Top Ten Worst Father's Day Presents

A list of things you should never get your dad for father's day.

The Top Ten

1 Nothing

It would make him upset. Better something than nothing.

2 A calorie counter

This would make him think that you think he's fat and hed be pissed.

3 A bucket

This could be useful to some, but it seems like a very thoughtless present. - letdot52

That's a pretty lame gift.

4 An album by your favorite artist

If it's his favorite then yes. If it's only yours then this would be mean. - letdot52

5 A blank card
6 A penny

Wow! Thanks for the thoughtless gift! - letdot52

Totally not worth it. Not very much money at all.

7 A half eaten candy bar
8 A corndog you found in the trash

Now that's just offensive.

9 A wig
10 A coffee mug that looks like a toilet

Yes, they exist... Sadly. - letdot52

I didn't know these existed

The Contenders

11 Tickets to a Justin Bieber concert
12 A tie
13 A bagel
14 An autographed picture of Bart Simpson
15 Grass
16 Cheese
17 The rubber chicken

Its actually a great gift - Cheddar

18 Dildo
19 Condom

Ok, this is literally the worst thing that you can offer to your dad

20 Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" Album
21 A Justin Bieber toothbrush

Someone actually gave this to their father only as a joke. It was not meant to be a serious present.
He said that his dad then threw the toothbrush away.

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