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181 Markiplier Fans

I have a friend who is a markipleir fan and she's a nice person. I've never had a problem with the markilplier fan base, most of the people in the fan base are friendly. I will say though that since markipliers videos are targeted towards a younger audience, some markiplier fans are annoying.

182 Helen Hunt Fans
183 Top Gun Fans
184 Graphics Whores

They want every single video game to have realistic and gritty graphics!

They diss on good video games like The Wind Waker, No More Heroes, Borderlands, etc!

Borderlands actually has great graphics, it's made to be like a comic book. - 8chAnonymous

Games with cartoony character designs and cel-shaded graphics are the reasons why graphics whores were born.

The Wind Waker or any cel-shaded 3d game and modern cartoony designs are the reasons why people became graphics whores as well as gamers caring about character design being the most important aspect now. *cough*Mariotehplumber*cough*

185 Blood On the Dance Floor Fans

Most of blood on the dance floors fans are really annoying, they call blood on the dance floor the best band ever and will bash anyone who disagrees. And when they attack whoever disagrees, all they do is throw a bunch of swear words at them without proper grammer, spelling, and valid reasoning. Some blood on the dance floors will ruin their hair with colors and identify themselves as a "scene kid"; most boldf fans are annoying teenagers who don't know how to write a grammatically correct sentence. I don't even know why blood on the dance floor even has fans, they're one of the worst bands I've ever heard. To see proof of the ignorance of some botdf fans, go on YouTube and look at gineriella's dramatic reading of botdf fan rage (gineriella did a rant on botdf and this video shows how they responded to her not liking blood on the dance floor).

186 Jessica Doa

She hates Gravity Falls

187 Peppa Pig fans
188 Dora the Explorer fans
189 George Lucas Fans
190 Classic Cartoon Fans
191 Generation Fans

Change is one of the biggest things fans really hate the most.

Perhaps changes are responsible for splitting fandoms apart?

192 Deadpool Fans

Actually, if you're invincible it means you can't lose. It's literally the definition of invincible. - 8chAnonymous

I like deadpool and all but the fans thinking he's the best invincible fighter ever in a fanmade battle they say he wins even if they don't know who his opponent is anyway just because your invincible doesn't mean you can't lose a fight and they won't stop hating on x men origins deadpool if he wasn't called deadpool he would probably be more popular

193 Movie Fans
194 Beyonce Fans
195 Phylofilms Fans
196 Steven Spielberg Fans
197 Jaws Movie Fans

You can't disagree with this movie or its mastermind, Spielberg. Because their fans will start trolling you, believing it's a good reason, only to make them elitist snobs. If someone doesn't like Jaws, Spielberg, or anything he made, just let it be.

198 Nostalgic Fans
199 Teen Titans Fans

The TT fandom may very well be the worst fandom of all time. Why? Because at least 98% of the fandom consists of the same people. People who whine that their childhoods were ruined because of something that wasn't even meant for them. It's a known fact that autism stems from the Teen titans fandom more often than it does with any other (save for FNaF and Undertale.)

That's weird because I have autism and was never a Teen Titans fan to begin with. - Murvine_Taylor

I hate that show. The show fails at humor, it's disgusting, it's got terrible flash animation, the Titans are loons who abuse each other, and it airs like WAY TOO MUCH. - Goatworlds

The teen titans fandom is mostly okay its just those lowlifes who decide to hate on Teen Titans Go

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200 Fans of The Lego Movie

This could be extend to fans of Lego in general. The way their lives center on those little bits of plastic and not just the overrated movie made about said pieces of plastic is just frightening.

You'd think God Himself was the director the way everyone on this site defends it and swears it's the absolute greatest thing ever.

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