Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


Let's see: Keystone Motel incident, rabid fans who will tear your head off for drawing the characters with slightly different body styles, extremely vocal homophobes in denial of the fact that there's a canon lesbian couple, and aggressively shoved MLP fans out of their fandom. Probably the one fandom that managed to be worse than bronies

Where do I even start. First of all it's a cartoon. Second of all it's not meant to be taken seriously. Third of all... CONTROL YOURSELF. This fandom is so bad. The ship wars are terrible (no seriously comment a random unpopular ship and you will have death threats, rape threats, and any type of threat being sent your way. I thought the undertake fandom was bad or the FNAF fandom but this is no even close... well actually they are all tied. Seriously I remember watching steven universe when it first started and I was very happy when I met new fans but now I hate meeting new fans over how toxic the fandom is. You pretty much have a bunch of immature and undisciplined, horny 12 year olds commenting random things. Disagree on their ship and pretty much what you get is a KYS KYS you don't deserve to exist. You really should die". Draw their character incorrectly and you are better with your head off. Also the fan art. Seriously if you don't believe it go on deviant art. You will find ...more

They're growing more and more obnoxious. I mean they were pretty bad even before the show premiered. Somehow it even had a fan page on Facebook just from the united pilot before 2013, and it was pretty active then!

These are the people who will tell you every cartoon show before Steven Universe was just silly crap and that every joke or episode from the show is so "daring" and "progressive" and then write an essay about how this is leading the world into some kind of "genderfluid" revolution or something. I love analyzing cartoon shows too but I still like to see them as, you know, cartoons! These people take it overboard and would go on to say that any cartoon that doesn't do what Steven Universe does is bad.

How is this fandom not number one on the list? A better question is, how did the fandom turn out to be so horrid!? After hearing about all of the things these fans have done, I literally became terrified of the fandom. That's right, a FANDOM managed to scare me. Aren't fandoms suppose to be a place where people feel safe enough to be themselves? Apparently not when it comes to Steven Universe. I feel terrible for the sane fans who have to deal with the ones who are insane. Also, the creator of the cartoon shouldn't have to deal with some of the rabid beasts that dwell in this fandom.

I love the show, don't get me wrong, but the fandom is horrible. Let me state the reasons, for example, almost driving an artist to suicide because her interpretation of a character was "too skinny." Flooding an actual Keystone Motel's (that was named much before the episode came out) reviews section with their comments about things that happened in the episode. Almost every time a fan comes out with a new character, they will bash it. The homophobic part of the fandom will continue to deny there is a canon lesbian couple. I have also heard that people are leaving the fandom because the creator came out bisexual. R34 and Mary Sues are common in fandoms, so I won't say much about that. This fandom is so terribly strong that even Rebecca Sugar herself had to call them out on their actions.

At least other overly-popular fandoms actually love the stuff they watch/play. Can you believe that this fandom is 50% just pure hatred to the actual show? Yes, this fandom hates on the ORIGINAL CONTENT. I've seen members of the Crewniverse (the creators of the show) be harassed on a daily basis, and ever since the art book came out, it's gotten so, so much worse. The amount of negativity and pure hatred in this fandom is actually disgusting. It's really upsetting to see such an amazing, inclusive show get absolutely showered in negativity from the FANDOM, episode after episode. Good natured criticism can be good, but not when it's blind hatred over every cannon remark and plot point. For a show about love, family, and equality, this fandom obviously hasn't learned anything from the last 4+ seasons they've been watching.

Let me explain why I gave my vote to this. I know there are plenty of fandom a out there that are bad like from the bronies, the sonic fandom, five nights at Freddy's, and many others that share similar problems. They have people that can't handle criticism of the product they are fans of or blantantly attack them just because of disliking what they like. They treat the product they like as their forsaken God somehow. They try to force their opinions on others. They have rudiculous fan art and fan fics that seems to taint the product for any sane fans, and they always think their product is the greatest thing ever. It's like that with the SU fandom, but there's a bit of difference with if compared to most fandoms. Most fandoms don't send death threats to critics of their product, and even if it does happen it rarely happens. The SU fandom had been known a lot for sending death threats constantly even for the simplest things like not having a character drawn exactly right in fan art ...more

The Fandom of Steven Universe on Tumblr tried to drive a girl to commit suicide after she drew a picture of a character that didn't look "fat enough" to them.

It is one of the few fandoms that had to have the creators step in and call them out for their actions.

I'm a huge Steven Universe fan but I who-heartily agree that most of the fandom can be annoying. I know people who have yelled at me and threatened to hurt me because I ship Lapidot. I respect that he doesn't like this ship but it really makes me mad when they go out of their way just to try to tell me that my opinion is dumb. I follow tons of steven universe fan accounts and whenever they post one really good piece of really good fan art, there is so much hate against one one piece of art. I follow fan accounts to see good art and even when there are mistakes, I don't just criticize it, I just try to enjoy it. I love this show so much but I do agree that the fandom can be a little tense.

These people are psychotic! They literally harassed someone to suicide. I've never seen the show very much, but from what I've seen it's alright. Certainly not worth MAKING SOMEONE KILL THEMSELVES OVER!

This should be much higher up on the list. It drives me nuts when people freak out because a piece of art was not drawn to their likableness. People share their thoughts and ideas through their works and it really pisses me off when others tell the an artist to kill themselves even if the artwork is really good. At the end of the day, these are FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! It's really disappointing considering everything the show stands for.

When I first saw this list, the Steven's Universe fandom was only number forty-two, or something like that. It feels like only a few weeks have passed, and it's already number twenty! Well good, because this fandom deserves it. The moment you drive someone to suicide, or ruin the ratings of a motel that you've never even been to (or do all of the other terrible things this fandom has done) I lose all respect for you.

One my favorite shows have the most horrible fandoms ever existed. Just because you drew the characters incorrectly, everyone hates it or judges I mean somebody almost made a girl commit suicide, just because she drew the character incorrectly. There's too much rule 34 which is annoying but every fandom makes rule 34.

It is possible for me to be a fan, but not part of the fandom, right? I love this show, but the fandom is insane, and even cruel at times. There is no way I would want to associate with them. All the horrid fan art, rule 34, scathing critique, and the Keystone Motel incident have given me doubts about being a fan of the show.

I'm a Steven universe fan myself. I love it and love drawing things from the show and I think its pretty cool. But I am not an obsessed 4 year old sending out death threats to people because their art doesn't have the perfect " skin color" or they're not the "perfect size" ( going off of the Zamii incident) Steven Universe is an amazing show,and the characters are so lovable and sweet, but the ship wars are also beyond horrible. I hate most of the fandom because of the way they think everything anyone draws has to be perfect. And especially the thing where " Undertale stole their song" I swear most of the fandom is so childish

Now, I haven't heard much about the SU fanbase. Probably because I've only been exposed to some of my internet friends who are in the fanbase and are really chill, but I'm sure that's a rare find, judging by all the comments on this particular fandom. I actually have heard about how 60% of the SU fandom will freak out and go rabid on a perfectly fine piece of art if one detail is off. Like, it's completely unfair, because most of the fandom's fan art is absolutely incredible, and while constructive criticizm should always be given, the way this fandom handles art with a chubbier character being slightly skinnier or a darker skinned character having a slightly lighter skin is completely childish and unacceptable. This fandom was tame for 2 minutes, just like any fandom, but while FNaF fans may be annoying sometimes and Bronies in the same aspect, they do know how to respect each other and don't go ape just because someone didn't draw a character exactly how they were depicted in the ...more

They are worse than Bronies and Sonic fans combined.

Can people just stop to think that not every single steven universe fan is a perverted senior? Sure they exist but not everyone has the decency to draw porn art. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're the worst, but they're not the best either. We're judging the fandom as a whole from individual people's actions. Sure they make up quite a lot of the fandom but not everyone is like that. For example me and my friend. We draw fanart, yes, but not of pornographic images. We don't even draw that much and when we do it's subtle

These guys aren't nice. They're really annoying and have always been worse than bronies.

I tried using fandom force (forcing yourself into a fandom) and failed. I just don't see what's funny about it. Or any of the appeal. I get it's a show with lesbian protagonists that don't die (for once) but seriously? Ugh I'm a lesbian and I hate trying to meet other girls and getting rejected cause I don't like the show.

Awful fandom full of awful people, content to resign themselves to be bullying while preaching superiority. Complete asses to everyone ranging from people who don't watch the show, to people who do watch the show, to people who produce fanart for the show, and even to the people who actually made the show. These people are honestly the worst and should be number one. Bronies may be annoying, but at least they don't have a body count of attempted suicides from fandom bullying.

The fact that the most aggressive part of the fandom keeps telling people to kill themselves (including the crew making the show) for implying something not in line with their view of the show makes this the worst fandom, in my opinion. And I really love the show, so it's a shame.

I have absolutely zero desire to see anything related to this show after repeated unwanted exposure to fan art, "theories", character analyses, arguments about "racism", etc. from its fans. Considering I haven't sought out any of this information, I shouldn't know enough about the characters in a show to have a legitimate discussion about serious flaws with someone who has actually watched it.

People, I love this show. And I am afraid that people who only watch it for how socially progressive it is are giving it a bad name with their ridiculous outbursts over fan art and driving people to kill themselves.

This fandom is filled with many little kids, and it just PLAGUES the internet, there is also a lot of shippers and "theorists", constantly saying "My ship makes sense, because reasons", or " this guy is a so-and-so because he looks like this".