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1 My Immortal My Immortal

This fanfiction is fantastically terrible... I don't even know how anyone could have created this. There is a great debate that this was written by an incredibly intelligent troll who followed all of the terrible cliché rules to create this... However If this was written by a non-troll... The writer needs help...

My Immortal is suggested by many critics to be the worst Harry Potter fanfiction ever written, with Mary Sue characters, a lack of logic, and lots of horrible spelling and grammar, My Immortal is the queen of Internet fails. - seeker46

My Immortal is hilarious

Apparently a troll made by a victim of abuse.

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2 Dipper Goes To Taco Bell Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

I was a fool, a person who had head of this Fanfiction and watched it expecting a cakewalk, I was arrogant and curious at the same time, I never regret reading scary creepy pastas or watching scripted disturbing or scary videos, because then I would know not to go near that crap. Yet I regret reading this horrific story, I'm definitely praying for the writer

This isn't just offensive to Gravity Falls fans, but anybody with sense and a brain!

If you dare to read this, (brave soul) be sure to cleanse your brain with holy water and bleach several times before returning to whatever you were planning on doing afterwards. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. - Haumea

I laughed my head off when I read this. It's so bad it's funny!

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3 Everything the Light Touches

Hands down, the single worst Lion King fanfic I've ever come across. It may not have the spelling and grammar errors of My Immortal or Starkit's Prophecy, but what it lacks in awfulness with writing quality, it makes up for in actual story content. It's truly abhorrent. Nothing but mindless sex scenes, orgies, incest across generations, cub smut, overabundance of... "love juice"... in every scene, etc. as far as the eye can see in this one. No regard for who's mated to who, bland OCs that only exist to get their rocks off, disrespecting every single thing the original movies stood for, and that's all only just scratching the surface of everything wrong with it. It's really just that: 170,000+ words' worth of beloved Lion King characters getting gang-banged at every opportunity.

There's no respect for any of the characters in it, they're all reduced to 0-dimensional play things for the author to make them go at it in every combination possible. Remember Simba's ...more

Does anyone know where I can find this? I can't find it anywhere.

4 Giantess Toriel x Asriel: Motherly F-ery

Save me I'm gonna read it

Sweet Christ, this story.

Literally so incestually, tentacle-molestingly, bad that it's good...and by good, I mean absolutely beyond amazing in its sheer disgusting awfulness - xandermartin98

5 Alphamalg: The Completely Degenerate Series


ALPHYS X AMALGAMATES - xandermartin98


6 Giantess Lammy X Parappa: Big-Step-Sisterly F-ery

Parappa (inside Lammy's head): "Gee, this sure is an awfully nice, soft and delicate little BRAIN you've got in here, Lammy! It sure would be an AWFUL crying shame if something were to HAPPEN to it, now wouldn't it?! " (proceeds to literally engage in full-on sexual intercourse with Lammy's poor, poor brain) - xandermartin98

7 The Pokemon Story

Oh no please don't mention this nightmare - Puppytart

Most of the fanfiction on this list is on here because of poor grammar, nonsensical plots and other such mistakes. Not this one. This one is on here because it reads like somebody's personal snuff film. My Immortal and its ilk can be hilarious in how bad they are, which is arguably why they were written; in contrast, this is nothing but a cringey gorefest that you're better off forgetting exists.

Disturbing and disgusting. I warn you now, DON'T look this fanfic up.

NEVER. EVER. READ IT. This fanfic has no grammatical mistakes,cliche stories sue protagonist. It has the most disgusting and disturbing scenes... read it on your own risk. Don't tell me I didn't want you. But if you still decide to do it, Just clean your eyes with a holy water.

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8 Al and Will Learn Spanish

Every part of this Divergent story scares me. It legitimately seems like it was written by someone on drugs. - seeker46

Divergent is my Fave trilogy. seems like this might be worth a read...
WHAT. I give up. I think this fanfic should be rated m. Please pass the bleach, I need it- I think I'm more scarred by this than *Mouth grabbed* *MPH*'s death.
See, I didn't spoiler you! and now you can suffer when... Okay, I'm just gonna stop talking.

I’m not even sure what I just read. I’ve been high, but I’ve never been THAT high. Just, wow. Wow.

9 Starkit's Prophecy Starkit's Prophecy

Obviously a troll. Still, it both hurt my brain and made me laugh at its stupidity. It's quite rare to come across a sentence in the story after the prolouge that doesn't have butchered grammar and spelling. The story itself wanders quite far away from the true plot and rules of the Warriors series itself. The main character is a huge Mary Sue- purple fur, a white forehead star, and eyes that go from "molten orange" to rainbow? I don't think that's normal. Also, (spoiler alert) she is a homophobe, an insert of the author's beliefs, OP and completely "perfect" despite her clear stupidity, and yet still manages to get all the toms to come after her even when they're her mates- and quite honestly, one of them is her great grandpa, some older! It's pretty messed up but funny to read in a way.

My Immortal actually seemed a little genuine, but this one was a clear troll. Hands down, it was the worst, and the most hilarious fan fiction I have ever read. - yuki-blue

I haven't ever actually read the real thing, but I've watched the animations... I love this thing so much.

Seriously? Imagine if it became leader... Starstar. - Hermione_Granger220

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10 Scarlet

Scarlet is an awful Scream 4 fanfiction with horrible spelling and grammar and extremely Christian and homophobic themes. Guest stars include the Westboro Baptist Church and TheAmazingAtheist. - seeker46

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11 The Hat Fic The Hat Fic

I'm crying whoever wrote this is demented and needs to stop it and get some help that was disgusting if you love hamsters don't read it - Puppytart

This isn't as bad as dipper goes to taco bell but still OH MY GOD

I get sick just thinking about this, I'm going to throw up


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12 Thirty H's

How is this bad? This is pure win. - Winterush

13 Barney Is A Dinosaur

I usually like troll fanfictions because they are funny (I know I have a sick/immature sense of humor), but this takes it a little too far

That was disgusting from start to finish.

Barney Is A Dinosaur is written by the same author as Scarlet, and is extremely NC-17. A character from Candymakers gets raped by Barney, who reveals his scat fetish. - seeker46

14 My magical weekend with 1D!!!!!! :)

More graphic then dipper goes to taco bell in my opinion. Also there is a 1D themed bulldozer as well.

*takes a shot of bleach*

It was not funny...

Why does this horrendous fanfic even exist.dear gosh this is going to me nightmares.

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15 Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles

Think about everything you love about Harry Potter. Then remove everything magical and replace it with Christianity. Grammar is alright, but literally every character is out of character. (OOC) Dumbledore and Mcgonagall are married and Hermione is their daughter. The Dursleys are atheists and bad because, reasons. Hagrid just shows up on Harry's doorstep and converts Harry to Christianity. It takes all the values in the Harry Potter books and spits on them.

This is why we can't have nice things

Why are stupid Christians always have to have something about "their Lord"

What are you talking about? Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles is the BEST fanfiction of all time!

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16 Marth the Taguel

Can someone please post a link to this fic? I have never read it, and I can't find it anywhere.

17 Sonic's Ultimate Harem

This is over 1,000,000 words and still ongoing...

MIx in a blender a story about sonic,xmen and much sex and the result:Sonic Ultimate Harem

18 Lemon Fanfics

I honestly disagree. You can't categorize an entire genre of fanfiction that has such a vast span of content as purely bad. There are good lemons. While they're not as common as bad lemons, there's so many well-written stories in this category that it just seems silly to hate the genre. - seeker46

I hate lemon fanfics. But please respect the writers. Have a heart and have mercy please.

Sorry I overreacted

I asked someone what a lemon was so I am not reading a book about that stuff.

It had said warriors lemons mating which is disturbing cats trying to have kittens. - Puppytart

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19 Sweet Apple Massacre

Yes the notorious over the top constipation known as sweet Apple massacre

It seems like it only was written to out-Cupcake Cupcakes, but it just ended up being a sloppy over-the-top mess of a grimdark story.

I was so discusted I didn't even read the end

Read this when I got into MLP.Lets just say I've not watched it since. - milmcgirl

20 Justin Bieber Daughter Abuse Story

Probably the reason Justin Bieber decided to mature his voice. - Swellow

As bland and thoughtless as it sounds. - seeker46

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