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201 Classic SpongeBob fans V 1 Comment
202 Tom Cat Fans
203 Chuck Jones Fans
204 Metroid Haters
205 Metroid Fans
206 Dork Diaries Fans
207 Nerds

They are autists. - ImaFurry

208 Sailor Moon Crystal Fans/Pride Side

To any Sailor Moon fans reading this, please listen. This is why I think the Crystal fanbase is one of the worst, if not THE worst fandom on the Internet.

They overhype the Sailor Moon manga and act like it's the only "real/true/only canon" story of Sailor Moon, when it's not even remotely true, are extremely nitpicky, disrespect opinions on people and harass others who don't like it and think the anime is better and claim that you're disrespecting the original author Naoko Takeuchi if you don't think the manga is better or like it, when she's not immune to criticism. Frankly (though I mean no offense to her), the manga, while it has some great arcs and things to it and some things were done better (Sailor Saturn's character) is just overrated and mediocre overall, the pacing's too fast, Naoko's art, while beautiful, is sometimes done badly to the point where you can't see any attacks or tell what's going on, some of the characters are dumb in it (Usagi getting all ...more - SailorSedna

209 Modifyers Fans
210 Princess Luna Fans
211 Cartoon Fans
212 Lambs (Mariah Carey Fans)
213 Fans of the Big Three of Anime: Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece
214 Let's Player Fans
215 Game Show Enthusiasts
216 Gokaiger Fans
217 Touhou Fans
218 Anime Purists
219 Cory in the House Fans
220 Witcher 3 Fanboys
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