Top 10 Worst Fifth Harmony Songs


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1 Work from Home

Ripoff chorus, theme is sex like every pop song ever made, a weird dog whimper by the 2nd verse. Who thought it was a good idea to make THIS a hit? - Hotheart123

The only songs I like from this Destiny's Child wannabe are Sledgehammer and All in My Head (Flex).

Beat in chorus is kinda catchy but lyrics and background terrible

It's not - 1507563

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2 Worth It
3 Not that Kinda Girl

They turned a song with a great premise into a cringeworthy song that sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

4 Bo$$
5 Me and My Girls

Most annoying pop song ever. I can't believe I used to like this...:/

6 This is How We Roll
7 He Like That
8 Top Down
9 Down
10 That's My Girl

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11 Brave Honest Beautiful
12 Them Girls Be Like
13 The Life
14 Better Together
15 Miss Movin On

I actually love this song.

This song is so good

16 Sledgehammer

This is their only good song...

I actually like this song.

17 Going Nowhere
18 Leave My Heart Out of This
19 1000 Hands
20 Eres Tu

This is annoying - 1507563

21 All in My Head
22 I Lied
23 Anything Could Happen
24 We Know
25 Like Mariah
26 I'm in Love with a Monster
27 Angel
28 Write on Me
29 Write on Me

i hate it

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