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81 Independence Day Movie Fans

They are similar to Twister fans. Criticize the film, and the fans will come defend it.

82 Nolanites
83 The Powerpuff Girls Fans

Not the reboot, but the original show.

Wish it was the reboot. - ChibiDaFox

84 Dark Souls Fans
85 The Vigilant Christian Fans
86 Teen Titans Go Fans

You know, I loved the original Teen Titans. One of my favorite things on the planet when I was 8. Look what society brought us.

Who put this here? They're not bad. In fact, Teen Titans is better than Teen Titans Go! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Teen Titans go is a badly watered down version of Teen Titans and you can't just pretend that's not true.

While I agree that Teen Titans Go! is a terrible show, and I'm still trying to figure out WHY it has fans, you've got to admit that fans of the original Teen Titans are almost as bad. They constantly criticize Teen Titans Go! and it's fans, calling it worse that the original, but get upset when TTG fans do it to them. I honestly do like Teen Titans (original) better, but saying that the Teen Titans Go! fans are mean when they call their show better than the original is blatantly hypocritical.

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87 Kpoppers

What do you mean? Kpop is good

They always say that K Pop is the best music ever invented while most of them are only there for the K Pop singer's looks(which are fake). K Pop is NOT the best thing ever and they all sound similar In some ways - MLPFan

Why is this on the list? Some kpoppers are annoying.. but not because they are kpoppers, they just love the music and why does it matter if their looks are fake sometimes? Sorry, I don't get the big deal. And yes, I think kpop is much better than other music because it has meaning and the fandoms that help each other is really cool ^^

88 Selenators (Selena Gomez)
89 Metalheads

I like metal, but I won't deny that we have one of the worst fandoms of all time, they are always complaining about everything a band does.
A band doesn't change its sound = "this is so boring, when are they finally going to some something original? "
A band does change its sound = "they completely sold out, they need to go back to their old style! "
Oh, and they absolutely can't take a joke, try making a joke about a certain band and they will absolutely lose their minds.
Don't forget about the metal elitist that spend their time labeling certain bands as "poser metal", claiming that everyone should like these bands and everyone should hate those bands, if they don't, they are "posers"

Yes, whoever added this, go soak your head... IN GHOST PEPPER SAUCE WITH YOUR EYES OPEN. - Goatworlds

Ok, I myself is a metalhead, but the fanbase can be god-awful, especially elitist who call you a poser if you don't like a metal band they like - YaBoiMistaJackatoo

90 Sports Fans

You can't even say you hate a sport around them - rockcityboy

They really piss me off!

91 Music Fans

How dare you!

I swear to god himself, pop fans and rock fans are both equally annoying. Pop fans go around accusing rock fans of being satanic while rock fans go around and shove their music down other people's throats. I constantly see music wars on this site and it's so ridiculous that it actually makes me angry!

Let other people enjoy what they want and don't go around saying that something is satanic if you don't have any proof that it is satanic!

92 Megan Fox Fans
93 5SOS Fam 5SOS Fam 5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop-rock band from Sydney that formed in 2011. The group were originally YouTube celebrities, posting videos of themselves covering songs from various artists during 2011 and early 2012. They rose to international fame while touring with One Direction on the Take more.

Yes, some people from the 5SOS fam can get a little bit annoying but the actual band is great and has great music.

I think 5SOS has amazing music but some of the fans are to crazy about them

I love this band, but I hate this Fandom

Some act just like your average boy band fan girl, which means they are often obsessed with the band and act annoying. Some people that listen to this band think that they're punk rock because they listen to them just because the band wears band shirts, and one has colored hair. 5 seconds of summer isn't punk at all, they're just a boy band with instruments. Punk is sex pistols, the clash etc., not 5sos; it's annoying when the fans call them punk and claim to be punk because they listen to 5sos (a boyband). The fan base of 5sos is pretty much the same as directioners for the most part, annoying teenage girls. Most of the fan base is annoying.

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94 Frozen Fangirls

Half the girl population in my school

This ruined Disney ENTIRELY for me, I hate them SO much in fact, that I thought of suing the company. - ChibiDaFox

Worst movie I have seen, and now its worse with these.

Why is the Frozen Fandom is back now?
It was 3 years since Frozen was release and the Fandom was wearing out. Now they're back! No one likes Frozen and now YouTube is filled with this fandom. - bugger

95 Potterheads (Harry Potter fans)

Harry Potter fans are obnoxious beyond belief, and almost ruined the franchise for me. They are rarely satisfied, picking apart every aspect of the books and movies and acting like their life means nothing without it. Potterheads like to think that they're intellectually superior to everyone for liking the franchise, often attacking Twilight fans aggressively, and yet they throw ridiculous, childish tantrums when they disagree with each other or when someone says that Harry Potter isn't perfect. They're hypocrites - annoying fantards who can't just like Harry Potter, they worship, defend and fight over it to the death.

I like to think of myself as a Potterhead, but just because I love the books (and the movies)! I am friends with various Twilight fans (though they're no DIE-HARD Twilight fans), I respect other's opinions about Harry Potter, and I am always willing to try new book series! I don't go around wearing Harry Potter T-shirts or putting on strange tattoos just to show I like a book series! I love the Harry Potter books and was never able to find a flaw in a single sentence of it! I like to discuss it with my friends (who are also Potterheads), not with random people on forums. In conclusion, Harry Potter gives me inspiration to do incredible things, teaches me various life lessons, and helps me through dark times!

Sounds like they have their heads in their butts and they almost ruin the best series of books ever I'm glad I moved on from the fandom

Such a stupid name for a fanbase.

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96 South Park fans

I love the show. But the worst thing about this is Yaois. Stan and Kyle are not gay. Plus Stan loves Wendy.

97 Soccer Fans

There crazy and stupid

They treat it like a religion.

98 The Lion King Fans

This fandom is bad for many reasons...

I wish the whole movie/franchise was never even made, cause all it did was shoving the false hyena-less 'circle of life' into everyone's faces and pressuring them into believing that lions can be good or either bad depending on their fur color (gold if they're 'good', something dark if they're 'bad') and that hyenas, especially the spotted kind, can only be evil, which are all lies as all real animals act on instinct and have nothing to do with being a 'hero' or a 'villain'. I would rather see hyenas as a heroic species than villainous, since the stereotype of hyenas as evil creatures has been bad enough and common in old myths and stories already, so no more. The movie also reflects the bad side of society the 'villains' of the film represent the mentally ill, while the 'heroes' represent a bunch of ableist dictators who look down on everyone but themselves, and the Elephant Graveyard represents an asylum where the mentally ill are forced ...more

99 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fans
100 Warrior Cats Fans

Warrior cats is a great fanbase, but sometimes people mess up the personalities of the character or create stupid AUs

The fanbase is overly obsessed with realism. - FinlandSkywalker

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