TheEvilNuggetCrackDown: "Work From Home" - Fifth Harmony

So I was just minding my own business one day looking at YouTube videos when this happened. I was watching the new music videos because I always like to be caught up on what's popular and then I saw your song from girl group Fifth Harmony. This song was entitled work from home, I didn't know what it had in store for me. Then I watched it. And it was rather... Interesting. First of all let's address the elephant in the room, everybody hates this song, I have yet to meet a person who likes this song, it's probably the most trashed song of the year only behind "Sweatshirt" by Jacob Sartorius.

Now I'm going to be blunt here: I don't hate this song as much as everybody else, in fact I don't hate it at all. But on the other hand I definitely do not like it, first of all let's talk about the cons of this song:

Okay so this beat is weird, it's really twinkly and sparkly and it honestly sounds kind of awkward. It's really not a full or finished beat so it just kind of sounds drifted from the vocals Kama like it sounds like the vocals and the Beat weren't even recorded together, it just sounds like the group sang the song and then the beat was made afterwards, they weren't singing to the beat. I mean, how would you even sing or keep track to this beat? It's really repetitive, it just stays the same the entire time, there are really no cues, it's weak and nearly nonexistent, and it's really not hard hitting, there's nothing that's really interesting about it. But of of course, you may have interpreted this already, but I am more of a lyric person. I am a lot more lenient towards a song if it has a bad beat rather than bad lyrics, especially when it comes to pop music because pop music really isn't about the beat as much as it is about the artist or the singer.

So, let's address another elephant in the room. This song is about getting banged. It's literally about the members of the group wanting to get their boyfriends fired so they can go home and have sex with them. While this is kind of hot, it is very irresponsible and kind of stupid. The lyrics are another con to this song because of how the lyrics or another con to this song because of how stupid they are and at some points, gross. The course is basically just the word work said over and over again, much like another song that has been pointed out with similarities already so I don't really need to talk about it. But the real disturbing lyrics are some of the ones in the verses.

"I'm sending pic after picture,
Imma get you fired."

So at this point it's kind of obvious that she doesn't just want her boyfriend to come home to have sex with her. She wants her boyfriend to get fired from his job so they can have sex all the time. I would ask how they would make money then, but this is Fifth Harmony, they're rich as hell. That's another problem with these lyrics, they can only be relatable to people who already have enough money, a normal girl with a boyfriend who also makes minimum wage like her and they're barely paying their bills can't exactly do this.

"I'll make it feel a vacay,
Turn the bed into an ocean"

Okay that's just gross. So apparently this woman is climaxing so much that the bed is going to feel like... An ocean? That is really disgusting. Fellas, you should make your girls satisfied too, but they shouldn't be squirting THAT MUCH. Jesus, has this woman never been screwed before? That could be the only explanation for oozing so much vaginal juice out that the bed feels like an ocean.

And I just now realized that there are 4 year old girls that probably listen to Fifth Harmony. Thats disturbing.

Now, let's talk about the pros:

The vocals are actually pretty decent. Yes, they may be processed to the point beyond oblivion, but they sound alright, while "Work" by Rihanna may have better lyrics and a better be at, the vocals are definitely way better. Also, am I the only person that doesn't mind Camilla's vocals? Yes, they are pretty nasally, but they don't sound terrible, it's still better than Ice JJ Fish.

Now, while this song had bad execution on most parts, I actually do like the idea behind it, a lot of people can relate to waiting for their significant others to get home. Not always specifically just to pound, but to hang out with. While the message did get drowned in a lot of bad sense and awkward lyrics, I do like this premise.

And of course the largest pro is: this song is insanely catchy and I love listening to it, while everything is wrong with it and it's a bad song, it is so catchy that I actually do listen to it on my own will a lot. Really, I don't dislike this song, in a way I actually like it, it's catchy, it's fun, it's got a decent premise, and finally, it's upbeat. Most pop songs that have come out this year are for the most part dark, pathetic, gruelling disasters of people trying to be emo and cool or what the hell ever. It's nice to occasionally have something come out that doesn't make me want to bang my head against the wall and fall asleep. Also, I'm gonna be honest here, despite the the "ocean" lyric, this song is pretty hot.

Overall, I'll give "Work From Home" a 2.5/5. In my opinion, it's far better than "Worth It".


The chorus to this song is the most innovative thing in the entire universe.

sarcasm lol - djpenquin999

Okay, can I be blunt for a second? I didn't like this review. Mainly because, I actually fully despise this song, and up until their actually pretty great collab with Fetty Wap dropped, wanted to strangle all these girls with my bare hands because of this.

Pro: The bass is okay. THAT'S IT.

If you combine the lyrics which hate both good taste and modern gender norms, with the chorus that blatantly steals from Work by Rihanna (yes this was written before, but they couldn't just scrap it? ), the twinkly melody stolen from Gotta Get Thru This without giving credit, the awkward gasping noises, the fact that is this more creepy than catchy, the fact that this was mostly written by guys, the shrill piercing vocals from Camila, the awkwardness of Ty Dolla $ign, and the nonpresence from everyone else, yeah, THIS IS THE WORST HIT SONG OF THIS YEAR THUS FAR.

Ok, vent over. - WonkeyDude98

Dude. It's just a song, cool down. - visitor

And also, if you want to critique Camilla's vocals... YOU LISTEN TO FETTY WAP. - visitor

I'm not saying it's a good song, it's just nice to have something not slow and depressing for once this year that isn't "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING", which is just trying to hard to not be. - visitor

...see, the difference between Camila and Fetty Wap is that Camila has no control over her voice, and is taking her abysmal set of lyrics seriously. Fetty Wap just sounds so happy to be alive, he's youthful, his voice is bouncy. Not to mention, Fetty's lyrics are more often than not cute and endearing. (Actually Fifth Harmony just released a song with Fetty Wap, and he made them all look like garbage)

I don't know what everyone sees, but it isn't fun for me. Something fun should have percussion to balance the melodies. Something fun should not have this sluggish twinkle of a melody. Something fun shouldn't have gasping noises in the beat. It's just creepy.

You gave it a 2.5/5, let's try a -1. - WonkeyDude98

Also, to quote SpectrumPulse, the main reason I hate it so much is that it hates good taste, modern gender norms, and YOU.

No, the real reason I hate it so much is that a song so completely awful (I am literally struggling breathing as I type this, that's how angry the song makes me) hit #4, doing just as well as I Took A Pill In Ibiza, and better than Record Year, Ride, Heathens (it's already slipping after one week...), The Sound Of Silence, and...well...that's all the good songs that have hit Billboard this year. - WonkeyDude98

Out of all the songs you just named, I Took a Pill In Ibiza is the only one I like better than Work From Home to be honest. I feel like this deserved to chart. It may not be a "good song" But it is, like I said, catchy and upbeat. I'm not saying it's a great song, hell, it could barely crack my top 10 Favorite hits of the year thus far, but I'm just saying, it's nice to hear something upbeat and catchy. Whatnot with Zayn's mopey and unsexy disaster, Justin Bieber singing decent but unaffecting elevator music, Meghan Trainor releasing the dark abomination "NO" and Lukas Graham's torturous self-pity party, I like to see something on the charts that isn't slow, dark, and boring. And also, I kind of like the twinkle and creepy gasping, it sure catches my attention and interest more than whatever the hell everybody else is doing in their boring emo schlock. At least these girls can capture my attention and give me something to dance to that isn't garbage Trap music.

Also, Fetty Wap doesn't sound happy to be alive, he sounds like Future if Future's voice never dropped. - visitor

You probably haven't listened to Record Year or Sound Of Silence, which is understandable, not really your fault. But what's wrong with Ride or Heathens? The former is an upbeat juxtaposition that gets reggae right while having a great set of lyrics, and the latter is a pitch-dark insanity that is one of my exceptions for soundtrack songs.

...see, what you're missing is that even by the standards of catchy pop garbage, Work From Home isn't even as good as Worth It, what with the DJ Mustard-esque beat that I wouldn't have too much of an issue with if it didn't plagiarise Daniel Bedingfield so hard. I usually think of a fun pop song as being upbeat, having an actual beat, and having a lot of energy. That's why I like Low, that's why I like Trap Queen, and...that's why I kinda hate Work From Home.

Fun fact: NO isn't even Meghan's worst song on Billboard right now.

As I've kept saying, Work From Home IS slow, dark, and boring, because of the aforementioned melody and gasping.

Fetty Wap is infinitely better than Future. Future absolutely drowns himself in autotune, sounds phoned in when he doesn't sound constipated, and is either a nonpresence or one of the most punchable singers ever. Fetty Wap uses autotune in controlled doses, actually sounds like he's having a good time, has beats that actually sound fun, has actually enjoyable quirks, and has lyrics that show affection and simply having a good time instead of having a dungeon of worthless women and getting infinitely drunk.

Done. - WonkeyDude98

There were much more than 4 good songs that have charted this year - ProPanda

There is nothing wrong with any of those songs, I just don't find them interesting
Sound of silence has great vocals but there's nothing that draws me back to it. Record Year is decent enough, if not a tad bland. Heathens is has strong lyricism, but there isn't much else interesting about it. And Ride is decent if you take out the chorus where he awkwardly illongates the word "Ride". But none of them are interesting to me or really catch my attention. Work From Home does that. In a time where the charts are filled with somber snoozefests, it's good to have a song featuring a catchy chorus and singers that actually sound like they want to be there. Sorry I offended you and made you struggle to breathe because I semi-defended a pop song you don't like. - visitor

It wasn't you that blocked my lungs, it's the song. That's how angry it makes me.

All the singers, besides Camila's awkward screeching, sound phoned in and bored, especially Ty Dolla $ign. The chorus was more catchy in WORK FFS. know, I give up. I can't change whether someone thinks something is catchy or not, even if I think it isn't. Sorry if I got angry, it's just that everything about this song makes me hate life. You didn't offend me.

Done. - WonkeyDude98

ProPanda: A lot of them stayed on the charts for about a week. Those four are the only ones with longevity.

Oh yeah, and I forgot Never Forget You. I could say Hands To Myself, Love Yourself, and PILLOWTALK, but calling those good is, at best, ambiguous. - WonkeyDude98

Don't Let Me Down, Faded, Antidote, In The Night, Hymn FOr The Weekned, Confession, You SHould Be Here, Confident, Irresistible, CLose, Heathens, Sucker For Pain, You Don't Own Me, I hate you I love you, here and wild things, all stayed for more than one week (except sucker for pain which just debuted) - ProPanda know...fair.

But I already said Heathens. - WonkeyDude98

But Fetty Wap is great though...WFH is more of a zero-star song. - AlphaQ

To be honest I agree with you. Except your rating is 2.5 higher than mine.
Still it is catchy and the beat was actually okay, but just the lyrics were so bad... - ProPanda

Yeah, the beat isn't the worst and it's catchy. But yeah, that ocean lyric... - visitor

I really hate this song. A lot. - cosmo

Speaking as someone who's recently gone through the arduous process of trying to find a job, I can confidently declare: THIS SONG BLOWS. It's like these girls are literally taunting me with how they're so rich and famous that they can just get their boyfriend fired to bang him. It makes me feel like I'm wasting my life, like I'm doing something wrong by trying to find a job, when the best way to make it is by just getting lucky in the entertainment industry. - visitor

Great review - Martinglez

Gracias - visitor

How is a song you gave a 2.5 your 2nd favorite song of the year - djpenquin999

Update: I give this song a 5/5. No further questions. - visitor

Who bases their opinions off of the terrible state of pop and rap NOW? - WonkeyDude98

This song is amazing and perfect, shut up, WonkeyDouche - visitor

Lol - WonkeyDude98

I can't think of a song that less encompasses perfection, in all seriousness. - WonkeyDude98

U don have taets n musik gooo listn 2 metallica or led zeppelin insted of dis bs - Swellow

I would actually say this comment with a straight face lol - WonkeyDude98

I don't have taets, whatever those are. - visitor

He meant tastes lol - ProPanda

Actually I love this song... u r right its catchy... and it has very bad lyrics - 0744rose

Actually I think this song is worse than Worth It.

Worth It: 1/5
Work From Home: 0/5 - AlphaQ