Top Ten Worst Feelings We Can't Control

I very much believe you are in charge of your own feelings, but this list targets specific feelings that are the hardest to control.

The Top Ten

1 Anger

A feeling that brings out the worst in me, it's hard for everyone to learn how to get in control of anger. - keycha1n

One small thing got me angry and I flip out - AnonymousChick

This causes all the problems in my life - ToptenPizza

Hmm..This one is the one...which prominently highlighted my personality when I was 12 or 13..Now I'm grown..And I don't get angry that much. - Ananya

2 Fear

Specifically the creeps you get late at night. - keycha1n

3 Exhaustion

I hate being tired and still trying to make it through the day. One of the most challenging things to do because it's a feeling that is almost impossible to suppress. And yes, I consider it a feeling. - keycha1n

4 Jealousy

Many people have trust issues they don't know how to deal with, and it's human nature to be jealous. But it's also an annoying feeling that's very hard to ignore! - keycha1n

I have experienced a lot of these and I can tell you that this the worse, I have anger issues and it doesn't bother me to much anymore but this does.

Actually, Greed and jealousy are two things that I don't experience. - Ananya

5 Depression

It's something you can't understand unless you suffer from it. - PetSounds

I was going to add this, but I decided it was much more serious than just a feeling. Sorry to hear that PetSounds - keycha1n

6 Heartbreak

I kept switching between this and jealousy. I'm ashamed to admit this but I sometimes I think my bouts of jealousy will be my downfall. It's an awful feeling and extremely hard to control.
With heartbreak, it's not just an emotion but an actual physical feeling that your heart is splitting in half. You can't breathe, you can't think. There isn't a time limit on heartbreak either; it can last for years.
At least you can, to some extent, control jealous feelings. - Britgirl

I imagine for many this would be #1, but I've never experienced romantic love, and it doesn't seem right to put a feeling I've never genuinely had, as #1. - keycha1n

7 Loneliness

Its difficult not to feel alone every now and again... - keycha1n

8 Hopelessness

I have strong drive in my life, so this is controllable for me, but I imagine it must really stink. - keycha1n

9 Grief

It happens, but it's such an awful feeling... - keycha1n

10 Anxiety

I have acute anxiety disorder and it is just horrible, but I'm taking medication and seeing a therapist so it's getting better... - Co0lk1d25

For many people (including myself), this is nearly impossible to control due to a mental disorder. - PetSounds

Unfourtanetly this gets me a lot... - ToptenPizza

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