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41 Rise Island Champion by Nephalemlord

A horribly written typical Pokemon betrayal fic. Trust me, you would never want to read this ever in your life. The grammar used in this story gave me cancer. - Inert

42 Alphys' Wank
43 Feel The Rain Fall by Herr Wozzeck

Demonizes Karel from Fire Emblem, which is so wrong. He would never be a bad guy and you need to get over the fact that he develops character for the better.

44 Twila, The Girl Who Waz In Luv With a Vampyre

My Immortal's twin sister. - Swellow

45 The Phone Call

Led Zeppelin fan fiction?
Usually I don't care about LZ, but why in the name of dear god would people make fan fiction of anything of them? - Swellow

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46 Henry Danger is bae

It's so disturbing though... - MountainDewKid101

47 Giantess Undyne X Alphys: Fetishistic Boogaloo
48 A Very Alternate Yule Ball

Words cannot described how unbelievably awful this fic is. Even if you leave aside the OOCness, poor excuse of a plot, some of the worst character bashing encountered and gratuitous sex scenes, you're left with one condemning thing: the story wasâ€"as the author freely admitsâ€"written for the sole purpose of showing off the author's oh so charming idea of a rape spell. Add in a frankly ridiculous amount of vitriol for anyone who disagrees with them and you get this story.

49 Squidward's Sexy Time

This was originally written on but it is now rewritten on the same site by another person since the original author was banned

50 The Adventures of Sanic
51 Spongbob Poop Pants
52 Squidward N Sandy
53 SpongeBob Retardpants
54 Dipper Goes to the Krusty Krab
55 Lady LovelyLocks is a Mean Girl
56 Twilight: Twilight of Sunfall

Well this can't possibly be worse than the legit book (which I'm very cringingly reading right now)? Can it? - Anonymousxcxc

57 A Story to Live In.

No, I didn't misspell/mispunctuate that. That is the actual title. This is on Quotev, go find it. It's a Warrior Cats fanfiction with self-insert OCs, terrible punctuation, and not-too-great spelling. I only got a few chapters in. Poorly written, possibly My Immortal's cousin LOL.

58 Charlie the Killer
59 Peppa Pig's controversial plan
60 Outbreak: Ashes
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