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161 Twister Movie Fans

Say anything bad about the film Twister and the fans will start attacking you!

162 Metallica Fans

I think the Metallica haters are much worse honestly. I'm talking about the people who bash on Metallica for "selling out", and call bands like Avenged Sevenfold "poser metal". Metallica fans can be annoying at times, but they're nowhere near as bad as the haters.

163 Anthrax Fans
164 Modern SpongeBob Fans

Modern SpongeBob is getting even worse from time to time. The writers are running out of ideas

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165 Drawn Together Fans
166 Nu Metal Fans
167 Wiz Khalifa Fans

What's the big deal for "see you again", it's for the death of someone, I get it. But really? On the billboard chart No. 1 for that stupid cheesy song? NO WAY.

168 Brothers Flub Fans V 2 Comments
169 Jeff the Killer Fans

I used to be in love with jeff LOL

170 Balto Fans

Balto has the worst fandom when it comes to non-Disney animated movies. It is heavily mistaken as the following things: Lion King ripoff (which it's not), true to the true story (which again has differences since the real Balto was a purebred Siberian Husky of a brown/black/white color, not a grey wolfdog) and a Disney movie (which again it's not. It was made by Universal and Amblimation).

171 Roland Emmerich Fans
172 Jan de Bont Fans
173 Tony Scott Fans
174 Roger Ebert Fans
175 Tekken Fans

Well the games are ok, but I have to admit that tekken would have to be the worst fanbase when it comes to fighting games.

The fandom is filled with shipping wars, Jin fan bashers, arrogant, can't take hate and the list can go on.

But what really annoys me are the ones that consider the game as a godsend and if you tell them that mortal kombat or street fighter are more are more popular or if you say another fighting game that is underrated such as bloody roar, primal rage etc they will go crazy and claim that your opinion is wrong.

176 The Amazing Atheist Fans

You're not allowed to disagree with The Amazing Atheist! Doing so means his fans will start insulting you to death!

177 Fred Fans

Fred was so annoying, and his fanbase was total crap, why would a person making random videos with an annoying edited voice develop millions of fans? At least he quit, but the actor's newer videos are even worse.

178 Lucas Fans

Lucas is a horrible, and inappropriate channel with the Fred actor, Lucas Cruikshank, making sexuality videos and playing with toys and drugs, yet cussing and doing eroticism, way worse than during the FRED era, He ruined the lives of the so called "FRED fans", it seems to be like a punishment for them, but his new channel is even worse.

179 Uncle Grandpa Fans

Who in the right mind would be a fan of this show? This is literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

180 Markiplier Fans

I have a friend who is a markipleir fan and she's a nice person. I've never had a problem with the markilplier fan base, most of the people in the fan base are friendly. I will say though that since markipliers videos are targeted towards a younger audience, some markiplier fans are annoying.

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