Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rapper / pop music artist. Nicki is most known for songs like "Anaconda", "Only", "Truffle Butter", "Super Bass" and "Stupid Hoe" . Her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She was born on December 8, 1982 in Saint James Trinidad and Tobago. more.


STOP HATING ON NICKI MINAJ! Just because of anaconda and the other horrible song doesn't make nicki minaj horrible. She has some catchy fun songs and makes us think happy instead of sad. Some of her lyrics make no sense but you will get them. Listen to her good songs like save me and grand piano. She has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. Save me and grand piano are her only sad songs while the rest are fun. Why can't taylor swift and Nicki minaj switch places. Nicki minaj at least has talent, but she just needs to change her attitude a little and let her have fun. Stop making fun of her. Taylor Swift is mean and talentless and boring and everyone thinks she is the queen of everything. Taylor Swift writes mean songs about other people who didn't do anything to her, even katy perry. Katy only wanted her dancers back, not steal them and taylor makes it a big deal and writes a mean song about her and becomes a hit. Wow, what a talent is that. No way. Nicki at least makes ...more

Please, She uses Autotune and it's more obvious than Justin Bieber. - MrQuaz680

Where do I even start with this hoe. In music you incredible music (masterpieces), amazing music, very good music, good music, decent music, bad music, horrific music then you've got Niki Minaj she is so bad she has her own section. Her voice is the most brain killing and irritating female voice I have ever heard worse then Rebecca black, Her lyrics are so poorly written I mean all the other mainstream rapper's like soulja boy and Lil Wayne are bad enough but her lyrics are the worst lyrics ever written in music. Topping it off with her ugly porn star image. Niki minaj is the queen of bad music

Dear Lord! This woman has no self respect does she? Constantly getting high on drugs, casually sleeping around, and all those alter egos...and THIS is what a good role model is? Puhleez. Her anaconda song was ridiculously inappropriate and immoral. Her stupid hoe song was even worse. Her beam me up Scotty song was racist. I only like 2 songs by this woman- super bass and starships because they're catchy, but...good grief! This woman just doesn't know when to stop swearing does she? Her fans even DEFENDED stupid hoe and anaconda. Like what? Her videos are awful and inappropriate...she's a stripper not a rapper/singer. Her voice is auto tuned and even THEN it sounds bad, she's 1/2-naked and ready to have sex in all of her videos, she's constantly making weird faces, and then she has WAAY too many alter egos.
GREAT role model (not! )

Nicki Minaj if you had any decency, please take your anaconda and hop in your starship and leave.

She is a pretty woman if she wipes all of the marker off of her face. However, I do wonder how her father feels knowing that his little girl is running around half naked on television... My daddy would cut my behind.

There is a reason why I don't listen to her music. She and her music are absolutely disturbing. In all her music videos, she is dressed in a promiscuous way. She has no problem with being looked at the wrong way and would actually like to be labelled as a sex idol. Her lyrics sound like they were written by a three-year-old who finished watching The Simpsons. She also "laughs" in Anaconda, which is one of the freakiest things I've heard. I could see her in a cage at the zoo. Oh, and Nicki? Your butt and boobs are fake. Everyone knows it.

Oh god she is AWFUL. Her music if that's what she even calls it is utter and complete garbage. She is degrading and the worst artists I've ever heard of. And she is only famous because of her fake body yet she praises it so much. She constantly drowns herself in auto tune and many of her songs give me a headache. May I remind everyone she wrote the most atrocious, most annoying repulsive song called stupid hoe? - PeyPeylist

Remind me of 12 year olds on a playground at a distance. All you hear is babbling. She is the only person I know on the planet who could rhyme with orange. Because she can barely speak the English language. This is what happens when you quit school in the third grade. But that's okay, because most of her supporters also quit school in the third grade. Welcome to the dumbing down of our nation.

I wish one of her songs would have feelings, piano, or just SOMETHING! She only has one song that I know of. I forgot what it was called but it was pretty and emotional! She played the piano. Shockingly, her high notes were beautiful! She had black hair. No CRAZY NEON colors. Not talking about butts. No crazy music. Just beauty! But I hate her and I think she deserves to be on this list. But people like Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston, and Adele, shouldn't be on this list.

Yeah she definitely looks insane and why would a woman that is actually good looking always make such horrible faces? I guess it's because she was hearing her own voice and this face represents what it sounded like to her. Lmfao! But she could do some things to make herself look way better and there definitely is a such thing as too much booty. I'm sorry but her booty is not attractive and when you factor in all those stupid faces she always makes?

Nicki minaj... Ugh she is horrible, too horrible. Her lyrics are bad she got nothing to say in her songs just plain bad lyrics and she is 10000% UGLY! She can't sing. If I was her, my dad will kill me, seriously, for rapping profane lyrics. Who needs nicki minaj?

Are you serious! Nick minaj is not a bad singer. She isn't even a singer she's a rapper so I don't even know why she is on this list. Sure she raps about sex and whatnot but who cares, she deserves a big one up for embracing her sexuality. Who are you to judge? If you don't like her taste in music don't listen to it. I hate when I see people bashing her on how she can't rap, sing, and dresses in a provocative manner. That's just who she is and she isn't afraid to show it. In my opinion she can rap, and sing to a certain extent like in her slower songs like grand piano and I lied

Id honestly rather listen to that one direction band (i HATE them) nicki is just horrible. Why is she even famous? I feel sorry for her family. Her parents probably regret te day they decided to have her. I would have disowned her by now. She doesn't even have talent. - metalheadforever

Nicki is so bad that I had to get a brain transplant because the part that could tell good songs from crappy songs could not handle the amount of crap that was flowing into my ears. Does anyone else think that Courtney love deserves to be on this list?

They are all terrible singers. They are the very death of music. But they don't care, because they're to busy rolling in their millions for doing what exactly?... Selling out their personal life's. They're just socialites disguised as musicals.

Just take my word for it, she is the worst female singer in the world, please trust me, I would not want you to subject your self to the horror that is Nicki Minaj attempting to sing.

She used to be an okay singer with beautiful more meaningful music combined with hip hop, now she is like every mainstream rapper who makes awful music, especially anaconda. She got terrible ever since 2012, but she used to be good. If she just continued doing her good style and

I can't believe nicki is here but people say nothing about actual white garbage like katy perry or iggy azalea. As long as women are complacent and conventionally pretty, it doesn't matter how bad of a person she is, right? Shame on you all, nicki deserves better

Worst singer ever! Horrible lyrics, horrible image, horrible videos... Does she not know that children actually listen to music. Now it's fine to have some swearing but the amount in her songs is horrific! And font even get me started on the videos! Deserves this place definitely.

Worst in the world!

Why madonna collaborated with her ill never know? I mean her compared to the QUEEN

She is nothing but a phase and soon she'll be over.

Only the 'community' like her... If you get me

She's more like a vocaloid character--Completely fake and creepy as hell. I don't have anything against vocaloid, but their characters look creepy and no human should look like them.

Except vocaloids like Hatsune Miku have more talent. And they are COMPUTERS.

She's spitting on Suzan B. Anthony's grave with her lyrics and all the crap she does! If I knew Nicki in person, guess who would have been brutally wounded or killed by now? Her. I am sick and tired of her bad influence on women. Girls, do yourself a favor, and listen to Night Wish. Night Wish is a band where the lead singer is female and a much better role model. Girls, let's make Suzan B. Anthony proud! - LostDream258

Continuing my comment I accidentally didn't finish and ended up with "and" sorry about that, though nicki could of been more successful and get less hate if she did more music like she did in 2010 and 2011 and not the gross songs she makes today.

What is wrong with her, like she can't even sing. She should've just got a job in a kitchen washing dishes. If she enters America's Got Talent, she'd be kicked out of the show by the judges.

Niki minaj is pretty bad but where the hell can't I see justin beiber on this list?

Still better than Taylor swift though... listen to I lied, grand piano, and crying game