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61 Dragon Ball Z Fans
62 TheMysteriousMrEnter Fans

Honestly, I like MrEnter, and when people started hating the fandom, I didn't know why...And now I do. Good god, they can't take even the slightest thing that isn't worshipping their bible that is animated atrocities.

Mr enter is terrible, i used to like his older episodes, but now he is just CRAZY.

So, here is the run-down for both Mr. Enter and his fans.

2010-2012: Reviews MLP, and is rather cool about it.

2013: Now also Reviews the best and worst of cartoons. It's a novel concept, and It's where I first heard about him.

2014: Ditches MLP reviews (I didn't watch them anyway), and begins to review other things more. His opinions can be a little bias and strange, but he is fine.

2015: He is seriously one of the worst channels ever. He is a jackass with terrible quality videos, terrible ideologies, and terrible fans who can't take constructive if it slapped them in the face, yet parade it like he is a god. He and his fans have a serious case of the god complex.

2016: You know what? At the start, he looked poorly, but now... eh...
He is okay. His fans are still fecal matter, but his videos are getting better... sort of.

63 Koreaboos

Er... what's this again? - ChibiDaFox

what - 8chAnonymous

64 Video Game Fanboys

I'm not trying to say that all video games are bad. All I'm trying to say is that the way people are obsessing over gaming could be one of the reasons why video games are hated now.

They Think Video Games Are Life


That is a bit general, don't you think? - Yoshilord

Video game is life -mad-dog

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65 Rainbow Dash Fans

Most of them are rude, no offense. They will not leave you alone if you dislike her. They will insult you in the worst way possible. They will wish you death and be happy with it. They will try to make you look bad. They treat a fictional character better than real people. Most fandoms just defend their likes by saying why they are awesome, but these fans will bully you until you want to commit suicide. This does not go to all fans though, some can be nice. This goes to the rude fans.

The rude fans temporarily made me hate Rainbow Dash, then again she never really was my favorite, Fluttershy, Celestia and Pinkie Pie are better. - SailorSedna

The BIGGEST WUSSES of all bronies. Rainbow Dash is bad enough, fans even more retarded.

Let me tell you why her fandom is terrible, I looked up one of my youtubers, BRRGames(Or Black Rhino Ranger), and one of the things on the page was the fact that someone unsubbed him just because he didn't include Rainbow Dash in his top 5 and top 10 ponies.

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66 Phandoms (Danny Phantom)
67 I Hate Everything Fans

Why are bronies at no. 1? I like the guy but the fans are the most cancerous things I have ever seen.

If cancer was a fanbase

Arrogant, rude, selfish, and spoiled fans everywhere.

I swear the guy that does "I Hate Everything" could be a troll...or is he satire? - SailorSedna

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68 The Hunger Games Fans

They are extremely annoying. I read the books, they were decent. I didn't want to kill myself while reading the trilogy. But, the fans of the series treat the books like a holy book, and vow to destroy anyone who says anything bad about the books.

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69 Present Kids

They are just as bad and biased as the 90s kids. Always hating things in the 90s just because people say it's good. Always hating on everything in the 90s just because it was made in the 90s.

"Dude, I am the master when it comes to fidget spinning." - DaForry

Ugh wannabe gangsters, they can't even respect opinions as well.
" I hate football"
Present kids: You suck! You just mad because you skinny and weak!
90s kids: Well I like it though - rockcityboy

I'm a present kid myself, and I like stuff like The Power Puff Girls(1998-2005), Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Samurai Jack, etc. that was in the old days. ;-; I have a fidget spinner myself but I don't use it that much these days.
I like different types of music, not that stupid pop music. I like Chillstep and J-Pop ;-;. I also like anime openings and endings for their music and beat :D

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70 Miley Cyrus Fangirls V 1 Comment
71 Shia LaBeouf Fans

Both he and Megan Fox were the reasons why those gullible idiots worshipped Transformers 1 and 2!

Have you seen a motivational YouTube video about him screaming at us to "just do it"?

72 Pop Fangirls
73 Pokemon Genwunners V 1 Comment
74 The Phandom

Awful fandom.Shipping real people is awful, kids.

75 Teen Titans Go Fans

Who put this here? They're not bad. In fact, Teen Titans is better than Teen Titans Go! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You know, I loved the original Teen Titans. One of my favorite things on the planet when I was 8. Look what society brought us.

Teen Titans go is a badly watered down version of Teen Titans and you can't just pretend that's not true.

I don't judge a fanbase based on their fandom. Yeah, I call out some of TTG's (Wikia) fans sometimes, but that's because of their bad reasoning, not the fact that they like the show. If they do, that's totally fine. - alphadan12

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76 Supernatural

If I see one more thing from this fandom, I'm going to kill myself.

77 Mel Blanc Fans
78 Squidward Tentacles Fans

Whoever added this, please attach a bomb to your head and run towards the nearest grenade factory. - Goatworlds

79 FeralHeart Fans
80 Selenators (Selena Gomez)
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