Worst Fifty Shades of Grey Characters

One of the controversial books in recent years has made millions of dollars and has two movies so far. The books are also known for their lack of knowledge about BDSM, bad writing and of course the terrible characters. I'm going to add in ten of the worst characters in the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. So I guess spoilers, since I will be talking about the characters in the books and films.

The Top Ten

Christian Grey

Out of all the characters I despise, Christian just has to be number one. We're supposed to find this man as charming and hot. But all I saw a controlling, manipulative man with self-control issues. He admits that he likes inflicting pain on women who look like his mother. So that's why he and Ana even get together. This man constantly bosses Ana around. Like when to eat, to not bite her lip, to not roll her eyes etc. Then he ends up hitting her. You can call it spanking but Ana begs for him not to hit her. How is that not hitting her? In the end, I wish he died in that helicopter crash or just didn't hook up with Ana. - RoseRedFlower

This guy is a complete douche bag! Any girl who wants him would only be after his money!

Every single character in this book is fudged up. - TwilightKitsune

I hate both the books and movies, they suck... - Swampert02

Anastasia Steele

Now for the main character. Seriously, why didn't Ana get a restraining order on him? He randomly shows up at her work place, follows her from Seattle to Georgia and unexpectedly shows up at her home. Yet she still loves him in the end? And yes keep in mind that Fifty Shades of Grey is a 'love story'. The author E.L. James admitted it too. Ana is supposed to be this perfect woman that every man is attracted too. Yet out of all the men in the world, she picks the one who tracks her cellphone and gets off on beating her because she looks like his mother. - RoseRedFlower

I find her just as bad as Bella Swan! She loves guy who clearly doesn't care about her! He wants sex from her! That's all! - HoneyClover

She has no backbone at all. - SoulEater8

She is a fudging dumba*** Mary-sue

Elena Lincoln

Elena Lincoln is the Mrs. Robinson of the book. She's a friend of Christian's adopted mother and made him her sub when he was underage. However of a disgusting person she is, she doesn't actually do much in the book. She acts like a catty woman, doesn't see what she did wrong and then Grey's family makes her leave. - RoseRedFlower

Jack Hyde

Jack is Ana's former boss who used to blackmail his female employees with videos of having rough sex with them. And he's the finale antagonist of the final book. Yeah, some creep who got fired in the last book is the final villain of the trilogy. He's not developed as an antagonist but is just there to try and make Christian look better by comparison. When in reality, they're both disgusting in their own ways. - RoseRedFlower

I can't believe he came back for the final book. He's such a lame excuse for a villain!

Leila Williams

She's the old sub that Christian used to have before she had a mental breakdown. Honestly, why is it that most of the character's in these books have the hots for the two main leads? However, she doesn't do much in the story either and tries to make Christian look good. Leila could have been written out of the book for all I cared. She stalks Ana and threatens her with a gun. But Christian comes in and has her committed. That's it. - RoseRedFlower

Carla May Wilks

This woman is so frustrating to read. Other than the fact that she married four men in her life, she never puts her daughter's own well-being over her fourth husbands.Her daughter is going to graduate for college for crying out loud but she can't make it because her fourth husband broke his leg. Uh, hello? Your only daughter is graduating from college and you can't just make the trip by yourself? - RoseRedFlower

Ella (Christian's Real Mother)

Apparently in the book, the pimps that Ella used to hook up with would beat Christian. That's right, not pimp, pimps with an s. She let multiple people hit her own son? Wow now I don't like her either. She always addicted to crack too. - RoseRedFlower

Mr. Lincoln

He's the ex husband of Elena Lincoln and bails Jack Hyde out of jail out of spite for Christian because of his affair with Ellen. Wow, that sure sounds interesting...but that's all we get from him. He just hates Christian and nothing else. Talk about a disappointing character. - RoseRedFlower

José Rodriguez

Ana's friend Jose is just a Jacob Black in this story. He's always insanely jealous of Ana spending time with Christian and wants to date her. That's about all his character really means. I got fed up with him whining during the first book about Christian and the 'rivalry' the two have over Ana is a complete joke. At least there was some tension between Edward and Jacob. Christian and Jose have nothing. - RoseRedFlower

Kate Kavanagh

This woman is also supposed to be perfect just like Ana apparently. A tall gorgeous confident blonde. But she's so bossy. It's like that annoying girl from high-school who always tried to tell someone what to do. And despite her not trusting Christian (for good reasons) she doesn't really try and help Ana out. If she did, maybe Ana wouldn't be in such a horrible relationship with him. - RoseRedFlower

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