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201 Let's Player Fans
202 Game Show Enthusiasts
203 Gokaiger Fans
204 Anime Purists
205 Cory in the House Fans
206 Brogres (Shrek)

Last time I checked: Shrek is a fictional character NOT a God.

THESE PEOPLE ARE ANNOYING! I don't hate Shrek but come on the movies are over now.

I thought the movies were terrible.

The entire movie franchise sucks. - Goatworlds

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207 Slayer Fans
208 Slipknot Fans
209 Tobuscus Fans V 1 Comment
210 Nostalgia Critic Fans
211 Touhou Fans
212 Anime Weebos

This article makes me want to fling myself in to the sun.

I want to an hero myself.
A made up word has become another made up words.
What ever happened to wapanese? - 8chAnonymous

213 Adventure Time Fans

The show is annoying as bell and the people who like it are annoying too. They make references from the show all the time and as someone who doesn't like the show, it drives me up the wall. If you like it fine but it's really annoying.

I'm afraid of watching fanart and reading fics about my favourite animated series because of those people who ruined my vampire love... Please stay away from what those adventure time stories and drawings I mentioned in "most annoying fan bases" if you don't want to have sleep, stomach and blood pressure troubles.

214 Deadpool Fans

Actually, if you're invincible it means you can't lose. It's literally the definition of invincible. - 8chAnonymous

I like deadpool and all but the fans thinking he's the best invincible fighter ever in a fanmade battle they say he wins even if they don't know who his opponent is anyway just because your invincible doesn't mean you can't lose a fight and they won't stop hating on x men origins deadpool if he wasn't called deadpool he would probably be more popular

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