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101 Dog House V 1 Comment
102 SmashBurger

Has good food, but it's a little pricey. Regardless, it shouldn't be on this list. - Pony

Smash burger is good

You can smash my burger

Has good food, but it's a littele pricey. Regardless, it shouldn't be on the list. - Pony

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103 Round Table Pizza

Their pizza prices are insane and the price of beer? Amazing how their prices have CREPT up over the years. Make sure you have enough cash on hand.

It is expensive, but tasty food. Only the prices are bad.

Its expensive, but it is definitely worth it. The pizza is the most tastiest.

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104 Toppers Pizza

Absolutley discusting. The crust taste like rolled up paper, The pepporonis are undercooked and the cheese looks like it's moldy! All the cheese just falls off the pizza the second you bite into it and it's not even real! The tomato sauce tastes like old ketchup. And the entire pizza goes bad if you don't eat it in 4 minutes! We still have this at school too... It's just no. Do not go here for pizza. One time I ate it and threw up 4 hours later. Just please don't go here.

105 Kewpee Hamburgers V 1 Comment
106 Tommy's V 1 Comment
107 Which Wich

You have to use a sharpie to fill out a form on a brown paper bag to order your sandwich. If you insist that you don't want to do this, an employee will do it for you, but the sack has to be filled out. They simply will not accept a verbal food order without protest.
Started by the same guy who founded Genghis Grill. Both places feel the need to explain how to be a customer there.
Not me, life is too short.

I love which which :,(

108 Ugis
109 Cheeburger Cheeburger

The one in JFK is stupid.Firstly you select what you want on a computer.Then they give you a number and when its called out you collect your food and finally you add the rest and again you get to eating it,it was cold.And the rest of the shops were unknown to me!

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110 Potbelly Sandwich Works
111 Blackjack Pizza
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