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61 Ace & Mira (Bakugan)

It's hard to see them as the other cutest couple ever all because of their constant fighting. This couple's worse than not only just Dan and Runo but Ash and Misty too.

Double date between Dan and Runo and Ace and Mira can be one of the most all time worst nightmares ever so far.

They not only just remind me a lot of Dan and Runo but they also remind me a lot of Ash and Misty too.

Another love hate relationship?

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62 Usui & Misaki (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama) Usui & Misaki (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama)

Seriously, there are a lot, way, far, too much many love hate relationships, aren't they? Yup.

Love hate relationships are less interesting, aren't they?

This couple reminds me a lot of all the other love hate relationship couples.

It's always all about love hate relationships, isn't it? Yup.

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63 Lily & James (Harry Potter)

It never made any sense to me. First, Lily's like, James your a douche-bag, and then the next, she ends up marrying him straight out of Hogwarts. - RisingMoon

This couple's the reason Harry was already born at last though.

64 Genma & Nodoka (Ranma 1/2)

Man, thanks for putting this one on this list. Genma never ever even deserves to be Ranma's father nor Nodoka's husband at all anyway.

65 Chrom & Sumia (Fire Emblem Awakening)

Granted this is actually only one of five potential canon pairings involving Chrom since who he marries is determined by which of the bachelorettes fights alongside him most in the game as dictated by the player, but the intro only shows this possible outcome so it counts. As for why it's bad, during the game itself it comes off as very forced and Sumina's clumsiness is not endearing, in fact one of her other potential husbands if Chrom marries someone else ridicules her mercilessly for it.

66 Sam and Freddie (iCarly)
67 Jade and Beck (Victorious)
68 Jimmy and Cindy

This couple not only reminds me a lot of Simon and Jeanette because they're the smartest couples ever so far but the reason this couple can be very rather hard to like mostly all because Jimmy and Cindy also remind me a lot of Alvin and Brittany too mostly all because they love hate relationships so Jimmy and Cindy are a mix between Alvin and Brittany and Simon and Jeanette too. The reason why the live action version of Brittany's better and more preferable than the animated/cartoon version of Brittany is because the live action version of Brittany is a lot friendlier, nicer and more polite, making a lot easier for the others to approach her and has better control over her temper than Alvin and than the animated/cartoon version of Brittany herself do.

The reason I don't like this smartest couple at all mostly because of the love hate relationship between those two smartest kids in school.

I can't stand love hate relationships at all either.

Great. Another love hate relationship.

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69 Alvin and Brittany

They're the leaders of their respective groups, very competitive, most outspoken, can be very extremely stubborn, pretty arrogant, selfish and conceited but will come through for their siblings, Simon, Jeanette, Theodore and Eleanor in the end, enjoy extracurricular activities: Alvin commonly likes football and basketball while Brittany's into cheerleading, commonly the cause of many adventures/mishaps, enjoy the spotlight/the center of attention, unwise to make decisions, oldest siblings of their siblings.

The reason I don't easily like this couple at all mostly because of the constant hatred between these/those two. I don't even like how mean they are to their own younger siblings at all and none of their younger siblings did anything nor nothing nor anything else nor nothing else at all to deserve it/this/that at all, did they? No they didn't.

They're the love hate relationship couple that often runs a gag throughout the cartoon series. They're constantly picking on each other, yelling at each other, betting with each other and trying to prove the other wrong, sometimes leading to great misunderstandings and adventures.

This couple overshadow the other better couples, their younger siblings, Simon and Jeanette and Theodore and Eleanor, don't they? Yup.

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70 Shadow and Mylene (Bakugan)
71 Vash and Meryl (Trigun)
72 Lina and Gourry (Slayers)
73 Logan and Quinn (Zoey 101)
74 Josh and Mindy (Drake and Josh)
75 Mickey & Minnie (Disney)

At least they're married. Trust me, Mickey should never dump Minnie for Rouge the Bat or someone. Just, no.

76 Bugs & Lola (Looney Toons)
77 Jason & Piper (Heroes of Olympus)
78 Jay and Daisy (The Great Gatsby)
79 Stitch and Angel (Lilo & Stitch) Stitch and Angel (Lilo & Stitch)

Sure, let's have one of the 625 other experiments be a pink Stitch so he can have a love interest!

80 Mulan and Li Shang (Mulan)
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