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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


Well her fans mostly consist of young children. They she's the best singer of all time. Well, sorry but you can't make a statement like that if you have a limited exposure to music. What do children know about "All Time" they have not been around long enough to even have any say. They need to go back and listen to older music and female artists who have been around much longer doing their craft and you will find out there are 1000's better. Who can sing, play the guitar much better and have worked harder and longer. Don't disrespect artists who have earned it. You should be respectful and listen to artists like Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox and many though the history of music before you can make statements about she's the best of all time, best singer ever. When I was very young and got into music I had the respect to go back and listen to older artists and find out that in music history my favorites were not the best. And I was mature enough to take it! ...more

Look taylor swift is my favorite singer I may not be able to relate to her music but I enjoy it and just because she writes about the awful or good men in her life that does not mean she is a bad singer

If shes the best singer then I'm the king of England, don't kid yourselves or lie to yourselves because Taylor Swift is a joke

Wow, who told her she can sing? I swear, she is the most overrated person in history... And it's all because of one song, that made me hate her... Shake it off. If that song wasn't made, OR so overrated, it might not be a bad. Or take out the stupid line:haters gonna hate. That's what... Worser people say (the grammar Nazis are after me now._. ) Only low-life's say that.

Taylor swift is the most prettiest person in the world. She has ten bucket loads of talent and everyone that says she is fake and talentless are just mean and have no talent them selves. As she says people throw rocks at things that shine.

Taylor Swift deserves to be on this list. She writes mean songs about other people who didn't do anything to her and gets so much fame for it. She can't even sing. She has no talent. She thinks she is so perfect and the queen of everything. She should be number 1. I rather listen to Nicki minaj than taylor. At least nicki can sing.

I like singers who can actually sing live. If they can't do that then why should they sing. That should be the most important thing and a prerequisite. If they can't do that than they are not very true to the craft. I herd her sing live many times and it has been very bad every time. Just about anyone can have their vocals enhanced in the studio and that is not true really. All her fans need to widen their listening to older female singers to get a real taste for singing and what is true. There was no auto-tune. They need not be so narrow in their listening and they would find she is very mediocre as a singer.

Taylor is not a bad role model because she writes songs about her relationships. She can write about whatever the hell she wants. She IS a bad role model because she's a grown ass woman who can't accept the fact that not everyone loves her. I hate how she's always calling people who aren't her fans sexist - people are allowed to have and express their own opinions, positive or negative, so long as they're not bullying. She needs to grow up.

Vocally she's weak and her voice is very generic with no distinctive qualities. She can't sing more than one song live and tires easily. Even Selena is a better singer than her (more unique voice, more versatile in style) even though neither of them are above average vocalists and Taylor likely has the wider range.

And her song Mean is terrible and hypocritical. It's bad for someone to not like you, Taylor, but it's okay for you to call them pathetic and say they're never going to make anything of themselves?

Reply to the top comment:
1. Maybe she will make more money but a lot of people can make money without having talent.
2. There is hundreds of stars that haven't gone crazy.
3. 22, trouble and We are never getting back together don't have much meaning...
4. Being friendly doesn't make you a good singer.
5. Being pretty also doesn't make you a good singer

She's sings about her personal experiences so props to that but the product (song) winds up boring. Majority of her music sounds the same on her first three albums (except for Haunted). Red shows her progressing as a -an artist but not by much. She has 3 terrible albums and one decent one. Plus she has a weak vocal range.

Sings trash about Katy Perry, awful person, rich, "good girl", all her songs appeal to five year olds. She can't sing. Many female singers (Mariah Carey, Adele, etc) have talent. Does Taylor? NO. All her fans are obnoxious and annoying. She also over defends her work. She deleted a Shane Dawson parody for "copyright" despite having original lyrics. I landed right in the fanbases of Katy Perry and Shane Dawson and won't ever listen to Taylor. She wasn't a bad country singer but then started pop crap. STOP THIS GIRL AND HER AWFUL ATTITUDE And it gets really annoying that she wears red lipstick. EVERY DAY.

She sucks. Her songs sound very childish. Its baby music. She probably still wears diapers.

Hate her! She thinks she is so amazing and that she is way better than others. She stole Demi's BFF Selena, who I hate even more. She is selfish and OBSESSED with guys. Seriously taylor, find something else to play, something that doesn't have feelings. She is just the worst. I am sure that Demi has a better voice than her ANY day!

Everybody is blinded by the way Taylor treats fans, but she does it to people who pay for her. When she meets somebody else she treats them like if they were absolute zeros. Her songs are about her exes, but it's full of singers who sing to help people feel special (Firework-Katy Perry).

Taylor swift can not sing. What happened to actually having vocal capacity. 3 year old sing better than her

She looks like a skunk and she can't sing on stage for crap! She needs auto tune to sing and I know that a lot of singer do but that is why she can't sing on stage because she needs auto tune what a stupid little brat she needs to go I would listen to anything but her!

Worse than Worst. She has bad behavior like hating on other celebrity, she is ugly (even my friends are 99999999 times prettier than her. ) I wont her even if I getting paid from her, her songs sounds the same and terrible really terrible!

Terrible example for youngsters! People don't listen to real music anymore. Now it's all "Tay Tay" or whatever they call her. Her songs will drive you insane and I am a huge Katy Perry and Shane Dawson fan! Those two have both had history with Taylor Swift. She wears too much red lipstick and is part of the reason girls are so stereotyped. If you're a girl you have to like Taylor? I don't think so! Plus despite the fact that she Is not the most attractive, beauty doesn't buy talent. I miss old country, non-money-obsessed Taylor. PS Who thinks the Kanye-Taylor incident was staged other than me?

If you look at her live performances, she's just plain awful. She's average, through and through. She will try to go for the big belt on a high note (like Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride can rock) but will just miss the right pitch altogether, leaving you with this awful sharp or flat attempt at big vocals. Sorry, Taylor, but your stage presence and your ability to write half-decent songs at fifteen years old (which, I have to admit, is impressive) is what got you here, not your voice.

Why taylor Swift is great...
1. Will make more money than you will ever have
2. The only star out there that has not gone crazy yet.
3. Inspiring and has real meaning and messages behind her songs
4. Friendly
5. Prettier than you'll ever be.
6 better singer than you'll ever be!

1. You can't guarantee that; who knows? And plenty of others have more money than her.
2. What about Dee Snider, James Hetfield, Barack Obama, Lars Ulrich, Corey Taylor, and plenty of others?
4. What about Metallica, Twisted Sister, Queen, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, and thousands more?
5. That's quite offensive--And how would you even know? Besides that, beauty doesn't make talent. Hard work, effort, and determination does.
6. You may never know, many have raised to the top--who were once all just ordinary people. Look at Elvis Presley for example.

I believe that your argument is irrelevant and biased, and therefore denied. - LostDream258

Taylor Swift ugh! My messed up lil brother and sister listen to you everyday on the way to school. They sing along. It's so annoying. Taylor may seem nice. BUT guess WHAT SHE'S like NOT SHE STOLE Hallie Scott (Eminem's daughters boyfriend) Seriously? Taylor write something different. Your voice makes me wanna either kill myself or puke or kill myself and then puke YOU LOW LIFE.

She is great at lyrics but at singing I personally feel like she should have thought twice before taking up the guitar and striking the chords of Teardrops on my guitar still its OK...but God her voice is simple and just PLAIN with no uniqueness at all. Singing should be coming from heart and lemme make it clear Tay" Not everything in this world begins with the relationship between a girl and boy falling in love and then the guy hurting the girl and BOOM...THE GIRL ENDS UP WRITING BREAK-UP SONGS! Totally outrageous! There are so many other things in life, so many aspects to be inspired from like friends,family,relatives and yes above all YOURSELF." The way she pens down the lyrics its totally fine but wheres the change why only the guy is wrong...is that REALLY the case? Or the girl is at fault too, her songs create two separate blocs...BLOCK 1 HAS THE GOOD GIRL AND BLOC 2 HAS THE BAD GUY...And ultimately people sympathize and the girls broken(assumed)feelings win. Story finished! ...more

You want to talk fake! She should be number 1 on the worst singer list.

Her voice is definitely weak. Like her weak voice, most her songs make women look weak, fragile like they can never be better than men despite whatever she wants to claim. Her songs are catchy but they are also repetitive, especially when one trying to listen to her from album to album, which then, makes me even more aware of her poor range and weak voice. The biggest overrated star of this generation.

I can't stand her. She is a user and a poser, not to mention a compulsive liar as well. All she does is sing (or boast) about how many boyfriends she had, and she badmouths them for ditching her when it was actually her fault, yet she acts like Little Miss Innocent. It's sickening, and she acts really fake in the media as well. She is generally not a nice person and her music is abysmal. I wish more people would realise that she's nothing but a phony.

Really Ugly,small eyes,really bad and annoying voice,really annoying fans,ex-boyfriend... Revenge,dissed another celebrity,always blaming other people,CHILDISH and IMMATURE.