I love anime of all kinds, but I also recognize that I am not and never will be Japanese. Yes, I want to learn about the culture, but that is because I find interest in learning about SEVERAL different cultures.

Cosplaying and attending anime conventions does not make you Japanese. Watching an anime and repeating the dialogue does not make you fluent in Japanese. Eating pocky and drinking ramune (both of which are delicious) does not make you more Japanese. If you want to learn more about Japan, take a Japanese course to learn the language, go to the library to study up on the culture. You would be surprised what you can learn.

I'm just voting to say my opinion, (I'm Japanese and I love anime but not to the extreme) but in my perspective anime is a medium, like books. It is not something to be generalized and there are so many different genres within. I think that most of the haters of anime are hating on the portion that is too extreme (like Boku No Pico) or hating on the extreme fans. I get where you're coming from - I do think that some of the fandom goes too far sometimes, and that some parts of the anime culture are too extreme. But I think that you should first check it out before hating on it, because there are some anime out there that are amazing. I'm fine with haters but I just want people to remember that 'anime' doesn't have on definition, and certainly doesn't deserve to be generalized.

I am a hardcore anime fan myself and I honestly have to say that there are too many anime fans who are literally obsessed with Japan and I've seen them attack multiple people already. Hell they even attack other people who like anime by hating on the English dub of anime like it's made by the devil itself

Half of the fans think they're all that because they spend time reading anime comic books at the back of the class or something. They think they are better than every other girl/boy else, because they don't socialise with people like normal people do, or like boy bands or whatever. The other fans are general fans that are nice and respectable.

I love anime so much, but then it gets to the point where everything that's not Japanese completely SUCKS. Then they all act like they want to be Japanese instead of embracing their own cultures. Allow me to provide a true anecdote to verify this point:
So here I am, on the first day of school, with my Mexican friend, the sweetest, funniest, best friend ever, who takes her culture very seriously. I am Pakistani, and yes, I admit I do that as well sometimes. Well, a couple of weeks later, she starts hanging out with a group of people who call themselves Otakus and Weeaboos and are constantly talking about how great anime is. So I watch anime. It's awesome. I love it. But weeks later, my friend refuses to watch ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING from the Western world, and she buys manga instead of the usual comic books we read (we were both big fans of Spiderman 2099). Yeah, I was okay with this, even though it kind of irked me. But then, she told me that anime is the only thing she'll ...more

I can feel you and I am sorry about what happened with your friend. I like anime and all but come on how could she have possibly decided to ditch Spider Man forever. It's Spider Man. - Anonymousxcxc

They are people who think that they are japanese only because they watch anime and read manga. They decline their own culture and pretend to be japanese! I had a friend like this. We started watching anime somewhere at the age of 9. I was only enjoying it but she got obsessed with it in some years. Now that we are both 13 she claims to be japanese and that her name is Ayane and not her real name.

I like anime been keeping up with it since 2003 but I have other hobbies like boxing, working out, reading and music (as a matter of fact I work out like crazy I weigh 240 lbs in muscle with 11% body fat) but weaboos they can't take criticize m for example I don't like slice of life or moe and I think its silly or dumb and yes I'm blunt because that's who I am I'm not gonna fake my personality on the net but when ever I disagree on an anime (disqus) site I get some really nasty comments from people who "STRONGLY" disagree and can't handle their precious cartoons being criticized so I get an annoying 3-5 paragraph sized response that I'm obviously not going to read all of about how I'm missing out how I'm wrong for having my own preferences, for my grammar being bad which has nothing to do with what I was saying and how I have to watch the show to understand even if I already watch part of an episode and still don't like it also there's the last issue I have with weaboos ...more

There's nothing wrong with liking anime and admiring Japanese culture, but they seriously don't have to pretend to be Japanese.

I actually study Japanese. Seeing the things they do where they substitute random Japanese words and honorifics into English is basically one of the most painful things ever.

Dear gosh this is the only fandom that I have seen in real life and not the Internet and boy are they annoying! They don't even give western T.V. a chance and they WORSHIP Japan. They even say stupid things like "anime is not the same thing as a cartoon! " Um, yes it is, cartoon = animated show. Anime = Japanese cartoon. This is coming from someone who likes anime like a normal person!

If you couldn't get enough info from the comments, watch filthy Frank's video

Corey in the house is my favorite anime

Japan is more intolerant of people obsessed with anime than the West, they see these people as childish and weird. Go to your precious Japan and see how they accept you.

You're not really obsessed with Japan, you're obsessed with the anime...

I was a weeb once and I was probably the worst I have ever been. Those years will forever be remembered with regret.

I actually like western animation better than Anime

The worst of all, they'll flood you with Anime. If you're not one of 'em they'll see you like scum or less.

Make it stop. Please, I love Japan, but really.. - MoldySock

I like anime and western animation but these idiots they are terrible they should be in a variety of animations

These People Are Terrible.. They think anime is the way of life

I like anime movies, and I enjoy Pokemon (haven't seen any other anime show, really.) But these guys are annoying.

I like anime and I despise Weeaboos. It's just a medium of fiction, no need to make it my life style. It's simply a hobby. I hate people who go all crazy about it, like the silly shipping wars.

I am actually Japanese and I get hated on when people ask me what my favorite show is. It's Teen Titans, a western cartoon. And all the Weaboos call me a fake Japanese person and I'm just like and you are...

The only thing they watch is anime, hell, they're never NOT watching anime.

Not gonna lie, I love anime and Japanese culture (and many other cultures) but becoming obsessed with it to the point of not liking your own and acting "Japanese" is too far...