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81 FeralHeart Fans
82 Voltron: Legendary Defender fans

Wattpad @kidges

I love the show, don't get me wrong. But I hate the fanbase.

My Top 5 Reasons why-

5. Lancelot

4. Kallura

3. Shidge

2. The amount of smut, swearing, suicide and LGBT fanfiction

This is a children's show. Did you catch that? Children's show.

Then, why are you writing about suicidal Shiro, gay Keith, depressed Lance, eating disorder Hunk and transgender Pidge?

And all the swearing in the fanart and fanfiction (for the last time there is no need for swearing)

And all the smut (stop creating photos of characters having -blank- please this is a children's show)

Just stop.

And number 1 is...

1. Worshipping the characters

Oh. My. Gosh.

Stop saying that Keith, Lance, Pidge or Klance is your reason to live or that you're "dead and (insert something here) is your savior".

You're faithless if you say that, I can tell. Just try to get a little more faith, ...more

83 Loud House Fans

These guys took it too far..
There is a group of 8-12 year olds in America who treat the Louds like gods and do real sacrifices.
I'm a Loud house fan myself, I have lots of merchandise, But the 'Church of Loud' and the 'Hlud Cult' are just BAD.Also, The internet makes it godawful (Like every other fandom that exists);
First, Tumblr assigns the clearly female Louds genders that don't even exist and create horrible ship pairings.Then, iFunny makes the whole thing worse by adding some dead memes to the already ugly fandom, And to top it all off, we have RULE 34 and QUOTEV.
Loud house fan fiction is Terrifying, and it's all over Quotev.
It's just pedophilia...Tons and tons of pedophilia.I asked a "Loudcest" Fiction writer if Loudcest is pedophilia.
Their answer?
"They're just animations.Chill."
It's fetishy-Pedo-Cest.Otherwise known as pure cancer.
Loud(cest) House fans are pretty rare, but avoid them like the plague.

84 Selenators (Selena Gomez)
85 Yaoi Fans

They are the main reason why I don't like many yaoi ships. - Vitalia

Every yaoi I've watched ever: One guy: *thouhts* Oh my god I love this person because I think I know him... I know! I'll make sure he loves me then we'll bang!

Dear god where do I began? Firstly they bash every female character just for getting in the way of their was no began with. Secondly they will think you are homophobic just for not liking yaoi when there are plenty of gay who hate Yaoi and Thirdly some actually goes as far as to be heterophobic and hate straight people and act like being straight is the worst thing ever there just horrible.

Ok, so two different people here.

Actal yaoi: they are fine in the 'seme' is raping the 'uke'. Oh no, that's true love /rolls eyes

And the garbage they like? It's basically a stereotyped straight couple. Only, straight couples show more consent than yaoi fans can ever comprehend. But they only care that there's two 'hot men' making out with each other.

"Yaoi" (m slash): they don't even know what "yaoi" means for one. But they're practally like actual yaoi fans. Most just ship two guys together because they are hawtt. How shallow. Most also hate females, expecailly if they are love interest. Most also dispise Yuri/ fem slash, though they like to scream 'homophobe' for when people say they don't like their male/male paring••• and they seem to want to heteo their parings like above. They also like rape 'love' and like to turn the ukes (usually) into girls. Are they sure they aren't homophobic?

86 Regular Show Fans

WHAT?! - Goatworlds

87 Hetalians

Speaking as a Hetalian, I think there is a ton of cancer in this fandom (Mostly caused by the immature and cringy fangirls) but even though it has its fill of bad children in this fandom there are also mature fans who are not that bad at all. The series it's self is quite enjoyable for those who have the taste for it and the fandom can be alright if you give it the chance and avoid the cancer but I'm not trying to justify the fandom 100% for I do actually think it should be at least #2 on this list

Hetalia was bad for a year or two but it calmed down. It's a really good fandom and it's good to join now while it's not cancerous like it used to be. We don't start ship wars as much as they say we do, it's just those weebs. But that's only 10% of the fandom and you'd love what the 90% has to offer!

How Dare U!

88 Potterheads (Harry Potter fans)

Harry Potter fans are obnoxious beyond belief, and almost ruined the franchise for me. They are rarely satisfied, picking apart every aspect of the books and movies and acting like their life means nothing without it. Potterheads like to think that they're intellectually superior to everyone for liking the franchise, often attacking Twilight fans aggressively, and yet they throw ridiculous, childish tantrums when they disagree with each other or when someone says that Harry Potter isn't perfect. They're hypocrites - annoying fantards who can't just like Harry Potter, they worship, defend and fight over it to the death.

I like to think of myself as a Potterhead, but just because I love the books (and the movies)! I am friends with various Twilight fans (though they're no DIE-HARD Twilight fans), I respect other's opinions about Harry Potter, and I am always willing to try new book series! I don't go around wearing Harry Potter T-shirts or putting on strange tattoos just to show I like a book series! I love the Harry Potter books and was never able to find a flaw in a single sentence of it! I like to discuss it with my friends (who are also Potterheads), not with random people on forums. In conclusion, Harry Potter gives me inspiration to do incredible things, teaches me various life lessons, and helps me through dark times!

Sounds like they have their heads in their butts and they almost ruin the best series of books ever I'm glad I moved on from the fandom

I like Harry Potter and Twilight. (But they attack Twilight fans all the time)

But the fandom became ungrateful spoilt brats when Cursed Child came out, all the stupid complaints claiming it to be fanfiction, plotholes, bratty fandom because they got a black actress to play Hermione (Did you know in earlier movies, Lavender Brown was played by a black actress, but she didn't have any lines, then they got a different person to play her in Half Blood Prince)

Stop being bratty about Cursed Child, you have been reading 100 fanfictions before that even existed because no one ever knew anything about the next gen would be released. (Script and Play)

Stop attacking Twilight.

or else.

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89 Cody Simpson Fans
90 Independence Day Movie Fans

They are similar to Twister fans. Criticize the film, and the fans will come defend it.

91 Soccer Fans

There crazy and stupid

They treat it like a religion.

92 Nolanites
93 The Powerpuff Girls Fans

Not the reboot, but the original show.

Wish it was the reboot. - ChibiDaFox

94 Dark Souls Fans
95 The Vigilant Christian Fans

Who likes this channel (other than Evangelical Christians and people who believe that Conspiracy Theories are true)? - PerfectImpulseX

96 GoAnimators

Most autistic thing I've ever seen in my life. This is the most cancer I've ever seen on the internet. - 8chAnonymous

You know, grounding wars - BorisRule

Yes they suck but do not use autism as a joke. It is a crap in the face to any autistic people who hate GoAnimate also using autism as a joke is a cheap lazy joke.

The website GoAnimate needs to get grounded. - PerfectImpulseX

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97 Kpoppers

Kpop is one of the best music ever! - Jearmin_Shipper

What do you mean? Kpop is good

They always say that K Pop is the best music ever invented while most of them are only there for the K Pop singer's looks(which are fake). K Pop is NOT the best thing ever and they all sound similar In some ways - MLPFan

Why is this on the list? Some kpoppers are annoying.. but not because they are kpoppers, they just love the music and why does it matter if their looks are fake sometimes? Sorry, I don't get the big deal. And yes, I think kpop is much better than other music because it has meaning and the fandoms that help each other is really cool ^^

98 Anime Purists

10 out a 10. would recommend

99 Godzilla 1998 Fans

THESE DUMB PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS FILM SHOULD WATCH THE 1954 FILM INSTEAD! Cause the Japanese films are way Too fun to watch and 2014 is justice. But 1998 should burn! - asantalo

100 Metalheads

I like metal, but I won't deny that we have one of the worst fandoms of all time, they are always complaining about everything a band does.
A band doesn't change its sound = "this is so boring, when are they finally going to some something original? "
A band does change its sound = "they completely sold out, they need to go back to their old style! "
Oh, and they absolutely can't take a joke, try making a joke about a certain band and they will absolutely lose their minds.
Don't forget about the metal elitist that spend their time labeling certain bands as "poser metal", claiming that everyone should like these bands and everyone should hate those bands, if they don't, they are "posers"

Yes, whoever added this, go soak your head... IN GHOST PEPPER SAUCE WITH YOUR EYES OPEN. - Goatworlds

Ok, I myself is a metalhead, but the fanbase can be god-awful, especially elitist who call you a poser if you don't like a metal band they like - YaBoiMistaJackatoo

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