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21 Sonic High School

An 8th grader has no idea how sex works, but still graphically describes it anyway, through ridiculous metaphors and poor grammar.


" "No," said Espio, "I want to make sex in you right here! " and Espio put on the Invisibility Hat so nobody could see or hear them and a whole new world of possibilities were optioned to them so they could do sex in what ever way they wanted and it was time to start sex right now.

Espio revealed his penis to Rouge, who looked at it. Rouge said "Cool" and took out her vagina. Espio's penis was really big from looking at Rouge like when he is in church and it's so boring but you just get a boner anyway. Rouge's vagina looked like a surprised ghost. Espio's penis approached Rouge like a plane flying down at the airport but instead of being full of business men it was full of Espio's Creamy Italian salad dressing.

"Here it comes! " cried Espio, ramming his mauve avenger into Rouge's vagina spot. Rouge screamed sex noises and Espio messed around with her boobs and face like she was the X-Men arcade game. Espio slapped his big awesome ...more

22 Squidward Wins!

Okay, I know Squidward has been treated unfairly in some episodes, but this is just plain STUPID. (In my opinion, it's okay if you think differently than I do) It's just a cartoon! I know people can get upset at "Torture Porn" episodes, (trust me, I do too) but whoever wrote this took things WAY too far in my opinion. Anything can happen in a cartoon, and in my opinion, it's best to let things go and not take things like this too seriously. A similar scenario happened to The Loud House episode "No Such Luck". This is hands down, one of the most hated cartoon episodes I've ever seen. I do hate that episode too, but what gets on my nerves is that some people have stopped watching The Loud House altogether because of this one episode, and that people still write fix fics about it to this day. But I personally think that some people take these things WAY too far. I really don't like Squidward Wins. (All of this is just my personal opinion, and I don't intend to offend anyone. If I ...more

23 Legolas by Laura

Why is this 35?

If literature can talk then the shear volume of this fanfic screams of FAIL. The author uses a lot of run on sentences, has spelling, continuity, and geographic mistakes worthy of Tara Gillesbie's My Immortal; incestuous, pedophilic romance, a hilarious torture rape scene and an example of a fic never finished, cut off mid sentence never to be concluded again. With that said it's a hilarious read, go check it out.

It does not dethrone My Immortal when it comes to length and sheer absurdity, but it's one of the most memorable badfics in the LotR community. My advise to you is: don't feel bad laughing at the scenes cause it fails at being dramatic.

24 Snape X Teletubbies

This...I have no words...none...At first it was bad grammar and laughable plot...but then...No...Still in shock. Why?

25 Underfoot Fetishtale

Most of its characters are grossly underaged too - xandermartin98

26 Cupcakes

The author uses gore and graphic description to try to scare the viewer but instead it left me a little nauseous.

Poor Rainbow Dash

27 Salivation

Thank god this was removed from the site

Nothing.Just cringe

28 Pokemon: Attack of Mewtwo

Mad props to whoever put this up.

OMIGOD. This has worse spelling and grammar than My Immortal, the cast is mostly OCs(although, I didn't get all that far; only a few chapters in), and the Pokemon can talk. If there were any canon characters, I bet $20 they'd be OOC.

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29 Rem's Brain (If Minish Link Could Go Inside People's Ears)
30 Jesus and Hitler: A Romance

It involves a romance between Jesus and Hitler. Why does this crap exist?

WHY? LORd- Why?

31 Pokémon High School

Any and all of them can qualify for this entry. Here's the premise. It's not about school at all, it's just a shameless Degrassi clone that just promotes the writer's favourite shipping fantasies. Boring! - Scorpio

High school themes really bother me, mainly because most of the makers of them are people who haven't actually experienced it, but this is literally just all of them combined into crap. The Pokémon Story was bad enough but this is just as awful. - Swellow

I saw one called "Kalos High School, Episode 1: Greed" In the end Serena gets Ash drunk and rapes him so she can get herself pregnant. It's disgusting. - Popsicles

32 Grave (Jeff the killer love story)

I have no problem with the author, but who taught her to write? The grammar is ok but sometimes awful, the punctuation is bad, and the spelling... Well, it needs work, but is better than the punctuation. Ugh, so much cliches! And Jeff is really ooc. Ben, too. You have to check it out for your self to see what you think, but I hate it so much I read it to laugh at I.

33 Dipper's Sexy Time

This one was more funny to be honest

Whoever wrote this should never be allowed to write... Ever

I couldn't watch gravity falls for a solid month after reading this abomination.

34 Adopting A Cute Bear Cub

This is a story of wretched Pokemon-y wrongness. Don't look it up, and if you do, you might as well know the following things.

1. Get ready to donate any teddy bears you may have to charity.

2. The author is oddly fond of the word "cute".

3. "Cute" in no way, shape, or form describes ANYTHING from this story.

4. Get rid of any Teddiursa Pokemon cards you may have, and avoid watching Pokemon for at least a month.

5. Feel free to slam your face into your desk or computer keyboard. I will not blame you.

6. This is almost as bad as The Pokemon Story.

7. This features pedophilia and borderline incest.

8. This is scary, and not in the "Oh it's a clown! " way, more like in an "Oh, people actually write like this, kill me now" way.

9. The character May on Pokemon, as well as the month May and the ENTIRE SUMMER (as the character in the story's last name is Summers) will be ruined for you if ...more

I hate this but I also like my bears and pink eared dogs I don't wanna burn them I'm going to light a candle with a may picture on it - Puppytart

Honestly, Pokemon lemon fanfics are bad, but this one features, of all Pokemon, TEDDIURSA. NO.

35 Parappa and Lammy Have Sex

In which Guru Ant crawls inside Parappa's brain and has sex with it - xandermartin98

36 When Worlds Collide (A Sonic/FNAF/Youtuber Crossover)
37 Voicebox
38 Jeff the Killer vs. Michael Myers
39 Halflife: Fulllife Consequences
40 Rise Island Champion by Nephalemlord

A horribly written typical Pokemon betrayal fic. Trust me, you would never want to read this ever in your life. The grammar used in this story gave me cancer. - Inert

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