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41 John Cena Fans

I think he's only loved because of him being an Internet meme

42 Michael Bay Fans

Okay, before you start saying that he doesn't have any fans, I'm talking about the ones who WANT to be his fans! Take a look at the rest of my comments if you want to know!

I already get that Bay is directing movies to show what Americans really want, besides for fun! But that doesn't mean we can take our USA too seriously!

Teenage films criticized by adult audiences. I don't know, but these movies still suck.

This is a fandom? - YaBoiMistaJackatoo

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43 Call of Duty fans

The one thing I needed was to see the Call of Duty fanbase in here. - ChibiDaFox

44 Xbox Fanboys

Foul mouthed, I admit. Despite owning an Xbox, I find the fanbase to be inadequate. But seriously, PS fanboys are just as bad.

No, PS fans are WAY WAY better. - Goatworlds

45 Twihards (Twilight)

Why isn't this higher? They attack people and stalk Robert Pattison. "Madness. I tell you, it's gone to madness"- Taylor, Planet of the Apes.

Twimoms are even worse

They just have awful grammar and spelling and can't form a correct sentence!
(This is just MOST of them. Some of them I can actually tolerate)

46 Bobby Shmurda Fans

I hate these guys. I am black and I hated his songs and then later on the fanboys and girls com out of now where and say all of these common lines
"if you don't like it don't come"
The song is overplayed on the radio
"You jelly because he makes more money then you"
Think of the person you don't like in school or at home, are you jelous of him/her? - rockcityboy

47 Brony Haters

Most of them are actually more repulsive, vicious, malicious, self-centered, vile, clownish, and immature than bronies even are. - SailorSedna

So basically the comment I added earlier had no taste? Pfft. You don't. - ChibiDaFox

They just suck terribly, they think that its gay and they're not open to oppinions

Whoever added this was drunk - Goatworlds

48 Pokemon Go Fans

Most of the People who still play this game hardly know anything about the actual games themselves.

To whoever added this, I applaud your existence. - ChibiDaFox

This game is so stupid. You have to find pokemons?! Like what is that?!

This is going to be good so I find it offensive that some fans act like they like Pokémon when they don't even know other Pokémon games other than Pokémon go,not to mention some people think this is the only good pokemon game yet POKÉMON GO WOULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT MAIN POKÉMON add to all that I actually play other Pokémon games.

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49 Zootopia Fans

No more "deep" than anybody's Tumblr these days, that "pregnant camel" joke was never funny in any context, and those movie and song titles just screamed "we're really reaching". And nobody should have to endure any ridicule or being called a bigot just because they don't think this is the absolute best movie ever.

Sad state of the world that people think randomly replacing words in titles with similar-sounding but making no sense animal words is "clever" and "funny". How does one let it goat (not a typo) anyway, who wants to be part of anybody's wool, and what the heck is an Ari-bunny night? And what even is a "floatzen" or how can something be described as "floatzen"?

The problem is actually not so much the furry fandom as the social justice warriors.

"We're not the smartest, but we're good at multiplying." ~Judy Hopps 2016 - ChibiDaFox

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50 Old SpongeBob fans
51 Rossians (Ross Lynch)
52 Drake Fans V 1 Comment
53 PlayStation Fanboys

PlayStation has a better controller and selection of exclusives, and a handheld.
Xbox has halo (halo 5 needs to an hero itself), and the ability to change names (also you get games each month that you keep for free even if you lose your Xbox live gold) - 8chAnonymous

54 Dragon Ball Z Fans
55 TheMysteriousMrEnter Fans

Honestly, I like MrEnter, and when people started hating the fandom, I didn't know why...And now I do. Good god, they can't take even the slightest thing that isn't worshipping their bible that is animated atrocities.

Mr enter is terrible, i used to like his older episodes, but now he is just CRAZY.

So, here is the run-down for both Mr. Enter and his fans.

2010-2012: Reviews MLP, and is rather cool about it.

2013: Now also Reviews the best and worst of cartoons. It's a novel concept, and It's where I first heard about him.

2014: Ditches MLP reviews (I didn't watch them anyway), and begins to review other things more. His opinions can be a little bias and strange, but he is fine.

2015: He is seriously one of the worst channels ever. He is a jackass with terrible quality videos, terrible ideologies, and terrible fans who can't take constructive if it slapped them in the face, yet parade it like he is a god. He and his fans have a serious case of the god complex.

2016: You know what? At the start, he looked poorly, but now... eh...
He is okay. His fans are still fecal matter, but his videos are getting better... sort of.

56 Koreaboos

Er... what's this again? - ChibiDaFox

what - 8chAnonymous

57 Video Game Fanboys

I'm not trying to say that all video games are bad. All I'm trying to say is that the way people are obsessing over gaming could be one of the reasons why video games are hated now.

They Think Video Games Are Life


That is a bit general, don't you think? - Yoshilord

Video game is life -mad-dog

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58 Anti-Fans

All they do is complain. Not all anime is bad. Not all anime is made for pedophiles. There are some really great ones. And some western animations are also good. Adventure time, Steven Universe, (Most older cartoons), and Gravity Falls to list a few. Some fans take it way to far. We should be voting against the fandoms which moralize and agree with abuse in any form, sexism, homophobia, racism, discrimination, etc. (Those people saying they tried watching anime but hated it I highly doubt you did. What did you watch Killing Stalking? Baku no Pico? No wonder your calling it sick and disgusting) Nowhere days both western animation and other animation are lacking good content. Look at the stuff they put on the channels! Teen titans go (It's a mockery of DC and Teen Titans), Uncle Grandpa, Johnny Test, Clarence, The new powerpuff girls, Fanboy and Chum Chum and most of the real life stuff. Instead of hating we should try to persuade the creators of western animation to make more shows ...more

Aliased as haters. If you couldn't tolerate fans for liking something you don't like, you should best deal with the anti-fans- people who will stop at nothing to oppose something for being popular. Since I'm a person who's just living in the middle, I suggest both you fans and haters to stop your fighting over whatever you base your opinion on! In other words, just leave it alone!

59 Rainbow Dash Fans

Most of them are rude, no offense. They will not leave you alone if you dislike her. They will insult you in the worst way possible. They will wish you death and be happy with it. They will try to make you look bad. They treat a fictional character better than real people. Most fandoms just defend their likes by saying why they are awesome, but these fans will bully you until you want to commit suicide. This does not go to all fans though, some can be nice. This goes to the rude fans.

The rude fans temporarily made me hate Rainbow Dash, then again she never really was my favorite, Fluttershy, Celestia and Pinkie Pie are better. - SailorSedna

The BIGGEST WUSSES of all bronies. Rainbow Dash is bad enough, fans even more retarded.

Let me tell you why her fandom is terrible, I looked up one of my youtubers, BRRGames(Or Black Rhino Ranger), and one of the things on the page was the fact that someone unsubbed him just because he didn't include Rainbow Dash in his top 5 and top 10 ponies.

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60 Phandoms (Danny Phantom)
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