Top Ten Worst Fanwars of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Boys vs Girls

A really immature war. Both genders are equal - ParkerFang

Can we just accept that both genders are equal already? This war needs to end - Randomator

What is this? Kindergarten? - Phillip873

2 Mario vs Sonic

The Mario and Sonic fans on this site are some the idiotic trolls I've ever seen. - Drawbox

Sonic was never good and Mario is mental are LIES both characters are likable - Randomator

The worst fanwar ever.
Sonic fans hate Mario because his games are the same and that he's fat
Mario fans hate Sonic because of the fans and that Sonic is "dead" - ParkerFang

3 Jake vs Alissa

Basically people are defending Jake Paul and some are defending Alissa.
I truly despise Jake Paul for abusing Alissa. - ParkerFang

4 Fire vs Ice
5 Batman vs Superman
6 Mariah vs Ariana
7 Xbox vs PlayStation

Very true. So sick of all the console wars. (And this is coming from a multi-platform gamer who enjoyed Nintendo's, Sony's and Microsoft's consoles equally)

8 Daisy vs Rosalina

Only tasteless people like Wendy

This is getting so high - hunnyqueen09

Listen up. Rosalina did not replace Daisy or anyone else. She's just a new addition to the Mario cast that happens to be one of the most popular characters. Even worse are the haters and Disney hogs who think Rosalina is a ripoff of Elsa from Frozen when she is not.

Also, Daisy only appeared in Super Mario Land and the spinoffs.

9 Girly vs Tomboy

Girly, tomboy. It doesn't matter. People can't help being girly or tomboy. This reminds me of the Peach and Daisy war - ParkerFang

10 Nerds vs. Jocks

The Contenders

11 Butts vs Boobs

Why does this war exist? - Randomator

Boobs, but I did not know this was an actual war, that's stupid - Phillip873

Wait, this is an actual fanwar? My god people are becoming more stupid every day.

Why? Just why is this even a thing? Smh... - DarkMatter1997

12 Moms vs Dads
13 Cats vs Dogs
14 Republican vs Democrat

People take politics so doggone seriously and I'm afraid that the two party system will split into tons of new parties in the future.

Both sides have had their ups and downs - Randomator

15 Zelda vs Peach

Blame Death Battle

16 Touhou Project vs UNDERTALE

Two Word: Bad Apple

17 Mario vs Luigi

*COUGH COUGH* GAME THEORY *COUGH COUGH* Mario is Mental - Randomator

GT enough said - ParkerFang

18 Rock vs Rap
19 Goku vs Superman

Death battle. Enough said. - ParkerFang

20 Nintendo vs Sega

Sega left the console business and became a third-party developer, to be honest. Yet this war is going thanks to all the nostalgia freaks.

Like the Mario vs Sonic war Both are likable - Randomator

21 Squall vs Cloud (Final Fantasy)

They're better than trash Wendy

22 Tifa vs Aerith
23 Pink vs Purple
24 The Beatles vs Justin Bieber
25 Donald vs Hillary

This is what made 2016 a bad year - Randomator

26 Trump vs Obama
27 Pearl vs Marina (Splatoon 2)
28 Inkling Girl vs Inkling Boy (Splatoon)
29 Marvel vs DC
30 Kimba vs Simba

Kimba sucks. Simba is better

Kimba is better

Simba is not better, thus, SIMBA DESERVES TO DIE A BLOODY DEATH!

31 Subbed anime vs Dubbed anime
32 Voltron vs Golion
33 Saber Rider vs Bismarck
34 Rock vs Pop
35 Cartoon vs Anime
36 L vs Light
37 Dante vs Bayonetta
38 Wario vs Waluigi
39 Star Wars vs Star Trek

Both of these suck compared to Doctor Who.

40 Metallica vs Megadeth
41 Digimon vs Pokemon
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