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141 Dark Knight Fans

I never really cared for batman, but I guess now all of you angry fans are gonna yell at me for not liking something you like. At least I'm being nice about it.

142 iCarly Fans
143 Creddie Fans
144 Seddie Fans

Not all icarly fans ship seddie. If they just want to say seddie fans are bad, they have a right to that opinion.

Who really cares about these fans or creddies or icarly fans they all suck big fat dicks.

This is a ship. Ships are not fandoms. iCarly is the fandom. Seddie is the ship. Learn what you are saying before you say it - TheWiseOne

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145 Lil Wayne Fans
146 Soulja Boy Fans

Don't worry. He doesn't have any fans anymore. Thank god.

147 Fish Hooks Fans
148 Transformers Fans

Whoever put this here, please mix bleach and ammonia and drink it.

If the reaction goes all the way through, you know it forms harmless nitrogen right? - 8chAnonymous

149 Radiohead Fans
150 Thrash Metal Fans
151 Chuck Schuldiner Fans Chuck Schuldiner Fans Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the founder and vocalist, guitarist and bassist of the American heavy metal band Death. He is considered the most influential figure in Death Metal, with some publications referring to Chuck as the "Godfather more.
152 Chuck Norris Fans
153 Adventure Time Fans

The show is annoying as bell and the people who like it are annoying too. They make references from the show all the time and as someone who doesn't like the show, it drives me up the wall. If you like it fine but it's really annoying.

I'm afraid of watching fanart and reading fics about my favourite animated series because of those people who ruined my vampire love... Please stay away from what those adventure time stories and drawings I mentioned in "most annoying fan bases" if you don't want to have sleep, stomach and blood pressure troubles.

DEFINITELY the most annoying fandom ever. It's bad enough to the point that it's the reason why I find it hard to get into the show itself. It's just a normal cartoon, nothing special about it. So why does the internet hype it so much and force everyone to like it? Neh, I'd rather stick to actually GOOD cartoons, not ones that are praised to the point everyone must and has to like it. Also tons of creepy fanart too for some reason.

*hides behind a wall* - PageEmperor

154 Death Fans
155 Nostalgia Critic Fans
156 Anime Weebos

This article makes me want to fling myself in to the sun.

I want to an hero myself.
A made up word has become another made up words.
What ever happened to wapanese? - 8chAnonymous

157 Hip Hop fans
158 Technical Death Metal Fans

They need to realize death metal sucks, and stop saying how good it is, and stop bashing other genres and get lives. This accounts for most technical death metal fans.

Just be glad that most DM fans aren't asses like other metalheads. Technical death metal isn't about the sound, it's about how hard the riffs are to play. The more complex = the more respect. If you think DM sucks, you've never heard melodic death metal before. - 8chAnonymous

159 Team Fortress 2 Fans
160 Rock Fans
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