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21 Jimmy John's

That stuff is terrible!

That's not cool at all

The man who owns jimmy johns hunts endangered animals like bangel tigers and kills them for his hobby. Google it. Lots of images of him with dead animals. Why would anyone give money to him to buy more guns. Horrible person he is. Want him to die just like the chick fa lay idiot.

I hate the menu at Jimmy Johns.It dosnt even let you see what your getting> I remember going there fro the first time and I asked for a blt and it came with a plethora of mayo.BLEH!

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22 Jollibee

My cousins been there said good

Jolibee is not the worst restaurant this is not deserved in this list

Jolibee is really god

Well Jollibee's origin come's from the Philippines and that human sized bee of the same name.
I have to say that Jolibee's chickens are usually the best along with some items that you should pick (depends on you).

I heard some rumors that Jolibee have a rival with Mcdonald's (since I saw all those post on Facebook).

Which do you choose a restaurant with that creepy clown or that with an anthromorphic bumblebee with a kid-friendly smile?

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23 Quiznos Quiznos

I wouldn't say Quiznos is the worst, but it's not worth even going there when you have a Publix near you.

The creepy sponge monkeys. enough said...

24 Blimpie

In fourth grade, on our two day long trip to Sacramento, we had this both times for lunch, I found it alright! Fifth grade (I'm in this grade now) outdoor education food was out of the galaxy good! None from other restaurants, all cooked there! Well, besides some of the desserts.

I think blimpie has a lot of calories I heard that it is not healthy than subway or quiznos veggietarin is 890 calories gross

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25 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

WHAT the HEL?! Popeyes is the best fried chicken place ever! - TexasRealm

Popeye's Chicken is 20 times better than KFC.

I ate shrimp there once it it wasn't de-veined. Nasty

Delete this off the list

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26 Little Chef

All it is is fried rubber made to look like food. It's inedible and probably toxic; do NOT eat it!

Hey idiot, this is the restaurant's name, and why would we have to pay death penalty JUST FOR CALLING SOMEONE "little"?!

By far the worst of all time, their pasta made me have to pull the car over to be sick

Never heard of that place - Stazemar000

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27 Waffle House

This place is disgusting. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE the food, but every single waffle house I've been to has been a dump. There's dirt and syrup everywhere, so much that I could barely eat my waffle. Ugh.

Food is packed in grease, Smoking locations have very bad atmosphere, and most Waffle Houses do not have good service at all. They normally have boring decor, and the employee appearance is normally not that good.

Anyone can make better waffles from a mix at home where you don't HAVE TO PAY FOR NOTHING!

My friend got shot here!

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28 El Pollo Loco

Who put this place here, they have the best and tasty chicken, and I love there rice. Especially I love the desserts. Best Mexican restaurant ever!

Yucky greasy and expensive... Oh, and bland

Like In-N-Out Burger, great food but locations too limited. We on the least coast miss these gems...

It sucks the chicken is bad wow eat there and you won't make alive

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29 Steak 'n Shake

Good food, terrible service. Last time I went with I ended up waiting 30 minutes for our food! 30 minutes! And our waitress was pretty lazy. What else is bad I see their Cole slaw. Ever since they changed their recipe, it's never been as good.

One time I went there and I wanted cheese on burger but it was an extra 35cents! For cheese! I was so mad but it was good anyways. It just doesn't make sense that they would be doing this.

The shakes are the best of the best, but my dad really doesn't want me to eat there again since their fries are so dang small. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

More like shake my steak - TheLegend28

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30 Bojangles V 2 Comments
31 Chester's Chicken

Great food but tough to find away from an interstate...

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32 Pollo Tropical

The food here is the worst one time I ate some chicken there and it was really really really nasty.

33 Krispy Kreme

Hot fresh glazed donuts... Almost ate the whole dozen! So delicious! They have a variety, which makes it hard to choose. Except for the sprinkle ones.. Kids probably love those, but I have no use..

Who in the world put this hear :(

I love these donuts they are so good

Never went to Krispy Kreme before, but I heard it was a pretty good restaurant - Stazemar000

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34 Wimpy's

I love it heir is the best place I have ever been to if you never tried it you have not lived yet if you don't like it then something is wrong with you and need to see a doc. Asap

No way this is one of the first Fast Food Restaurant's that opened in Britain.

My mum eaten there burger and it took out two of her teeth

MORE LIKE Wendy's - TheLegend28

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35 Duffy's

I have Never Eaten Here But Is This Resturant In Florida In Florida Named After The Disney Bear? Is This A Resturant In EPCOT

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36 Krystal

Ugh I hate it is just plain garbage

They have too much bread on the berger and the meat is cold yuck

I lived in Columbus, GA and thought I would try this place out. The burger took forever and a half, and tasted like vinegar and sugar. Needless to say, never going back.

37 Dairy Queen

The ice cream is really good, but the food is nasty look up the chili dogs on Google images

love the ice cream but the food is TERRIBLE. they should have stayed just an ice cream joint

It's disgusting, Dunkin Donuts shouldn't be on this list, Dairy Queen is far worse.

More like Fairy queen because this place is magic - TheLegend28

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38 Raising Cane's

The chicken was very dry, there were flies everywhere, and the food was very salty. The Texas Toast was very dry, so thank you very much Raising Cane's for giving me a bad experience, so I will go to Chick-fil-A, which is awesome.

The chicken fingers are too greasy...

Sounds horrible

Bad food

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39 Wing Kingdom

It exists on regular show and is the reason why muscle man is so fat

Come on, Fives. Let's go to Wing Kingdom.

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40 Wing Stop

Best wings ever! I don't know y it's on this hater chart.

Sucks they litterly dip them in grease

I agree

God you guys are so upsetting 😣

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