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41 Plankton & Karen (Spongebob SquarePants)

It is weird that a living creature married a robot with a female voice. And the sea creatures in the cartoon say squidward is a pathetic loser look at this loser here (plankton).

42 Alphys & The Amalgamates (Undertale)

May or may not actually be canon, but it's pretty much heavily implied enough to where that doesn't really matter. - xandermartin98

43 Louise & Saito (The Familiar of Zero)

No offense to Noboru Yamaguchi but I don't like this main couple together with each other at all mostly because of the abusive love hate relationship between those two. This couple is too abusive. This couple reminds me a lot of not only just Asuka and Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Haruhi and Kyon, Ranma and Akane (Ranma 1/2), Toph and Aang (Avatar The Last Airbender) and Sam and Freddie (iCarly) but also all the other love hate relationship couples too.

What's this? Another obnoxious, insufferable love hate relationship? No offense to author of manga The Familiar of Zero hopefully but I'm still sick of love hate relationships.

No offense to you, Noboru Yamaguchi but Saito never ever even deserves to be enslaved nor abused nor mistreated nor victimized nor tyrannized by that tyrannical, bratty Louise at all, does he? No he doesn't and he never ever even will at all.

Yeah, there's many girls better than Louise around. Hopefully still no offense to Noboru Yamaguchi.

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44 Anna and Kristoff (Frozen)

An unlikable rip off of Rapunzel and Eugene that is. Let's face it. Hans's betrayal is always unnecessary, unfair and nonsense. Hans was compared to one of his twelve big older brothers either by his parents or anybody else who also found one of his older brothers more preferable, more favorable than poor Hans. Poor Prince Hans spent a whole entire large potion of his whole entire life being ignored and abused at the hands of any of his twelve big older brothers. The constant belting, bullying and neglect from his whole entire family and peers eventually proved to be the breaking point for Hans and led to his villainous transformation over time.

I never saw them in a romantic way - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

It feels forced to me.

This so called couple's nothing but an insult to Disney romance, right?

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45 Amy & Kif (Futurama)

Yea. These two randomly got together. It's like the writers one day thought, 'hey, let's shove these two together just because! ' They had no development really & just started to randomly like each other. Made no sense.

46 Ross & Rachael (Friends) Ross & Rachael (Friends)

Of course, they are cute together and I do enjoy them as a couple. But the problem is, their relationship isn't all that.. Well.. Stable. - MontyPython

47 Ranma Sao-tome & Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2)

Everybody's on Akane's side every time and every other time these/those two bicker like this/that. It's not fair. This couple is just as insufferable as Inuyasha and Kagome alongside all the other love hate relationship couples.

If their marriage never ever even worked, then they would've been better off getting a permanent divorce before breaking, cutting and severing all the ties and all the other ties with each other.

Yeah, this is the couple I badly still want to break the most so far. Ranma would be better off without her.

I'm sick of them together throughout the whole entire series.

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48 Ash & Misty (Pokemon)

I also can't stand Ash and May either at all. I can't stand Ash and Dawn at all. I can't stand Ash and Iris. I couldn't stand Ash and Serena. I don't like nor can't stand the idea of Ash together with any other traveling heroines who also argued with him remind me a lot of Misty at all either.

I also can't stand Ash and May either at all. I can't stand Ash and Dawn at all. I can't stand Ash and Iris. I couldn't stand Ash and Serena. I don't like the idea of Ash together with any other heroines who also argued with him remind me a lot of Misty at all either.

Seriously, there are a lot, way, far, too much many love hate relationships, aren't they? Yup.

I'm glad Ash and Misty aren't together anymore. Misty's a bitch anyway. I'm also glad Ash and May aren't together anymore either. I'm glad Ash and Dawn aren't together anymore. I'm glad Ash and Iris aren't together anymore.

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49 Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru
50 Ladybug and Chat Noir (Miraculous)
51 Danny Phantom & Sam Manson (Danny Phantom)
52 Adrien Agreste & Chloe Bourgeois (Miraculous Ladybug)

This isn't canon actually

53 Anakin & Padme (Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones)
54 PaRappa & Sunny (PaRappa the Rapper)
55 Lila Crane & Sam Loomis (Psycho)
56 Naruto & Hinata (Naruto) Naruto & Hinata (Naruto)

This is a good pairing. - Tia-Harribel

Who put this here? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It feels very forced how the anime try to push it and what they are accomplishing is that people hold animosity towards it instead of liking it.

He suffers but I won't help him + I don't know him but I'm obsessed with him + I don't care about my teammates + 2 suicide attempts + death of good character + love to Hinata is like love to food = NaruHina. Absolutely deserves to be in list of worst anime couples.

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57 Kirito & Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Their relationship is totally unrealistic.

Get outta here. They're an awesome and adorable couple. If you want a bad couple, you're looking at Twilight. Let's get this to the bottom of the list ASAP. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

How is this here? Like 80% of SAO was spent on Kirituna. Can anyone tell me how this makes no sense (because to me, it makes a lot of sense). - TwilightKitsune

I hate Anime America more than ever now. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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58 Twilight Sparkle & Flash Sentry (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic) Twilight Sparkle & Flash Sentry (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)

The only reason why I hate this pairing is because of just how much it based its self onto looks like our main character who was just your ordinary person becomes a Princess and thus suddenly needs a love interest but not just any love interest a guy who's pretty much perfect in every way who happens to fall in love at first site.

Still better than shipping poor Twilight with Thomas the Tank Engine. That's for sure!

59 Emily & Maya (Pretty Little Liars)
60 Sango & Miroku (Inuyasha)

The reason why this couple was put on this list mostly all because Miroku constantly flirts with all the other village women in front of Sango. He even rubbed Sango's behind. He accidentally disrespect Sango's personal privacy. The reason why this canon couple was only just more likable than ever because of the identical twin girls.

Miroku may be less of a jerk but Sango deserves someone better than that.

Only because Miroku's lecherous and perverted.

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