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41 Wing Stop

Best wings ever! I don't know y it's on this hater chart.

Sucks they litterly dip them in grease

I agree

God you guys are so upsetting 😣

42 Jack's

I got a burger and instead of ketchup there was barbecue sauce on it ( I was going to gulf shores, Alabama and we went there for lunch0 and the cheeseburger had no cheese

43 Cici's pizza

Cardboard crust colon cancer on a crust tomatoes are not even acidic at all cheese tastes fake

Colon cancer on a crust!

Using expired cheese

Nasty resturant, very gross. - Lucretia

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44 Wienerschnitzel

You can put your wiener in my schnitzel -)

I love this place

Weiner in my Scnitzel (Lol) - Stazemar000

45 Papa John's

I've never had Papa John's but a lot of people have said that it's not very good. The real pizza haven is in New Haven, Connecticut. Oh my god like I thought that I had tried good pizza back where I live but then I tried pizza at this place called Pepe's and my life was changed forever. That place right there has the real deal in terms of pizza. - Anonymousxcxc

Every Friday out school gets Papa Johns but I never got it because all the kids were acting really crazy and I couldn't enjoy it. The pizza though is still great, and I'm glad it's not as high as the other major places like Pizza Hut and Dominoes.

Papa John's is great. Shouldn't be on here.

Papa's is one of the best pizzas around. Tasty ingredients and with the garlic butter dip I'll eat their crust which is soft and has good chew. One of the fastest deliveries around.

More like Potty John's - TheLegend28

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46 Yoshinoya

Compared to real teriyaki, Yoshinoya tastes bland. No flavor

The teriyaki tastes worse than Adolf Hitler - Gamecubesarecool193

47 Uglyburger

Ugly burger? Who wants to eat an ugly burger?

The burgers there are just oil! The buns were drippy with grease and my meat gave my friend a stomach ache

No wonder it's called Uglyburger. Never eating there! - mayamanga

48 Del Taco

The taco meat is slimy and you can't chew it because it automatically runs down your throat. It's disgusting.

Fre sha vac a do

49 Lenny's

Look at that bewty show me that bewty

50 Wok Box

Disgusting! The dumplings taste like kerosene!

People can eat this? They must have no taste buds

Worst place I've ever been to

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51 Carl's Jr.

For the prices they charge for a good burger, don't waste your money. You're better off paying a couple of bucks more to eat at the Red Robin to get a REAL burger that's fresh off a real grill.

Carl's Jr., is really good. The food is healthy, and the price is right. Thick burgers are made with 100% black Angus Beef and I believe them since they taste so good.

Most nasty burger I ever had was from there but their fries are good though almost better then Mcdonald's fries.

Wait isn't this a part of Hardee's? - Anonymousxcxc

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52 Edo

Really bad for you

53 Smoothie King

Smoothie King is one of my favorite places to go! There smoothies taste AMAZING and the work staff is great!

54 Fat Burger

Fat Burger sucks it is the kind of food you eat then 15 minutes later you are starving. The fries suck the shakes taste like syrup and tap water. Don't even get me started on the burgers...the only good thing about this place is they have self serve sodas and water so you can drink free coke with your water cup.

... I have never heard of this place but why the Hell would you name your eatery "FAT BURGER? " that even sounds unappetizing.

I swear, these people can never seem to get my order correct.

Hey I LOVE papa johns...and every other fast food restraunt in the world

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55 Sonic

I'm shocked this is not at the very top! It is completely overpriced and the food is disgustingly greasy - even more greasy than top ten!

I seen this one Sonics and they leave their burger patties still on the grill when they are done, instead of putting them in a warmer. This only allows more grease to be soaked into the patties.

Food is so-so, but the drinks are amazing! Love the 1/2 priced shakes in the summertime.

Yeah it seems like every ice cream/drink place has mediocre food - Randomator

It should be in number 2

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56 Skyline Chili

All they serve is chilly and Noodles! YUCK

ITs just a pimp

57 Vapiano

Get this off this is one of the best Italian restaurants

58 Red Rooster

The lobster was over cooked and grease did not in joy my self

Red rooster is basically KFC but has more options

On T.V. it looks good, but I am sure it taste awful

A bit like a “healthier” KFC in australia/new zealand I think. They have some good snacks. - Lunala

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59 Pizza 73

Don't know what is it. Newermind, I vote it to bring Subway lower on the list

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60 Heart Attack Grill

What is this this is not a restaurant first of all why would you go to a place with heart attack in the name second of all why do the waiters and waitresses look like doctors and nursers ready to do surgery I really do not know how people can eat at this place.

Why would people even go to a place with the word "Heart Attack" in it?

A man died there by eating their giant burger. And, it gives free food for people who weigh over 300 pounds. How is this restaurant isn't even banned..

Pornography styled restaurant that can actually kill you in the US... Not surprising. - ChingWongLing

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