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81 Wing Street

In my OPINION it is great but if u eat to much of it you will get a stomach ache.

Paizza hut had harbors serves so just think if wing street is part of Paizza hut how bad is there survis

82 White Spot

So good once I ate there and it took 45 min to make

83 Hot 'n Now
84 El Fenix

Disgusting food and bad service

85 The Wieners Circle

I just voted because the name

Don't wanna know just sounds awful.

86 Steak and Shake

What Steak and Shake is bae

Stake and shake went twice

Already on the list but the only part that I really like about Steak N' Shake are the shakes and I haven't eaten there in like 3 years. - Anonymousxcxc

What stake and sheak is bae.

87 Little Sorrento
88 Dairy Queen

The ice cream is really good, but the food is nasty look up the chili dogs on Google images

love the ice cream but the food is TERRIBLE. they should have stayed just an ice cream joint

It's disgusting, Dunkin Donuts shouldn't be on this list, Dairy Queen is far worse.

More like Fairy queen because this place is magic - TheLegend28

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89 Quickly

Is this a real fast food restaurant? Never heard of it

Anyway, sure it is gross

90 Quick

Quick is more a European fast-food

Please tell me if Quick even exists!?

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91 Subway Subway Subway IP Inc. is a privately held American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates Inc., doing business as Subway IP Inc.

Probably one of the healthiest fast food restaurants out there, don't know why people are trying to put this on their list.

Why is this on the list?!

Subway is the WORST. I ordered a sub with pepperoni, provolone, and oil vinegar on generic bread. I got a sad, dry six inches of bread with literally 3 slices of pepperoni and provolone. They also put on hardly any oil and vinegar at ALL. This was the only deli open, but I am never going to Subway ever again. I have seen other people come out of Subway with the same sad mess. If you want a good sub there are so many better places to go to. I suggest Jersey Mikes if there's one around you.

Probably just your location. I love Subway. It is actually healthier than Panera bread - Randomator

Oh come on guys, subway is amazing - VideoGamefan5

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92 Harvies

Do you mean Hardee's. Anyway it is in 9th place.

It is Canada to

This was on goanimate - Trollsfan536

Hardee's? Oh, I thought it was handee's!
Their chicken is good. Like all the chicken.,_,
That's all I have to say because I only ate the chicken and it was delicious.

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93 Panda Express

I love it! I love the taste and think that nothing is wrong! They do serve big meals though. I find myself throwing away the food! :(

One time my mom was visiting me a few years back so we thought that we would try Panda Express. It was okay but not great. Also why is Long John Silver's so high on the list? That place is good. This place however I wouldn't go to again. - Anonymousxcxc

Panda express give way too big servings and I have to throw it away ALL of the time! They also charge you WAY too much! :(

I call this c**p of a restaurant 'Blanda Express' as there food is the most blandest variety of Chinese food I've ever tasted. WHY do so many like this is beyond me. They should have gone under the year the came out their hole, especially when they overcharge you 4 their garbage.

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94 Nathan's Famous

Nathan's hotdogs are the best around!

Nathan's is my regional favorite. - Pony



95 Elevation Burger

Atchuly I have never been here but my dad has and they gave him bad serves and almost got his order wrong this place should be number 1

96 Brick's Pizza

Berdsticks even smell bad taste bad feel bad look bad now wander they only deist in vragina

97 Drew's Pizza

Worst food in town never visit this horrible place

98 Booster Juice

It has a ton of sugar in this fast food place! ICK!

You can put your booster in my juice

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99 Jersey Mike's

I think y'all are cray cray Jersey mikes is truly amazing

It rocks

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100 Coney Grill

My parents and me sometimes goes there for breakfast. It's so-so.

SO DISGUSTING. I went there last year and was really dissapointed.

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