Worst Females in the Mario Series

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21 Pauline Pauline

Pauline is great & has always been supposed to replace Princess Peach & thus she'd have a great arch-rivalry with Knuckles the Echidna & Vector the Crocodile. Anyway, Pauline is the nice one, NOT Princess Peach!

You may not agree with me but I hate Pauline like it or not she really annoys me

Well, I don't mind about her (after all she was the "Lady" from Donkey Kong). - AmtrakHan6993

Peach: I'm locked in a cage/room with unique Bowser minions... but I most of the time can get Mario items/information. Please get here soon...
Daisy: I'm stuck in... a whole f-ING planet in a I don't know... GET HERE NOW!
Pauline: halp me! I'm by a latter on a stand but I can't even try to excape or do anything!

Paulina, the dumbest, most useless broad.

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22 Goombella

I hate Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, but Goombella should appear in many video games.

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