Top Ten Worst Fast Food Products


The Top Ten

1 Chicken McNuggets

I used to like these when I was like 7. And then I just started getting burnt out on them. A lot! Sometimes just the thought of them can make me feel sick. They need to bring back their Chicken McBites cause at least those tasted like real chicken, whether or not it actually was real chicken.

Watch the videos. Then you'll know what I'm talking about... - SwagFlicks

2 Whopper

Why on the list because burger king used to be great now starting to become unnecessary and McDonald's is starting for people to like McDonald's more than burger king now.

Mmmm Texas double whoppers are the best m mmm.

3 Big Mac

Nah it tastes good so too bad for you bruh.

4 Big King
6 McRib
7 The Most American Thickburger

Why would there be potato chis and hot dogs on a burger its disgusting.

8 Filet-O-Fish
9 Mac N' Cheetos

That's just about the worst crap we ate.

10 Quarter Pounder

The Contenders

11 Egg McMuffin
12 Fish McBites
13 Waffle Taco

Oh my God who would want to taste taco bell's breakfast plus this is the worst part about taco bell's breakfast oh God its gross as heck Jesus lord god ew screw you taco bell' s waffle crap taco that someone took a crap inside the waffle.

14 McDonald's Cheeseburger
15 A.M Crunchwrap

Not as bad as the waffle taco.

16 Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger
17 Gordita Crunch
18 Cinnamon Swirl French Toast

Like egg mc muffins or waffle tacos and a.m crunchwrap Carl's Jr also serves breakfast but boy did they mess up on this burger in fact burger's are not what you eat in the morning you need eggs bacon waffles pancakes and a cup of coffee or juice even cereal like frosted flakes trix honey nut cheerios even froot loops.

19 Chizza

Have you guys seen this? It's chicken-crusted pizza from KFC and is definitely awful. - Nonpointed

20 KFC's Double Down Sandwich KFC's Double Down Sandwich

It smells trash tastes trash the worst - toshdeluxe

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