Inuyasha & Kagome (Inuyasha)


I rather like Inuyasha and Kikyo mostly all because Kikyo is Inuyasha's first love interest. Everybody's on Kagome's side every time and every other time those two bicker like this/that. Love hate relationships are insufferable.

Come on, there are any other cuter kinds of relationships than love hate relationships, right? Please tell me love hate relationships aren't the only known kinds of relationships.

Love hate relationships are especially one of the most all time worst kinds of relationships ever so far mostly.

They remind me a lot of not only just Ranma and Akane but also all the other love hate relationship couples too.

I'm sick of love hate relationships overshadowing any other kinds of better relationships.

Kagome was always whinny and upset when it came to Inuyasha and always complained about him. - Mariosprincessesfan

They also behave more like siblings (brother and sister) too just like Ranma and Akane do.

They're also just like Ron and Hermione too, aren't they?

What's this? Another obnoxious, insufferable love hate relationship?

Their constant bickering really made me dislike this couple too.

They're even a rip off of Belle and the Beast, aren't they? Yup.

Great! Another hot and cold relationship?

Typical big-name Rumiko Takahashi couples (Ranma and Akane, Inuyasha and Kagome) - Again, no chemistry. Watching them is like banging your head against the wall.

That way. I would've been able to see how are Kikyo and Inuyasha similar to each other and different from each other back then before in the first place.

I also wish Inuyasha's whole entire childhood backstory was fully revealed and shown back then before in the first place too.

Rin'ne and Sakura are more mature than them alongside Ranma and Akane too, aren't they? Yup. I'll never ever even understand why neither Ranma nor Akane nor Inuyasha nor Kagome can be more like Rin'ne and Sakura at all, will I? No I won't.

I think they're a cute couple. They're much better than InuYasha & Kikyo. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Are you blind? Naraku's the reason Inuyasha and Kikyo broke up. Neither Inuyasha nor Kikyo did nothing nor nothing else to deserve it/this/that all, did they? No.

I wish Kikyo's whole entire childhood backstory was fully revealed and shown back then before in the first place.

InuyashaxKagome - Inuyasha - Just like RanmaxAkane this one's built upon childish bickering. Are you sensing a theme with Takahashi and all her half assed 'main' pairings. They're all built upon childish bickering, and no, none of them argue like an 'old married couple,' no. They quarrel like Bart and Lisa, a pair of annoying siblings.