Peach Toadstool


"Annoying as heck. Weak, pathetic, can't fend for herself. Every game it's the same thing. Oh no I've been captured by Bowser! Youd think after the 50 millionth time she'd get some better security. She makes Mario go through all this trouble to save her and all she gives him is a lousy kiss on the cheek. To annoying and useless for me"

Better security for one guy who doesn't know when to quit? Oh yes, makes sense, not. And that's on her parents not her. Because she's you know, just a PRINCESS.

She never makes Mario do anything. Mario chooses to save everybody by himself because he enjoys helping people. It has nothing to do with wanting anything from saving her.

And she's so useless, but I'd like to see you beat any game were you have to save her without the hints that she gives you, and she gives Mario items like 1up mushrooms to help him on his way WHILE SHE'S STILL IN Bowser'S HANDS, but she's useless? No.

"Peach doesn't need her own game super princess peachy because what's her ability, Mario's is fire throwing, luigi's is ice throwing, toad's is propelling, and rosalina's is sharing secrets in games, and peach's is crying and getting rage, she's weak. Perry also does everything for Peach and she doesn't even thank him. Also it was Pauline in Donkey Kong and the Mario movies."

I guess gliding doesn't count. Perry only helped her glide along, Peach was still able to attack on her own. And just because we don't see a 'thank you Parry scene' doesn't mean it didn't happen. That goes for a 'something more for Mario for always saving her (not saying sex)' as well.

I hate Peach so much! She can't even touch a bomb without screaming! I think this should be number one

She's ungracious yet she was focused on saving Tippi no matter what, befriended Mimi despite how mean Mimi was to her, invited Mario to go with her to Delfino, invites him over to have cake, gives info and items WHILE kidnapped to Mario, gave out tea to stop a fight, and went out to help and not sit around when she heard about her peoples problems in RPG.

She is weak yet while she's captured she's still able to get Mario items, fought Mimi herself, saved Mario with the help of Perry, was able to go with Mario to stop Bowser... No she's not that weak

In Mario and Luigi Dream Team ( and a lot of other Mario games) is it just me, or in the beginning she tried to get kidnapped on purpose? And she's always saying to everyone randomly " I'm fine, and thank you for thinking about me" in the middle of any sentence that's not about her

I just can't tolerate Peach in any Mario game. She is annoying and just daydreams until someone kidnaps her. Can a princess seriously be that dumb? She is also a weak and ungracious character. I guess I don't need to explain anymore. - ORIGAMIMASTER1414

Lest we forget, she is infantile, with a Veruca Salt, Kootie Pie Koopa & even a Princess Morbucks personality, only she is much worse & yells "IT'S NOT ENOUGH! I WANT MORE! " Get grounded already, you bossy & crabby monster who should like to rescue people! Princess Peach didn't like her own game called Super Princess Peach! She annoyingly & even temperamentally dislikes anyone (especially Sonic) forgetting her date! Now imagine if Peach used her Piko Piko Hammer on people in Archie Comics. Here's how Princess Peach's personality is similar to Amy Rose's in Sonic X - they both get very pissy & force people to see them. Princess Peach might threaten to hurt Princess Peach if Mario or Sonic forgets her date. She is very brutal & aggressive.

She is aggressive & has antisocial personality disorder.

Princess Peach got weird since Mario Party 4 where she changed dresses.

I want to yell at Nintendo for even making this good for nothing.

Yay she the worst Mario character!

Peach is Mario's stalker. Like Amy Rose, she forces

I can't stand Peach, I prefer Rosalina and Pauline. Peach and Daisy are both annoying.

Yes why does she even appeaar in mario gmaes she just is a dumbly stupid witted princess in pink with ears

Mario goes through 8 worlds tons of goombas beats bowser and how dose she reward him? A kiss a frikin kiss

I don't know why she is hated on so much she is just the typical lady in distress like in any other franchise - YOSHIA2121

Why does everyone hate her? I prefer her rosalina and toadette to pauline and daisy

I strongly disagree with this, like, come on! Be sensible

Peach is friendly, and kind, and she has been iseful, such as befriending Mimi, and stopping a fight with some tea, and no one even tried! This is why Peach is far better than rosalina, Daisy, and Pauline

"She is aggressive & has antisocial personality disorder."
Uh how? How the h e l l is she aggressive? Cause she does all she can for her friends? She's in a lot of Sports, Karts, and party games and is friends with all the princess she's not anti-social =/

"Peach is Mario's stalker. Like Amy Rose, she forces"
Uh no. Mario is the one going to 8 castles/worlds to get her she can't force him to do anything as she is held captive.

"Yay she the worst Mario character! "
No that is redspots Toad Peach is fine expsally for a Mario character

"I hate Peach so much! She can't even touch a bomb without screaming! I think this should be number one"
What are you smoking when has she done that? She's gone out to help and save Mario so I think she's fine.

"Mario goes through 8 worlds tons of goombas beats Bowser and how dose she reward him? A kiss a frikin kiss"

We don't see what all happens afterwords how do we not know Peach doesn't make a feast every ...more

She's forced to be in every Mario game. Stop saying positive things about peach. She's never a positive character in every aspect - wariolady

Okay, I also hate Peach Toadstool but what if she wasn't in the game? Dreep, DAN DAN DANANANANANANANANA goes the Mario Series. - AmtrakHan6993

She is the Amy Rose of Nintendo. She should be much more specially capable like in the Mario Sports games. >:(

Peach is kind as she always thinks of others first, saved and befriended Mimi despite how rude Mimi was to her, and stopped a fight with tea. She's useful like with her glide ability in 3DW and SPP and her healing ability in SMRPG, and gives Mario hints, 1ups, and other items WHILE KIDNAPPED. Brave as she went with Mario to save the world in some PM games, SMRPG, and SPP.

When has any of the other females did what she did? The answer is never. She is one of the best (the best is Rosalina of course) not the worst. So you can stop with all the bullcrap now haters.