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1 My Immortal My Immortal

This fanfiction is fantastically terrible... I don't even know how anyone could have created this. There is a great debate that this was written by an incredibly intelligent troll who followed all of the terrible cliché rules to create this... However If this was written by a non-troll... The writer needs help...

My Immortal is suggested by many critics to be the worst Harry Potter fanfiction ever written, with Mary Sue characters, a lack of logic, and lots of horrible spelling and grammar, My Immortal is the queen of Internet fails. - seeker46

My Immortal is hilarious

My brain cells are gone. Great. I hope to whatever higher being there is that this person is a troll.

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2 Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

I was a fool, a person who had head of this Fanfiction and watched it expecting a cakewalk, I was arrogant and curious at the same time, I never regret reading scary creepy pastas or watching scripted disturbing or scary videos, because then I would know not to go near that crap. Yet I regret reading this horrific story, I'm definitely praying for the writer

This isn't just offensive to Gravity Falls fans, but anybody with sense and a brain!

There is no way I can unread this. You may have read peoples littles summaries and warnings but that does no justice. Do. Not. EVER. Read. This. I should have stopped reading half way threw when I felt nauseous. Now please excuse me, I am going to spend the rest of my night with a bottle of bleach and a bucket.

I saw a comment about what happened in the story it made me freak out

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3 Everything the Light Touches

Does anyone know where I can find this? I can't find it anywhere.

Hands down, the single worst Lion King fanfic I've ever come across. It may not have the spelling and grammar errors of My Immortal or Starkit's Prophecy, but what it lacks in awfulness with writing quality, it makes up for in actual story content. It's truly abhorrent. Nothing but mindless sex scenes, orgies, incest across generations, cub smut, overabundance of... "love juice"... in every scene, etc. as far as the eye can see in this one. No regard for who's mated to who, bland OCs that only exist to get their rocks off, disrespecting every single thing the original movies stood for, and that's all only just scratching the surface of everything wrong with it. It's really just that: 170,000+ words' worth of beloved Lion King characters getting gang-banged at every opportunity.

There's no respect for any of the characters in it, they're all reduced to 0-dimensional play things for the author to make them go at it in every combination possible. Remember Simba's ...more

Please someone link me

Why the heck did they turn The Lion King into a disgusting lemon fanfic for? - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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4 Giantess Toriel x Asriel: Motherly F-ery

Save me I'm gonna read it

Whoever wrote this needs to get his house raided by a search and seizure warrant.

Not the pedophiles incest

In which Asriel underagedly crawls up his mother Toriel's ear canal and literally fracks with her brain (yes, straight-up inserts his ding-dong into it) - xandermartin98

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5 Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series



ALPHYS X AMALGAMATES - xandermartin98

6 The Pokemon Story

Oh no please don't mention this nightmare - Puppytart

Most of the fanfiction on this list is on here because of poor grammar, nonsensical plots and other such mistakes. Not this one. This one is on here because it reads like somebody's personal snuff film. My Immortal and its ilk can be hilarious in how bad they are, which is arguably why they were written; in contrast, this is nothing but a cringey gorefest that you're better off forgetting exists.

Disturbing and disgusting. I warn you now, DON'T look this fanfic up.

As a stupid 12 year old I thought it would be nothing much other than some cringy ass oc Mary sue story or some smut. Boy was I wrong. For the sake if your sanity never ever read this abysmal cribgefest! What happens there is basically this. Some dude named Dave starts his Gardevoir. Just a cringy self insert you might say? Boy are you wrong! Then the whole on rape+scat+piss fetish starts on as well as several gore moments. It has no plot and I pray to God for this things just to he some joke and not an actual genuine fanfiction someone worked on unironically.

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7 Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly F-ery

Parappa (inside Lammy's head): "Gee, this sure is an awfully nice, soft and delicate little BRAIN you've got in here, Lammy! It sure would be an AWFUL crying shame if something were to HAPPEN to it, now wouldn't it?! " (proceeds to literally engage in full-on sexual intercourse with Lammy's poor, poor brain) - xandermartin98

Is this Writer had Brain fetish? Because this Writer made me lost faith in humanity and ruined my damn childhood, also I'd rather reads lolicon guro doujinshi than this trashcan.

8 Thirty H's

How is this bad? This is pure win. - Winterush

9 Al and Will Learn Spanish

Every part of this Divergent story scares me. It legitimately seems like it was written by someone on drugs. - seeker46

Divergent is my Fave trilogy. seems like this might be worth a read...
WHAT. I give up. I think this fanfic should be rated m. Please pass the bleach, I need it- I think I'm more scarred by this than *Mouth grabbed* *MPH*'s death.
See, I didn't spoiler you! and now you can suffer when... Okay, I'm just gonna stop talking.

I’m not even sure what I just read. I’ve been high, but I’ve never been THAT high. Just, wow. Wow.

10 Starkit's Prophecy Starkit's Prophecy

Obviously a troll. Still, it both hurt my brain and made me laugh at its stupidity. It's quite rare to come across a sentence in the story after the prolouge that doesn't have butchered grammar and spelling. The story itself wanders quite far away from the true plot and rules of the Warriors series itself. The main character is a huge Mary Sue- purple fur, a white forehead star, and eyes that go from "molten orange" to rainbow? I don't think that's normal. Also, (spoiler alert) she is a homophobe, an insert of the author's beliefs, OP and completely "perfect" despite her clear stupidity, and yet still manages to get all the toms to come after her even when they're her mates- and quite honestly, one of them is her great grandpa, some older! It's pretty messed up but funny to read in a way.

My Immortal actually seemed a little genuine, but this one was a clear troll. Hands down, it was the worst, and the most hilarious fan fiction I have ever read. - yuki-blue

I had no idea what was going on in this one. As a fan of the source, I just couldn't help but think about how much this story strays from the canon material. I'd say you should read this if you've previously read other terrible fan-fics. Or don't. Your call. Or watch the animated version on YouTube. If you want.

I actually heard that this one is is so bad, it's funny. It has loads of spelling mistakes and a bad story. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

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11 Lammy and Hairdresser Octopus in Orgia de Papel Mexicana

"Mexican Paper Orgy"

between a sheep and a squid - xandermartin98

12 The Hat Fic The Hat Fic

Hey. This is a story about a hamster. Not just a normal hamster story, but a story that involves snapping off a hamsters head into a hat and mixing the blood with semen (gross enough for me but kudos to the people who survived the story) shoving the hamster into Phil's rectum, forcing him to drink the mixture, and eating the hamster. Just..

I'm crying whoever wrote this is demented and needs to stop it and get some help that was disgusting if you love hamsters don't read it - Puppytart

This isn't as bad as dipper goes to taco bell but still OH MY GOD

I read this when I was 7 it made me leave the phandom. I'm now 11 and recently read the cherry fic. This is way way worse than that be prepared. Also if anyone's forgotten this is Phandom initiaton.

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13 Filburt's Postmodern Wife

The part where Rocko and Heffer inflated the giant parasite inside of Hutchison's brain by sticking an air pump into its mouth and inflating it until it "popped" was DEFINITELY not my proudest fap, let me tell you - xandermartin98

"Look, you can even see Dr. Hutchison's HEARING veins! " - xandermartin98

14 Scarlet

Scarlet is an awful Scream 4 fanfiction with horrible spelling and grammar and extremely Christian and homophobic themes. Guest stars include the Westboro Baptist Church and TheAmazingAtheist. - seeker46

15 Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles

Think about everything you love about Harry Potter. Then remove everything magical and replace it with Christianity. Grammar is alright, but literally every character is out of character. (OOC) Dumbledore and Mcgonagall are married and Hermione is their daughter. The Dursleys are atheists and bad because, reasons. Hagrid just shows up on Harry's doorstep and converts Harry to Christianity. It takes all the values in the Harry Potter books and spits on them.

This is why we can't have nice things

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Harry Potter, I don't understand why they would do this to Harry Potter. - HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

Now I finally read this, and it's a totally so-bad-it's-good fanfiction, it is so hilariously bad. It doesn't even feel like an actual book, chapters are written extremely short too. Most of the reviews for it (except for ones written by bigots) are more entertaining to read. - SailorSedna

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16 My magical weekend with 1D!!!!!! :)

More graphic then dipper goes to taco bell in my opinion. Also there is a 1D themed bulldozer as well.

*takes a shot of bleach*

It was not funny...

Where is it? Can’t find it.

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17 Barney Is A Dinosaur

I personally think this is worse than 'My Immortal'. I could read MI (I eventually stopped because I wasn't interested anymore), but this? Nope. I only read like seven lines and I had to stop. It was that bad. My mouth was open as soon as I read the first line of the story. I was cringing so bad. My innocence is probably gone.

I usually like troll fanfictions because they are funny (I know I have a sick/immature sense of humor), but this takes it a little too far

That was disgusting from start to finish.

Did a member/fan of the Barney Bunch write this fanfiction? - SailorSedna

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18 Sonic High School

An 8th grader has no idea how sex works, but still graphically describes it anyway, through ridiculous metaphors and poor grammar.

This story is a "ravaging" display of what it means to be a true Boy Friend and Girl Friend. Saying it's not inspiring is like saying that you've never hung curtains in your car.

The entirety of chapter 10 made me cry

oh...OH NO

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19 Sonic's Ultimate Harem

This is over 1,000,000 words and still ongoing...

MIx in a blender a story about sonic,xmen and much sex and the result:Sonic Ultimate Harem

20 Marth the Taguel

Can someone please post a link to this fic? I have never read it, and I can't find it anywhere.

21 Sweet Apple Massacre

Oh god, I want to forget that this ever existed. Was it even made by a real person...?! - DogmeatAndRex

Never read it, heard some disgusting things about it, and whoever the author of this horrible creation was needs to get his house raided by police, with a search and seizure warrant, I'm surprised he isn't in jail/prison for writing such obscene content like this. - SailorSedna

It seems like it only was written to out-Cupcake Cupcakes, but it just ended up being a sloppy over-the-top mess of a grimdark story.

Read this when I got into MLP.Lets just say I've not watched it since. - milmcgirl

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22 Lemon Fanfics

I honestly disagree. You can't categorize an entire genre of fanfiction that has such a vast span of content as purely bad. There are good lemons. While they're not as common as bad lemons, there's so many well-written stories in this category that it just seems silly to hate the genre. - seeker46

I hate lemon fanfics. But please respect the writers. Have a heart and have mercy please.

I remember looking up warrior cats shipping stories for, reasons. I stumbled upon a lemon and now I am comforting myself by reading good books that are on my bookshelf. Do not read warrior cat lemons kids, you will be emotionally scarred for life. It also ruins shipping.

I am sticking to Jay X Stick

I don't like lemon fanfics either, but yeesh, telling the authors, even if they are sickos, to kill themselves doesn't automaticall make you a better person, it makes you an annoying jackass. - SailorSedna

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23 Snape X Teletubbies

This...I have no words...none...At first it was bad grammar and laughable plot...but then...No...Still in shock. Why?

24 Legolas by Laura

Why is this 35?

If literature can talk then the shear volume of this fanfic screams of FAIL. The author uses a lot of run on sentences, has spelling, continuity, and geographic mistakes worthy of Tara Gillesbie's My Immortal; incestuous, pedophilic romance, a hilarious torture rape scene and an example of a fic never finished, cut off mid sentence never to be concluded again. With that said it's a hilarious read, go check it out.

It does not dethrone My Immortal when it comes to length and sheer absurdity, but it's one of the most memorable badfics in the LotR community. My advise to you is: don't feel bad laughing at the scenes cause it fails at being dramatic.

25 Jesus and Hitler: A Romance

It involves a romance between Jesus and Hitler. Why does this crap exist?


WHY? LORd- Why?


26 Justin Bieber Daughter Abuse Story

Probably the reason Justin Bieber decided to mature his voice. - Swellow

Most disgusting thing ever - Jaimecute

As bland and thoughtless as it sounds. - seeker46

27 Pokémon High School

Any and all of them can qualify for this entry. Here's the premise. It's not about school at all, it's just a shameless Degrassi clone that just promotes the writer's favourite shipping fantasies. Boring! - Scorpio

High school themes really bother me, mainly because most of the makers of them are people who haven't actually experienced it, but this is literally just all of them combined into crap. The Pokémon Story was bad enough but this is just as awful. - Swellow

I saw one called "Kalos High School, Episode 1: Greed" In the end Serena gets Ash drunk and rapes him so she can get herself pregnant. It's disgusting. - Popsicles

28 Salivation

Thank god this was removed from the site

I don't wanna know what this one was like. - SailorSedna

Nothing.Just cringe

29 Squidward Wins!

Okay, I know Squidward has been treated unfairly in some episodes, but this is just plain STUPID. (In my opinion, it's okay if you think differently than I do) It's just a cartoon! I know people can get upset at "Torture Porn" episodes, (trust me, I do too) but whoever wrote this took things WAY too far in my opinion. Anything can happen in a cartoon, and in my opinion, it's best to let things go and not take things like this too seriously. A similar scenario happened to The Loud House episode "No Such Luck". This is hands down, one of the most hated cartoon episodes I've ever seen. I do hate that episode too, but what gets on my nerves is that some people have stopped watching The Loud House altogether because of this one episode, and that people still write fix fics about it to this day. But I personally think that some people take these things WAY too far. I really don't like Squidward Wins. (All of this is just my personal opinion, and I don't intend to offend anyone. If I ...more

I always thought "Torture Porn" (which I don't get, it's got nothing to do with porn) was a stupid term for people who take cartoons too seriously. - SailorSedna

30 Dipper's Sexy Time

This one was more funny to be honest

Whoever wrote this should never be allowed to write... Ever

I couldn't watch gravity falls for a solid month after reading this abomination.

31 Pokemon: Attack of Mewtwo

Mad props to whoever put this up.

OMIGOD. This has worse spelling and grammar than My Immortal, the cast is mostly OCs(although, I didn't get all that far; only a few chapters in), and the Pokemon can talk. If there were any canon characters, I bet $20 they'd be OOC.


32 Underfoot Fetishtale

Most of its characters are grossly underaged too - xandermartin98

33 This Is Lammy's Brain on Parappa and Ma-San

Ruminant neurophilia via cocaine snortage, people

It's the way of the future - xandermartin98

34 Cupcakes

The author uses gore and graphic description to try to scare the viewer but instead it left me a little nauseous.

Poor Rainbow Dash

It was a troll story obviously.

Again, are these actual people writing these? - DogmeatAndRex

35 Grave (Jeff the killer love story)

I have no problem with the author, but who taught her to write? The grammar is ok but sometimes awful, the punctuation is bad, and the spelling... Well, it needs work, but is better than the punctuation. Ugh, so much cliches! And Jeff is really ooc. Ben, too. You have to check it out for your self to see what you think, but I hate it so much I read it to laugh at I.

36 Adopting A Cute Bear Cub

This is a story of wretched Pokemon-y wrongness. Don't look it up, and if you do, you might as well know the following things.

1. Get ready to donate any teddy bears you may have to charity.

2. The author is oddly fond of the word "cute".

3. "Cute" in no way, shape, or form describes ANYTHING from this story.

4. Get rid of any Teddiursa Pokemon cards you may have, and avoid watching Pokemon for at least a month.

5. Feel free to slam your face into your desk or computer keyboard. I will not blame you.

6. This is almost as bad as The Pokemon Story.

7. This features pedophilia and borderline incest.

8. This is scary, and not in the "Oh it's a clown! " way, more like in an "Oh, people actually write like this, kill me now" way.

9. The character May on Pokemon, as well as the month May and the ENTIRE SUMMER (as the character in the story's last name is Summers) will be ruined for you if ...more

I hate this but I also like my bears and pink eared dogs I don't wanna burn them I'm going to light a candle with a may picture on it - Puppytart

Honestly, Pokemon lemon fanfics are bad, but this one features, of all Pokemon, TEDDIURSA. NO.

I don't even want to know about this one (and I'm not planning to donate any teddy bears I have) - SailorSedna

37 Halflife: Fulllife Consequences
38 Rem's Brain (If Minish Link Could Go Inside People's Ears)
39 Voicebox
40 Jeff the Killer vs. Michael Myers
41 Sonic and the Great War

The Fanfiction... I can't say anything about it.

42 Parappa and Lammy Have Sex

In which Guru Ant crawls inside Parappa's brain and has sex with it - xandermartin98

43 Alphys' Wank

Obviously just a fanfiction of Alphys masturbating. Nothing to really look at. - SailorSedna

44 The Kitten and Steam Rollers Fic

A truly terrifying experience

45 Feel The Rain Fall by Herr Wozzeck

Demonizes Karel from Fire Emblem, which is so wrong. He would never be a bad guy and you need to get over the fact that he develops character for the better.

I read this before and it was crap

46 The Phone Call

Led Zeppelin fan fiction?
Usually I don't care about LZ, but why in the name of dear god would people make fan fiction of anything of them? - Swellow

This is erotic Led Zeppelin fanfiction.

47 Henry Danger is bae

It's so disturbing though... - MountainDewKid101

48 Giantess Undyne X Alphys: Fetishistic Boogaloo
49 Squidward's Sexy Time

This was originally written on but it is now rewritten on the same site by another person since the original author was banned

50 When Worlds Collide (A Sonic/FNAF/Youtuber Crossover)
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