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1 Bronies (My Little Pony) A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

I usually don't mind bronies. I have a friend who is one, and he's taught me a lot of things about it. What bothers me is all the porn and masturbation jokes I see in the fandom. Don't get me started on animations, while there has been a few good ones, most of them are downright awful. And why do people always hate on the Equestria Girls franchise? Would you call me insane if it was that movie series that made me consider joining the fandom?! And yes, even after getting involved with the fandom I still make jokes about how weird and wrong the bronies are. Whenever I write a story or come up with a fan fiction, I usually make bronies the bad guys. I just want to make a story that both Bronies and Anti-Bronies can enjoy. I am neither Brony or Anti-Brony, and I came here to share my thoughts. As the meme goes, "Friendship is stoopid Magic! " I hope this fandom dies out soon so we can start treating each other like people again. Good bye. -King Camelot

I used to be an MLP:FiM fan, but the hypocritical fandom drives people away from the show and I'm one of them. In my case it's because Bronies made me hate myself and get depressed for being an Applejack fans. We have reasons to feel the show is unfair because it IS considering Applejack is written and used unfairly, but most Bronies doesn't get that because their beloved favorite is used a lot more. This fandom mostly consists of a bunch of hypocrites who doesn't get what fair actually means, they're a spoiled bunch of jerks lacking brains.

I feel bad for bronies like myself, because there are very few fans that are brash and annoying and rude, but they get the most attention and stereotype the rest of us. Their are a lot of haters who get off on laughing at us and saying something is wrong with us, but most of us are normal people who try to treat others with kindness and friendship.

I can think of other fandoms that deserve to dethrone the brony fandom, but they're not without merits. Brony analysts have been harsh on Season 4 and a large number of angry fanboy attacked one of the writers on staff for badly portraying one of the characters in the series with death threats! I'm not making this up! The brony fandom has done more despicable things than Sonic fanboys!

2 Five Nights at Freddy's Fans

FNAF is a good series, I will admit. It really startled me when I first played it. But unfortunately, like most other trends, it's grown old. I mean the games are not what they were before, they're not the scary lore like FNAF 1 and even 2, they've become more of a modern, less intimidating design. Sure, FNAF 4 recreated them in a nightmare form, but FNAF World took it back to a state it never should've been in. Also, please Scott, stop making these so often. There's no time in between the games to build up a lot of hype and speculation to keep it really popular. Every 3 months or so sounds like a lot of time until you realize he's teasing it like a month or 2 before and releases it another month or 2 before speculated release. Just take a break and let the series grow fresh again.

Now, understand, there is nothing wrong with liking FNaF. I have a personal distaste with the game as it was just too... boring. It's also fine to be a fan of something, but this fandom... oh boy. Like little kids screaming into their mics acting scared over a jumpscare or making ridiculous theories that make no sense? Then this fandom is for you! Still, in the end I guess it's just them doing what they like and I'm not one to judge them for that.

I think the reason so many people obsess over this game is because they watched their favorite youtuber play it. Honestly to me it has pathetically weak jumpscares and gets repetitive fast. The fans create very strange fan art and even sexualize the characters and create fanfiction. I'm not saying every fan is like this but I'm getting so tired of seeing FNAF everywhere

FNAF is a great fandom, but the only thing I don't like about it is that people ship the robots together and themselves when in reality the kids who got killed in the suits are dead and can kill you in real life. I'm a fan by the way. Also a fan of Undertake. Problem?

3 Directioners (One Direction) A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and people associated with them.

I'm a direction fan and I scream for them for fun but I was never jerk to people who doesn't like them. But I'm not that direction because I'm B.E.P fan the whole time. If u ask which of them r better that would B.E.P, plus, I never cried when Zayn left cause that's he's choice besides the songs about girls and parties are not really in my taste. I may be not directioner from now on from realization besides they started to get boring.

Whenever I go onto any website, I'm flooded with people talking about nothing but this band. I didn't even know much about them until forcing my way through so many conversations. On fanfiction sites like WattPad it seems like there's nothing better to read than a terribly written 1D fanfic. They're taking over to the point of not being able to find quality work on the internet anymore!

I stopped following One Direction because Zayn left. Zayn has alienated the entire group. Now there on hiatus. The only songs I liked are What makes you Beautiful, One thing, Best Song ever and Live while we’re young. Now I know nothing about the circumstances of Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall.

They are crazy and very offended if you say they sound like a dying cat and look like dirty 40 year old rapists they try and beat you up but don't know how to fight and can't run then just start crying

4 Beliebers (Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber has fans? Here's a fact: HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY! All there is is just stupid, gullible little girls who are just pretending to like him! They should know better singers than this person. Bieber is not even a singer at all! He also doesn't have any subscribers at all! He, or she, whatever that creature is, just steals them to get more! So shut up and start HATING this non-existent thing! That creature wasn't even created from God, or the devil either. It just existed for no reason at all!

Yeah, I'm sure they blow their money on Bieber concert tickets, his music on iTunes (OKAY Purpose was a meh album but all his other discography sucks), gold chains, drugs, and stuff that's supposed to be "swaggy." They have no respect JUST LIKE THEIR IDOL! They go around bullying other fanbases when they tell the truth: he's fake and a bad influence. One of them even told me to die just because I hate his singing.

Who would love that ass, are those belieber too blind to see the truth bout him? Watch the news about him if ya all want proof! I don't care about my grammars cause English ain't my real language, you don't even know how to speak my language!

In my opinion Beliebers are way worse than directioners! The first time you hear maybe one of the songs are catchy I guess but after a while I feel like throwing my radio off a cliff! Who would like this guys music? He's so stupid!

5 Undertale

I'm just so sick of seeing Undertale literally everywhere I go on the internet. I've seen people play the game before, and some of the boss theme songs sound amazing. I can understand why people love it, but I don't think it deserves so much hype.

Besides, what's up with the attraction to skeletons? Usually, I'm open minded about these sort of things and just won't care, but skeletons? It doesn't make any sense, and it's really disturbing. I mean, humans are suppose to be turned off by individuals that look unhealthy or dead because usually that means that they aren't able to reproduce or they may even have something wrong with their genetics, and anyone would try to avoid giving their offspring a genetic disorder. Look, I know this is weird, but I think someone needed to point this out. Look, I'm sorry people, but you're not suppose to find skeletons attractive!

I hate the fandom, love the games, hate the fandom, but only the ones online. I've got friends in the undertale fandom and their great, but the people online are just... *Shudder* you search up undertale ocs... Oh god they're horrible. They're all SKELETONS. AND they're ALL SHIPPED WITH SANS AND/OR PAPYRUS! And half of them are skeletons with hair! What is up with that?! And the whole fandom is based around Sans. This kills me so much. And those uber edgy AU's are so cringy. But I have observed that a lot of people (online) in the Undertale fandom are suffering from depression and anxiety. I hope they get through this ❤

UnderTale is a great game, the story, the characters and the music is all great. But those ten year olds RUIN EVERYTHING. The is, of course, a few good things in the fandom but that's only a few. The rest is filled with idiots praising sans, which stupid! He dies in one hit! Throw sand at him and rip. And he cannot control time. He can remember previous timelines, not control time. And oh god. The fan art

I like the game but I felt that the fandom is slowly becoming like the fnaf fandom where it keeps getting shoved down our throats. Also, PapyrusxMettaton, what?! Papyrus is a skeleton and Mettaton is a robot and Mettaton is male due to the male pronouns Alphys gives him. Sure he wears pink but boys can like pink too! Sorry Undertale fans but I see Sans and Toriel as friends. Don't forget the yaoi and yuri ships...*barfs on the ground* Then there's the arguments about frisks gender. Frisk's gender depends on the name you choose.

6 Sonic The Hedgehog Fans Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

I am a fan of Sonic, but it is hard not to see some of these problems. It is full of pointless OCs that distract from what could be really unique story ideas and are usually Mary Sues and is always on the brink of a shipping civil war (most notably between the SonAmy and the Sonally factions). While it doesn't make or break it for me, the hatred of modern Sonic games can get a bit irritating.

On a little bit of a lesser note, there are a lot Christianity fanfics. That has never made sense to me because it seems that they have a different god of sorts. If memory serves, Chaos is a god. They most likely worship the Master Emerald.

Top ten reasons why they are worse than superman fans
1. If you say the line "___ beats sonic" get ready for a debate over the most childish thing
2. They give you a whole equation on how fast sonic goes when they don't even do it right
3. They assume anyone who says another person beats sonic is a fanboy
4. They can't admit sonic loses
5. They think archie is cannon
6. They hate on all games when they constantly are buying them. I mean sonic free riders wasn't that bad, it was just the controls that were terrible.
7. They pretty much tried pairing up sonic with superman prime
8. They make dc fans look smart.
9. They are butthurt over shadow vs vegeta and can't face facts.
10. They look up every known fact about sonic

I love Sonic and all, but the fandom is insane! 90% of the Sonic series is carved out of fan fiction! From games to Archie comics to shows - you will never know which ones are canon!

I'm a huge Sonic fan ( and also huge Mario fan too ) Anyway I like both But the fandom is just Stupid. The fan art makes me want to puke. And its just Horrible. So horrible that the Sonic Boom T.V. series actually makes jokes about it

7 Weeaboos (Anime)

One thing very irritating about Anime elitists is how hypocritical they can be. For example, they condemn western movies that glorify abuse but if you point out that they are obsessed with an anime that glorifies abuse, they will angrily respond with something like "IT'S NOT ABUSE! IT'S TRUE LOVE! "

Another irritating thing is how so many fans get emotional when you generalise anime with a statement such as "it all looks the same" or "its always about fighting" when they generalise western cartoons by saying "it's made for little kids" or "they rely on fart jokes." These elitists really need to stop treating their opinions as facts and learn that not everyone is going to like anime.

As an anime fan, these people are the worst. Also some people don't even know what weeaboo's are and just use it as an insult without knowing what it means. Otaku's are anime fans, there's nothing wrong with them. A weeaboo is a non Japanese person who calls themselves Japanese. They try to learn about Japan's culture by manga and anime. So they basically disrespect the Japanese culture. These people are awful and as someone who's been to Japan, many Japanese people see this as the "American Anime Fandom".

Animes isn't the addest thing u ever seen! Just look what happens to our world, weeabos! The real life! DON'T U HAVE PITY TO THOSE POOR PEOPLE!? Just look at the girls from anime, it brainwash that girls are useless, girls are not like that in real life and animes even gives the boys bad attitude now the bullying started to get worst becaude they think hurting people r cool. Plus. Sexual abuse is not TRUE LOVE!

I cannot stand it when they quote and talk about their favorite anime all the time, do they not realize how embarrassing that is? I am a huge anime fan but I don't talk about it in public or shove my love for it down people's throats. It's one of the most embarrassing and cringey things to watch a person quote and freak out about anime

8 90's Kids

I love the 90s culture as much as the counterculture of the 60s but the "90's Kids" are ruining it for me. They act like they hate everything after the 90s all because of that. They always talk about cartoons & Nickelodeon and never talk about the other stuff in the 90s that I like. I only like a few cartoons from the 90s (The Simpsons, Beavis and Butt-head, Ren & Stimpy as examples) and most of the shows I watch are cults. They say there was no sadness in the 90s. Then why the hell did Kurt Cobain, Eazy-E, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Princess Diana and Big L die? Maybe a family member of yours has passed away in the 90s. Also, some of the song I like suck to me, because they are electropop crap. A lot of "90's kids" say they grew up in the 90s but they were born in the 2000s. They, along with the other generations say that their generation only understands it while I even know a lot of things from the past. Just don't blame me for liking the past, I just don't like the modern world.

90s kids will often say things like "cartoons were so much better in the 90s everything now sucks" and also saying things like "cartoons today can't get away with anything inappropriate" using the animaniacs finger prince joke to back up their statement now completely ignoring how most 90s action series had to cut away from punches to the face and how Star Wars the clone wars (2008) had scenes of people getting stabbed or shot and permanently dying regular show had a scenes where the main character swears which unless you live in the UK were not edited. Another thing they often is "why are cartoons today being animated in CGI or flash now and that modern animators are lazy because they don't want to draw every frame out and that unless it's hand drawn it sucks now completely ignoring how CGI and flash are much better for the environment considering that it use to take multiple trees just to make an animated film CGI and flash have opened up new possibilities for scenes that couldn't ...more

Whenever I see a rant on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or this generation I can't help but laugh at how stupid some of them are for example one nick rant I watched had the guy who made it claim that kids today are stupid because they don't watch rugrats, doug, ren and stimpy, ahh real monsters or rocko's modern life on T.V. anymore. Now completely ignoring how Nickelodeon is a channel for children and that rugrats has been on reruns countless times and that most kids in my neighbourhood could say they have watched it how does what T.V. show you watched as a kid determine your intelligence and that's not worst example a rant on this generation I watched said this generation is filled with failed child abortions and thought that he was better than the kids who just want to live their lives. Bottom line if you dislike adventure time or regular show that's fine but please don't say stupid stuff like this

The 90s idiots are stupid. There's this kid in my class who was born in 2001 and thinks he was born in the 90s because of Pokemon. But these people always say there was no war in the 90s and everyone was happy back then. Wait, so the genocide in Rwanda wasn't war or sadness? School massacres like the Dunblane Massacre and the Columbine Massacre weren't war or sadness? The crap that happened in Bosnia and Somalia weren't war or sadness? The first gulf war that happened in 1991 wasn't WAR or sadness? These guys are actually dumb.

9 PewDiePie Fans

Now, they are worshiping an oblivious racist. Seriously, the fanbase thinks that he's still innocent even though he said an offensive thing. The WSJ was right, the fans were wrong.

They treat him like a god and freak out if you dislike him.

I hate the fanbase but still


Little kids

10 Furries

It may be a personal bias (after all I am one), but I think the fandom is largely misunderstood. Many people stereotype the entire fandom as people who jack off to animal porn and commit beastiality (despite the number of furries who legitimately do that to be from 3 - 5%), however less that half the fandom actually do. Even then, all fandoms have porn. Bronies, Weebs, Undertale, you name it, it probably has porn of it. Some would argue, "At least that porn is more normal as it involves human beings," however don't forget that anthropomorphic animals are supposed to be human-like, which in turn would make it just as "normal" as any other porn (and no, it can't be classified as zoophilia either as these animals have a higher intelligence to animals much like humans, which means they're able to consent to such acts, which then doesn't make it zoophilia). In the end, it's just a subset of the Internet that just like the concept of anthropomorphized animals, people with an opinion like ...more

I still don't fully comprehend what leads furries to such odd behaviours, I don't blame the art nor the sexual attraction that furries have. In my opinion furries (and other fandoms) seem to have this weird attractions to things that most people would define as dumb, crazy or bad, simply because they enjoy being something that allows them to escape reality probably due to their lackness of ability to fit with regular people or just because they developed different interest that aren't common.

Ugh... terrible! I accept the normal Furries who are just in it for the cool art but OH GOD everything else is either cancerous or just pornography. Most Furries defending this say that most Furries are not sexually attracted to them, but studies show that around 37% are. And 17% are interested in zoophilia (literally having sex with animals) this fandom just disgusts me because Furries leak into other fandoms and just suck the life out of games. Its why sonic, night in the woods, fnaf, Undertale, starfox, and pokemon were completely ruined. I'm done here.

Fursuits, they creep me out. They are so annoying and uncomfortable looking. I'm shocked that even the weirdest of people like to wear them for hours even though they are literally cooking inside. Change my mind, I dare you.

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11 Bendy and the Ink Machine Fans

The obsessed and in love part of Bendy's fandom is an abomination before both God and sensible men. No offense. I'm not judging all of the fandom, but the fans who pretend to be in love with him and want to be with him or write stories about characters who are or they make to be with him like self-inserts, in my opinion is wrong and dumb. At least make him fall for another demon rather than that or better, yet fall for himself instead or something or nothing at all which is the best option. Bendy and The Ink Machine fandom, at least the parts that I've seen are trash, at least to me and many others. I'm trying not to be mean because I don't want to upset anyone over fiction nor would I want to at all. Sorry if this was insulting in any way, but I wish I didn't feel like I had to say online and express my opinion. THE OBSESSIVE PART OF THE FANDOM IS TERRIBLE, enough SAID, AND I WILL SAY MORE LATER! Sorry (not sorry, but I am if I hurt your feelings on that aspect) BENDY AND THE INK ...more

Too much fangirls sexualizing a cartoon demon

I hope the ink was oil so I can burn it with the name of the Lord...

I adore the art style, but hate the fans.

12 Whovians (Dr. Who)

Whovians used to be a wonderful bunch of people, but now like Star Wars they are locked into a fandom civil war - the classic whovians (crazy old grandparents, grumbling about when the BBC used to produce good drama); Russell whovians (bitter 90's and early 2000's kids, who grumble about when the BBC actually produced decent comedy); and Moffett whovians, crazy fangirls, who obsess over the attractiveness of the Doctor and his companions, and flood fanfiction with stupid romance stories featuring the bane of Capaldi's Doctor, the Mary Sue, Clara Oswald.

Like when people flipped out about Matt Smith being too young to play the doctor or how the Doctor would become a woman.

I kinda understand why we're on this list...sadly.
Doctor Who is such a great show. Why do we have to make such a drama out of it instead of just enjoying the show?

Look, I'm a Whovian myself. I do love the doctors, 11th is my favorite. Never knew they're some crazy whovians.

13 K-Poppers (K-Pop Fans)

The Fandom Has Done Some Pretty Awful Things. I Did Some Research And There Was An Event That Happened In The K-Pop Fandom. Some People Started The Project Broken Wings. This Project Was Made To Destroy BTS Sells On There Album, Wings. They Pertended To Be Crazed Army (BTS Fans) Members To Make Other K-Pop Fandoms To Hate BTS's Fandom. This Project Wasn't A Seccesful. Another Event That Happened Is The #Plagiarismboys. This Hashtags Was Made By People Who Don't Like BTS's Being Popular So They Made This Hashtags When BTS We're Having There Concert. This Hashtags Even Got To #1 On The Top Trend In Korea. An Eyewitness Report Says "I Started To See Army Members Crying Left To Right." This Is Just A Little Of The Mess Up Things This Community Has Done

Some (most) disrespect other's opinions, but you already know that.
Some place cameras in the Kpop star's homes & STEAL THEIR URINE.
Some attempt to sabotage shows or poison idols.
Some are biased against one member for stupid/no reason (like how a once pushed Jihyo out of the way when taking pictures of Twice, or how Lisa of Blackpink was discriminated against for being Thai.)

As a k-pop fan myself, I know how annoying they can be. Stans of different bands argue 24/7 about the weirdest stuff e.g. ships, members, songs or albums. Even though they don't like the same band, they still listen to the same music genre, why can't they just get on like the bands they argue about do?
The worst fanbase for groups are: BTS, EXO, Twice and Blackpink even though there are A LOT more.

Lmao this is Blackpink's fandom. I used to be a blink but I realized how horrible they were. Framing BTS and everything. They're so toxic. It makes me sick knowing some people think Blinks are less toxic then Armys. This is coming from a EXO fan.

14 Steven Universe Fans

I'm an admin of a Steven Universe discord group and we literally had a fight over Watermelon Tourmaline (A corrupt pufferfish gem in the show) because people were saying it's name was a spoiler when it had been released a year prior. There's also people in the same group that try to convince others that Steven Universe was the only good show to watch and scold people for bringing up topics that aren't Steven Universe related. Shame...

The show is damn good, I love it (even if I've failed to keep up with it), but a lot of it's fandom is awful. I mean, these people will complain over the most trivial things (see the comment below for an example), and once almost drove an artist to suicide because something in her art was wrong. I have a friend in this fandom (I believe), and I'm just glad he's nothing like these people.

I adore Steven Universe. However, the fandom is absolute garbage. The people are rude, selfish, and hate anyone who dislikes their precious show. I might like the show, but I stay far far away from this fandom.

Believe it or not I was SU fan. Until I woke up. It's actually influencing children to be gay and be lesbians. I like the show but this fandom disgusts me

15 Super Smash Bros Fans

Like I get the game is super good, but now it's basically a religion. As someone who used to like the fandom, I understand, but shipping characters with others for no reason, or the x readers... OH MY GOD THE X READERS are terrible at times and very cringe worthy. Also now everyone is so worried to be the very best, and that's great, but now most of them lock themselves up in their basements, playing Smash 24/7 so they can "main" their character.

MELEE rules 4 sucks

I have the original SSB game for the n64.

16 Donald Trump Supporters

Most conservatives are dumb and obnoxious. I'm right wing supporter, but in all countries I've lived in they're the most annoying political group. They don't care about the truth, they ignore science, they're apathetic, they hate people with no reason and they're always trying to regulate and disturb someone else's life.

Okay lets put this out there, both sides are really really retarded, and sure Trump is doing some okay things, but come on these people act like he is literally gods gift to their party.

OK shut it can't you people just accept trump won. BUT I hete people who assume all democrats are horrible most of them just belive that the government can give them free stuff. guess what through taxes your gonna pay for someone elses education. Nothing can be free

If I ever hear someone praise Trump one more time, I could feel like my head would blow off it's body any moment now.

17 Cuphead

@RawrBirb, that was just Hailey_Senpai's way of drawing Cuphead sometimes. She always used that design for her fan-made series, Bendy and Boris: Quest for the Ink Machine. And as for the splash hair, I think it looks pretty cool, but that's just my opinion. - IceFoxPlayz

All those Crossover is annoying.

Cuphead fandom are horrible

Why the splash hair? It's stupid!

18 DC/Marvel Fans

I enjoy Marvel movies because they are more entertaining than DC movies (I still love the Batman movies! ) but my younger brother is so annoying. He always tries to convince me and my sister that Marvel is dumb garbage and DC is much better. I admit that DC has great villains and heroes but that's no reason to talk negative about Marvel. Why is it impossible for others to enjoy both like I do (and my sister). Oh and by the way... when the Deadpool movie was released, my brother loved it and now he is denying it and talks down everything Marvel-related and why? Because he became a biased and ignorant DC fan.

I myself am one of these, and I'm not one of those people who makes dumb art of the characters. I review movies, write articles and appreciate the comic books more than the movies.

When DC and Marvel fans are classified into one- :/

At Least We Don't make a big deal out of it

19 Nicki Minaj Fangirls

We have those on this website unfortunately.

When someone shakes their plastic body like crazy, you get Nicki Minaj. Pathetic music, moronic rip offs (Anaconda), and so. Smh

Sophia Grace and Rosie are Nicki Minaj fangirls! LOL.

Gross & Fake. The embodiment of her.

20 Wolfaboos (Wolves)

'A wolfaboo is a person who is unhealthily obsessed with wolves'

Friend:Hey! My favorite animal is a Wolf!
Other Friend: same!
Another friend:Heck yeah! Same!
Me:uhm... I hate wolves.
Everybody leaves.

It's TRUE though, I've lost friends for not liking wolves. I only hate them because people overexaggerate them, making them seem like the coolest most dangerous and majestic animal in the world. Well guess what Wolfaboos? I like Hyenas more then them, and a Cougar, snapped a wolves neck before.

Wolves are cool but people that think they are half wolf or were wolves in their past life is so annoying. I love wolves but, these people are very annoying.

Okay, I am obsessed with wolves, but we Wolfaboos (I have never heard that term before) are obsessive over wolves because they are endangered animals. I don't want a child in 50 years time to say "Mummy, what's a wolf? " and no-one having any idea what a wolf was. We are trying to make wolves less endangered in the wild. Call us obsessive if you wish, but we are doing something GOOD for the world. Hating isn't saving the world. It's doing exactly the opposite.

Wolves are beautiful, misunderstood creatures. Through stories and fairytales, children have learned to hate wolves and to falsely portray them. A wolf would never eat a human unless it was absolutely starving and savage. Wolves are scared of humans because of what we have done to them in the past. Wolves have behaviour similar yet different to us humans. They are incredibly social and kind animals, and have a well-structured pack system.

We should learn to have behaviour like wolves. And I don't mean living in the ...more

21 Xbox Fanboys

Wait this is a fan base? - RawrBirb

Foul mouthed, I admit. Despite owning an Xbox, I find the fanbase to be inadequate. But seriously, PS fanboys are just as bad.

No, PS fans are WAY WAY better. - Goatworlds

22 Arianators (Ariana Grande)

I am an Arianator myself but I think the majority of the fanbase are immature kids that can't take a joke. I don't really care if someone says something bad about Ariana because it's their opinion - I think she's amazing and talented but I also respect that there are some people out there that don't like her and that's perfectly fine. But most Arianators force their opinions on others, it's painful to read their YouTube comments.

They are the worst fandom they act like kids and when someone hates on their idol they start to ATTACK. Just like with jennette mccurdy they sent her death threats and wanted her to join her mother in her grave. Really disgusting, all they do is cover up for ariana. Pfft talk about kids aged 11

I am an Arianator myself, but the entire fanbase is made of immature kids that can't take a joke.(It's true) When someone says something bad about Ariana, I ignore him/her/it and move on.
So yea,I'm a sane fan,but everyone in the fanbase are immature kids, who can't stand a criticism.

Her fans are rude to almost every celebrity out there especially Selena Gomez. I don't like Selena that much but Arianators are very disrespectful towards her and I don't know why.

23 Narutards

These people will bash you if you even have one negative thought on the anime. The anime has lots of flaws but these crazy fans will defend it to the death. I saw a video about Why People Hate Sakura and this one guy (who role-played as Naruto) kept insulting everyone who talked badly about her or the show.

They believe Naruto 'is the best animu ever" even though its medicore at best, obsess over saucegay even though he's the basic loner, self-centered, whiny, popular prick, and look stupid out in public wearing headbands and an awful miteral of the akatsuki(whatever they are called) outfit.

These people couldn't realize that the majority of people HATE Naruto with a passion!

HAHA... I'm sorry, Narutards?! What a joke of a name!

24 Invader Zim fans

If this was changed to 'gir fans' I'd say this should be #1. Gir really wasn't that funny, was mostly annoying. But these people only think the only thing good about is was gir. In fact, I don't know if the majority of them know other characters exist. Or anything else about is.

And all these idoits do is quote the most uninteresting and unfunny quotes from him. Seriously, the 'doom song' is not funny. At. All.

And if any of the fandom is going to speak newb, it's gir fans most likely.

I never even watched an EPISODE of the show and yet I still see people swooning over it and act SO depressed over it being canceled, I mean, it was just a show. - PancakePoyoPoyo

Ok the shows are just fine but the fanbase is terrible, filled psychos, rude, officials, terrible recolors, bullies and the list goes on, Invader Zim fans are worst than Sonic fans and oh don't get me started with the Girtards. - Ninjawarrior

I never knew this show had a fandom - YoshiApple

25 Marvel Fans

They give random power ups to every superhero

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