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61 Phandoms (Danny Phantom)
62 I Hate Everything Fans

Why are bronies at no. 1? I like the guy but the fans are the most cancerous things I have ever seen.

If cancer was a fanbase

Arrogant, rude, selfish, and spoiled fans everywhere.

I swear the guy that does "I Hate Everything" could be a troll...or is he satire? - SailorSedna

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63 The Hunger Games Fans

They are extremely annoying. I read the books, they were decent. I didn't want to kill myself while reading the trilogy. But, the fans of the series treat the books like a holy book, and vow to destroy anyone who says anything bad about the books.

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64 Johnny Test Fans

Johnny Test has fans?

Why is it that every time you see people who like things that nobody likes, you just had to put them on the list? What's the point?

I am neutral at Johnny Test. Johnny Test rarely has any fans. All he has is rabid haters that draw terrible ms paint drawings showing a cartoon character killing Johnny. They're like the boy and his dog killed their family. They also think Johnny test is a ripoff of Dexter's Laboratory but there are major differences between the 2. The haters won't give up yet the show is cancelled. Johnny test is dead so deal with it. Most of these haters are all 90s fanboys who think every 90s cartoon is more superior than every modern cartoon. This contender is just a really lame excuse made by a hater.

I couldn't stand this show when it came out. - 8chAnonymous

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65 Present Kids

They are just as bad and biased as the 90s kids. Always hating things in the 90s just because people say it's good. Always hating on everything in the 90s just because it was made in the 90s.

"Dude, I am the master when it comes to fidget spinning." - DaForry

Ugh wannabe gangsters, they can't even respect opinions as well.
" I hate football"
Present kids: You suck! You just mad because you skinny and weak!
90s kids: Well I like it though - rockcityboy

I'm a present kid myself, and I like stuff like The Power Puff Girls(1998-2005), Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Samurai Jack, etc. that was in the old days. ;-; I have a fidget spinner myself but I don't use it that much these days.
I like different types of music, not that stupid pop music. I like Chillstep and J-Pop ;-;. I also like anime openings and endings for their music and beat :D

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66 Shia LaBeouf Fans

Both he and Megan Fox were the reasons why those gullible idiots worshipped Transformers 1 and 2!

Have you seen a motivational YouTube video about him screaming at us to "just do it"?

67 Pop Fangirls
68 Pokemon Genwunners V 1 Comment
69 The Phandom

Awful fandom.Shipping real people is awful, kids.

70 Supernatural

If I see one more thing from this fandom, I'm going to kill myself.

71 Mel Blanc Fans
72 Squidward Tentacles Fans

Whoever added this, please attach a bomb to your head and run towards the nearest grenade factory. - Goatworlds

73 FeralHeart Fans
74 Selenators (Selena Gomez)
75 Yaoi Fans

They are the main reason why I don't like many yaoi ships. - Vitalia

Every yaoi I've watched ever: One guy: *thouhts* Oh my god I love this person because I think I know him... I know! I'll make sure he loves me then we'll bang!

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76 Lil B Fans V 1 Comment
77 Hetalians

Speaking as a Hetalian, I think there is a ton of cancer in this fandom (Mostly caused by the immature and cringy fangirls) but even though it has its fill of bad children in this fandom there are also mature fans who are not that bad at all. The series it's self is quite enjoyable for those who have the taste for it and the fandom can be alright if you give it the chance and avoid the cancer but I'm not trying to justify the fandom 100% for I do actually think it should be at least #2 on this list

Hetalia was bad for a year or two but it calmed down. It's a really good fandom and it's good to join now while it's not cancerous like it used to be. We don't start ship wars as much as they say we do, it's just those weebs. But that's only 10% of the fandom and you'd love what the 90% has to offer!

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78 Cody Simpson Fans
79 Independence Day Movie Fans

They are similar to Twister fans. Criticize the film, and the fans will come defend it.

80 Nolanites
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