Burger King

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Burger King (BK) is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Headquartered in the unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County, Florida, the company was founded in 1953 as InstaBurger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain. After Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties ...read more.


I travel a lot for work and, consequently, eat a lot of fast food unfortunately. Every time I have driven thru ANY Burger King drive-thru in ANY town for the last five years, there is ALWAYS a problem. They are out of tomatoes. They haven't started brewing tea yet today. They cannot accept credit cards today--cash only. There will be a 15-min wait on fries. The list goes on and on. On top of that, they put way too many condiments on their burgers. How much mayo does a burger actually need?

There Windows and trash cans stink and smell like they don't wash them and there kitchen floors stay dirty and they don't move stuff off the walls to clean them and they never clean the freezers that hold all the frozen food and they put just any one as a manager think they can run the place and the people that stay after closing they don't pay them after doors close but will make u keep working tell 2 am they don't pay minama wage they to cheep and kids they hire don't need to work there because they just play around and don't do there work or make the orders right because there to busy on phone and talking about customers there very rude when none get there way when there suppose to but making the customers day

One time, they were taking forever for my food and the manager was in there and she did nothing about it, NOTHING! On top of that, I asked for a bacon cheeseburger with nothing on it but bacon, cheese, and ketchup and they gave me a burger with just the bun and the meat no cheese, bacon, or ketchup. I was waiting for 26 minutes that day for my food

I hate BK! One day, we were going out to eat. My sister wanted to go to BK. ME and my mother said no, but she started to have a massive tantrum. We went there to shut my sister up. My mother decided to go through the drive through. We got our food and headed home. I asked for a burger plain host with cheese, burger and bread. I opened the bag up and there was lettuce pickles onions ketchup, tomato, and more. I looked at the reseat. Guessed what it said? BURGER PLAIN WITH NOTHING ON IT! I looked at my sister furiously. This is not the only time they messed my order up. They messed my order up 2 times before ! Me, mom and my sister decided never to go there again.

Decided to have a fast food burger today. Got whoppers with cheese as usual there was no CHEESE! Fries tasted like shoe leather. Nuggets I think they sat so long they were like dog treats and I don't care how you order the onion rings fresh or not they are horrible! $17.02 Garbage! Streetsboro bk

Once I went here and I ordered a cheeseburger and my friend ordered a grilled cheese then we got our food and in my paper bag there was a grilled cheese but I didn't know that so I took a bite and my friend starts yelling at me and his mom starts yelling at me and his dad who is driving starts to swerve and they're all mad at me for just taking a bite

I think Burger King was pretty good up until a few years ago. I just tried it for the first time in a few years today and it is DISGUSTING! I got 2 bacon cheeseburgers and there was this weird substance on the wrapper and the bacon was barely even cooked! The fries got cold quickly and they barely gave me any. I'm never eating this again - sm-4

All fast food is bad, in my opinion, but Burger king is absolute garbage. I feel like people think it's a "healthier" or "better" choice than McDonalds, even though it is equally as bad or maybe even worse for you. First off, their burgers taste like crusty, old sludge (at times overcooked to a degree), and the fries are just bad, at least at McDonalds the fries are somewhat decent, but at BK, the fries just taste like they're days old. While fast food SHOULD be avoided as a whole, BK is the place to never consider.

The only thing good about Burger King is the breakfast, but that's it. Their French fries are not as good as in the 80's ^^ 90's, so much filth put in their burger and sandwiches, and low quality food, especially for fast food standards. If only Burger King could sell breakfast 24/7, they would perhaps be better, but till then I don't set foot in that darn place after 100 am when the breakfast is closed

Burger King's burgers are disgusting. Their only good food are their nuggets. Everything else makes me want vomit at the sight or even the smell. How anyone could eat here is beyond me.

Burger King is horrible. I haven't been to this restaurant and years and it's for good reason. I hate EVERY SINGLE food by them. I don't even like their burgers, or fries. I think Burger King absolutely SUCKS.

They rarely put anything decent on the menu, but when they do it is left on there for 5 minutes before it disappears. I also got a chicken biscuit there that was still clucking.

I know they always get orders wrong, because their restaurant is always packed with many people. And sometimes you can see hair inside your food which is so GROSS!

Ugh, I once went to my first cousins house, and on the way we stopped to get hamburgers from burger king. Their food is good but once I got there I threw up and had to go home. :(

My father doesn't let me eat at a certain Burger King joint due to him seeing one of the employees smoking and making burgers without gloves. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This place is even worse than Mcdonalds (which is also a pretty bad restaurant). I once ordered a burger, but instead got a box of pickles!

I like this I ate this instead of the worst mcdonalds. I told a worker that there was fake meat at mcdonalds and she was like "Yes! That's true! ".

I was eating a burger then I felt something hard spit it out and it was a tooth I was so groused out I puke and the manager got mad

I love there French fries and bacon cheeseburgers but my mom ordered a hamburger and she got a whopper. Uh hello? Whoever works there should be fired

There chicken nuggets make McDonalds bow down to them! Don't get me wrong, I love McDonalds (I sound like pure discusting Detroit trash right now. Hear me out), but McDonalds is more known for their beautiful burgers! People are voting for the wrong item... Can they SEE the White Castle item down below?!?! - Flowersocks2137

I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list. I do not know a single person who ate here and didn't feel sick afterwards.

Almost every time I go there they as I call it bleach my hamburger in mustered I mean all you can taste is mustard

The only bad thing about Burger King is that sometimes they give me the new fries instead of the old ones. - benhos

They always get our orders wrong. The food is good but I don't like how they never give us our fries

I used to eat there because of the macaroni and cheese, now they don't even have it and the rest of the food is terrible.