Worst Feelings In the World

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21 Loss
22 Failure

Knowing that if you could've done more, things would be different

damn right

23 Uncertainty
24 Love

It may make you feel good, but the person you love may not love you. I can personally tell you that. I've always hated love. Love drove me into depression before. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I don't want to live any more! I said this on one of the other ones but my friend told me this when she liked the same person as me: Nah you can be 'n's girlfriend. I get to be with 'b'

25 Un-Happiness

When you feel happy for some one but not yourself

Awww nah unhappiness can't possibly be on the top 10 worst feelings

26 Joy

Because joy is BAD!

27 Addiction

You will lose everything and everyone you have in life, get depressed and live a suicidal bitter life.

28 Toothache
29 Disappointing Others

When you fail at something vital, and someone like your parents tell you that you have disappointed them

30 Betrayal
31 Being Ignored

Being ignored by the only person you want to talk to makes you feel lonely, emtpy, and invisible. Makes you feel not good enough. Some say being hated is better cause at least they treat you like you exist.

32 Obsession

A soul - destroying emotion, It's like a mental torture. - Ananya

33 Dysphoria
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