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81 Mabel and Dipper (Gravity Falls)
82 Karin X Kazune (Kamichama Karin)

I used to ship them when I was younger, but looking at it now, their relationship wasn't at all healthy. I honestly cannot call it a "perfect" relationship because one point kazune would be nice to karin, then on the next day he became so nasty to her. How is that a healthy romantic relationship? If I was Karin, I would stay far away from that sexist jerk - wariolady

83 Ladybug and Chat Noir (Miraculous)

Get out of here! Both Ladybug & Chat Noir have good yet realistic relationship. The main reason why they are likable is because both them compete each other to fight a villain. That's my favorite type of couple, not because their looks! Looks aren't everything! If you guys want to saw a worst Miraculous shipping, look at Adrien and Lila (i hate this shipping) - ChatNoirFan18

84 Lily & James (Harry Potter)

It never made any sense to me. First, Lily's like, James your a douche-bag, and then the next, she ends up marrying him straight out of Hogwarts. - RisingMoon

This couple's the reason Harry was already born at last though.

85 Mickey & Minnie (Disney)

At least they're married. Trust me, Mickey should never dump Minnie for Rouge the Bat or someone. Just, no.

86 Donald & Daisy (Disney)
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