Not only does McDonalds have crappy toys (nowadays), won't stop getting your order wrong and has such bad food that there are legit rumors that the food there is made of human flesh. The chickens and cows at McDonalds aren't treated with love at all. The animals are kept in dark cages with no room to have fun, and they get fattened, and then put into a slaughter house where they get slaughtered and turned into meat. It's disgusting. And it could lead to extinction to some of these innocent animals, 15,000,000 animals are killed every year at McDonalds just so they can be sold for your money. I don't care if some of these poor animals get bred. Imagine if you were born just so people could kill you. As soon as these animals are bred, their lives are in danger of being slaughtered. Please, please donate. Please stop this somehow.. What's worst is that McDonalds includes toys with the kids meal, which encourages kids to eat their food until they get the toy they want. This can cause ...more

I would've voted for something else, but I decided to choose this instead because of a few different reasons. First of all, if you're gonna order at McDonalds, do NOT get your hopes up, because most of the time, they screw it up. Secondly, the things they put in their food are absolutely disgusting! If you get something from McDonalds, expect a little surprise, because not only have I heard about what some costumers have found in their food, (earwigs, rats etc.) but the ingredients they put in the food make me want to puke just thinking about it! I heard a lot of disgusting things about McDonalds, like they put rubber in their burgers, their apples have chemicals in them, the ingredients in nuggets consist of hair, old kitchen sponge, artificial grease, rubber, nylon, and a smudge of old milk etc. So if you're gonna eat at a restaurant, please don't go to McDonalds! That is the last thing I'd recommend for anyone!

McDonald's is by far the worst restaurant for you EVER! If you don't believe me, just watch "Super Size Me".

This list is depressing. White castle, people! WHITE- CASTLE!

I have no intentions of developing a troll-like behavior, I'm just pretty open and talkative about my opinions...

Anyways, contrary to popular belief, there IS worst food-chains! Little Ceasers is absolute trash... Oh, but the staff is nice? FOOD DOESN'T TASTE BETTER FROM NICE STAFF, THIS LIST JUST PERTAINS TO THE FOOD!

Like I said, not trolling... I'm totally throwing-up right now, so I'm just using writing an argumentative comment as a distraction... Sorry if I'm upsetting anyone...

Anyways, the food is absolutely gold, and their fries are second in line. (first is checkers. DUH) The burgers are amazing (comparatively to White Castle's burgers, they're practically a god. The chicken nuggets are okay, but I'm talking about the burgers, man! And they are the only place around my area that sports an orange HI-C...

I live for orange hi-c's...

So think before you vote (in an extremely ...more - Flowersocks2137

I hate this restaurant! When I was 4, the employees spit and sneezed on my Hamburger. Also, there was a bug on my salad. My 3 year old brother said a employee sneezed on his cheeseburger and forgot to get the snot off. The chicken nuggets gets cold and soggy fast. My twin sister said that her fries were burned and soggy, her salad had 5 ants on it and that her chicken nuggets were cold and tasted like a Belgium crossaint dipped in mud and dirt. My whole family said that if the Krusty Krab was real, we would go there and think that was a better restaurant than STUPID McDonalds!

When I growing up, I used to eat a lot of junk food (I still do, just not as much), especially Mcdonald's. I even loved going there every time. But now, at the age of 18, I'm starting to feel somewhat disgusted at the food. I even feel sick just thinking about it. It's starting to officially lose it's appeal to me. The burgers taste like and feel like I'm eating rubber, same with the chicken. And don't get me started on the drinks. The cola tastes like diet, and the sprite/7up tastes okay, but the aftertaste is absolutely DISGUSTING. It tastes like drinking your own pee. It's no wonder I feel nauseous at even the sight of a restaurant, never mind the crap they serve. I seriously don't know how people can even eat this slop. It's gross, it's unhealthy, it's processed beyod belief. Even their "healthy" stuff like the pineapple sticks, the grapes, the carrot sticks and the apple slices. No doubt that stuff's been chemicalised. Seriously, the only good stuff are the McFlurries. At least ...more

With most restaurants, the quality of the food varies from place to place. It's not really fair to call one Arby's or Pizza Hut good or bad, because somewhere else it might be better or worse-even in taste, not every cook's the same. McDonald's pretty much stays consistent. No matter where you go, you'll always find the same terrible food quality, cleanliness and healthiness. Sure, the service may differ, but that doesn't matter when the food is always the same due to most of it being automated. Oh yeah, and the nuggets are literally made of slime. Maybe that has something to do with my hatred of the place.

McDonald's is absolutely GROSS. Now they decided to actually make their chicken nuggets with "real 100% white chicken". At one point before the "real chicken" bullcrap, I searched on the internet how they were made and it was horrendous. I had to show my grandfather because he was feeding these garbage Mcnuggets to my little cousins. I even got sick there on a few occasions and their food WILL keep you in the bathroom for a long time. McDonald's is unsanitary, smells like ass, even the soap in their bathrooms are disgusting. Their fries are only good when hot, but when they get cold, they're all soggy and taste completely nasty. They (most to all of the time) get your order(s) wrong, and the burgers are so fake. Their fish sandwiches are gross, especially with tartar sauce (I particularly don't like tartar sauce). The only things I like at McDonald's are their ice cream (without that chocolate crap), their cookies FRESHLY BAKED, their dollar cokes and the fries (only when hot). I very ...more

I swear, if you just take a second and LOOK at the food that is sold at your local McDonald's, you would realize how disgusting it is. Grease gets all over your fingers when you touch their burgers and fries. The buns and the chicken taste like they've in mixed with too many chemicals, which they have. And the fries aren't even that GOOD! The fries are soaked in grease! If you squeeze a single fry, you will get grease to drip from your fingers. This is why America is fat.

When I see this fatty meat. Fat everywhere just fat. Couldn't work there, all you smell is fat.

McDonalds is BAD for you! Their chicken nuggets are not real MEAT! It haves 40% meat inside! The worst thing I hate is the PLAY PLACE! The kids are super annoying, loud, and mean. The play place is disgusting to go! I call my two daughters, BUT they didn't hear me because these annoying kids are talkative! Their ice cream sucks! Just vanilla and chocolate nothing! How do they cook the fries too? It looks like they are digging a hole to find fries! Never going there ever!

I live in Vietnam and yes this is absolute trash and they gave me my order WRONG! There was no available line, so I had this guy who looked fresh out of high school. I asked for a large drink and he gave me a small one! The chicken nuggets were cold and were fake meat. I can't believe this garbage came in 2014 and when I was literally needing something to eat, I had to go there. I asked for no mustard on my burger and I literally got mustard! I complained to the manager and he did nothing about it and just took a napkin and wiped it off. When I got coffee, it tasted like soda water. Then, I asked for a new one and it was in worse condition with no mustard. I bet this is how McDonalds is run over the world! Eat at Popeyes, Jollibee, or maybe sometimes Burger King instead.

Why do so many people like McDonald's? First off, the McNuggets. When my mom USED to take us there as little kids I always ordered the McNuggets in a happy meal. Looking back, I'm wonder how I managed to even put them in my mouth. When the fish McBites were still out, I was at a tween club in Utah and they took us all to McDonald's for dinner, and I ordered them, just to see how much they sucked. I could't even finish 5 they were so nasty. The burgers are way to skim and weird tasting and they always get your order wrong. If you ask for no condiments, they give you condiments. If you do ask for them, they don't put any on. Now I'm starting to think they do this intentionally. The fries and ice cream are off the hook. Everyone says they like their breakfasts' but I have no idea why. They eggs are crunchy, the biscuits are flaky, and their pancakes are rubbery and elastic. Plus their mascot is a guy who claims he is someone that he's not. I give that sweat house and there clown killer a ...more - BobtheBlob

Thank god whenever I go to McDonalds I stopped ordering Chicken Nuggets. - njalabi63989

In honor of my father, I vote for McDonalds (which, incidentally, is also #1 on Best Fast Food Restaurants). My father once said, "Out here on the road, with all the restaurants in the world to choose from, why would you choose McDonalds? " - drpeppersnapple

I absolutely hate McDonalds mostly for how they treat their animals their chickens live in a place where they can't even walk and are fed to the point that if they had room to walk they wouldn't be able to same goes for all their other animals it's absolutely horrible! And when ever you eat there you are technically supporting this animal abuse

Let's see: The chicken nuggets are made from pink slime, the burgers can have meat from at least 50 cows, the fries are basically the only side dish and it stands under the lights for hours. The scrambled eggs are powder, and the employees mess up the order. Plus, there's too many condiments on the burgers that you can't taste anything except for the ketchup and mustard. - ethanmeinster

My mom looked it up and actually McDonald's uses soy protein to make the chicken nuggets. Either way it's still nasty. - Anonymousxcxc

y would any1 eat mcfatty its true they took away supersize they also took away quality y would you wana poison your kids lets help bankrupt mcfatty and not go there vote with your pockets vote for health then mcfatty will really be saying (I'm loving it) and when mcfatty goes broke we can (Smile) then mcfatty will just be a distant memory

In the McDonald's I'm by in the play area one of the play things is filled with feces and urine plus socks and mold. Bad food. Mean kids in the play area. My daughter fell off the slide in the play area because a kid was playing tag. Also once a kid in the play area was eating food inside the slide. Don't go to McDonald's

It doesn't surprise me that McDonald's is Number 1. I can't stand to eat from there after watching a video called Super Size Me in health class. Its been 3 years since I had ANYTHING from there because I heard that they BLEACH their chicken, when in reality, its PINK!

I watched the same video earlier this year and you're right. The consequences of constant fast food is frightening. At least they stopped the Super Sizing but the situation at McDonald's still isn't that great. - Anonymousxcxc

I agree that McDonald's is a really unhealthy place to eat. Their service also very bad. There fries are WAY to salty. And their burgers are very unhealthy, and also there chicken nuggets. I don't even believe that that there food is made out of real meat or real chicken. My personal experiences with McDonald's isn't good. I hope you agree that McDonald's is very unhealthy and disgusting.

I'm an on-and-off person when it comes to eating at McDonald's. What creeps me out is that mascot for the Happy Meal advertisements.

One of my friends told me about what they put in the Chicken McNuggets. And I found it gross. Bleh! Their burgers and fries are okay in my opinion. But, the other bad news is that they always get your order wrong..

When I was 6 years old, My Mom & I went to McDonald's for lunch. We were at the Drive-Thru and my Mom ordered me a cheeseburger without pickles. When I looked inside the bag, guess what I found in my burger... That's right--- PICKLES! It's bad enough that I don't like pickles and when I order a burger without them, it always turns out wrong. But, on the bright-side... I can just take the pickles out with my bare hands - Stazemar000

I WENT THERE FOR A FRIENDS BIRTHDAY AND SOME KID FELL OFF THE PLAYHOUSE THING. I had gotten a normal burger thinking that if I took one bite, I would be in heaven. I ended up fainting in the car and I was driven to the hospital. They told me I had eaten some sort of chemical, and the McDonalds there went out of business. We sued them as well and they were so reluctant to go to court for it. That is why you don't go to McDonalds.

No doubt about it, McDonald's is the most unhealthiest fast food restaurant. Their cheese is fake and processed and so are their burgers. Their fish fillet is made from old oil from their fries. They wait until the oil gets dark and uses it to fry the "fish" in. Disgusting.

This place is so nasty! I ate there and got sick and threw up every where and I just ate one of there hot fudge sundaes and my stomach now hurts and inside the restaurant is just disgusting! It makes me sick to look at it.

It's bad that some families go there often. Just because they don't want to cook/can't cook. All people should know about a good nutrition. We are too much people with overweight. Cooking at home is even much more fun and is way cheaper.