Even Think That Scooby Doo Is Sticks's Love Interest. What Monsters!

The most annoying thing I can find on sonic fandom is always that 'Sonic's Scourge is way better than Scourge from Warrior Cats. I wish I could magically turn them into their real forms

Warrior Cats Scourge be like

Scourge itself, because the story is realistic

Sonic Scourge

A green hedgehog

Fan fiction where sonic beats up his neighborhood bully. This exists.

I bet I could write an entire high-quality post detailing how cancerous the Sonic fan base is. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Shadow: I have to admit this is something that could start the apopolipse. Blaze might burn everything if people keep talking about her and silver, or her and Amy/rouge. And I may start a war about SHREK AND SONIC I WILL...

I honestly think this fanbase is WORSE than the FNAF fandom, WORSE than the SAO fandom, and even WORSE then Minecraft fans! I know at least one person in each of these fandoms, and NOTHING compares to this fandom

Honestly, this should at least be number 1 bronies should be number 2. Sonic fans have by far the worst fandom ever

How the heck is this five? If you want to cringe watch game grumps's sonic unleashed videos (the episodes where they read fanfic). And good god, this fandom is DESTROYING Deviantart. Sure, there are bronies there too, but there are WAY too many sonic ocs! Let's try a game: go on deviant art, type your name in the search bar, add "the hedgehog" and enjoy. (If "the hedgehog" doesn't work, type in "the fox" or "the echidna".)