Worst Fighting Games of All Time

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1 Shaq Fu

A website was created to persuade people to find copies if this game just to destroy them. If that's not evidence of how bad this game is then I don't know what is.

Shaquille O'Neal in a fighting game? Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

A fighting game with a basketball player?

I have no idea how they did it, but somehow they took the already stupid idea of this game and made it dumber. At best, this is just Street Fighter with a basketball player shoved into it. At worst, it’s utterly baffling with the choices they make in the story and character department, including giving the Rainbow of Doom a story in which it’s a sugar-coated graffiti who then dumped in the garbage (yes, seriously). I’m pretty sure the facial expressions in this are designed to be the most unsettling things ever. The characters are none of the charm or effort. There’s a stupid boss. There’s no logic to how the game’s world works. I’m pretty sure I’ve gone insane from how bad this game was.

2 Survival Arts

I hate this game is the worst game I've played and what I hate most about this game is Mongo.

3 Kasumi Ninja

I don’t think you could find something more dead on arrival than this. I know that several prominent gamers, including a few of my inspirations having taken a swing at this one and I really wouldn’t be adding much except beating a dead ninja (or Gyaku, as is the case) but it feels like it shouldn’t exist. The graphics are awful-looking, most of the special moves come out of nowhere and range from mediocre to horrendous, and most of the characters are either idiots or annoying. Look, even if you have the Jaguar, there are worse things you can show to it, but even if you win or lose, it’s at least something practical.

4 Tattoo Assassins

9235867834129 weird fatalities in one fighting game. Need we say more!

5 Time Killers
6 Rise of the Robots
7 Fight for Life

This game spend forever in development and was suppose to be the game that would save what was left of the Atari Jaguar instead it became the tired story of a bunch of idiots fighting hell.

8 Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown

There is a reason fighting games were never meant to work on the game boy, there's barley enough moves the graphics are horrible and there is only one song for the entire game.

9 Shadow: War of Succession
10 Kabuki Warriors

The Contenders

11 3D Ballz

Same people that made Bubsy.

This is one of the most boring games I’ve ever played. They’re trying to make puns during the battle. What do they have to say about it? It’s always the same and people who have no relevance to the story don’t get to share in the main character’s stories. Speaking of which, our leads shallow or a jealous jerk-off. Also, these people may be trapped in some strange time loop because... fighting. The AI is cheap, and a large shot of jokes are described while happening off screen. Also, the plot was done better in the director’s cut (a cheapquel)

12 Catfight
13 ClayFighter
14 Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

Stupidest Idea ever should go to hell >.<

15 ClayFighter 63 1/3
16 Fight Club
17 Pit-Fighter
18 Capcom Fighting Evolution
19 Way of the Warrior

Shaky Jake, Fox, High Abbot, This Characters are Horrible. and the Game, too

20 Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout

Wow...this game COULD have been awesome, but instead? It was lazily made, and never the less? It's hit detection is HORRIBLE, even to the point, where I'm actually GLAD that I didn't buy a copy of this game!

21 Strip Fighter 2
22 Samurai Shodown Sen
23 Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion

It's just a lame ripoff of the absolutely amazing Super Smash Bros Brawl.

Even the final boss is a bland rip-off

24 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
25 Sonic the Fighters
26 Ultraman: Towards the Future

I think I tried this game, before. It was just a shameful title, that didn't even TRY to be a good game.

27 Mortal Kombat 3
28 War Gods
29 The Simpsons Wrestling

A wrestling simulator, based on "The Simpsons"?!? Even if non-canon, and as a wrestling simulator LOADED with funny characters, this could have been AWESOME! But unfortunately, it's just shameful, of a badly made wrestling simulator. But at least it's better than "Adventure Time: Explore The Dungeon Because I Don't Know"!

30 Mortal Kombat X

The game isn't even out yet dumbass

Should Be nUMBER oNE it looks awful The Characters Looks Awful Its Will BE terrible If You pLAY ONE SECOND OF IT You will Through the game out the window

This is a dumb list. he put all the things that shouldn't be on the list is on it.

31 Street Fighter: The Movie
32 Street Fighter (Turbografx-16)

Well, seeing this was a mistake. I was curious to see how the whole Street Fighter franchise started, but man, did it not start off good. The voices are nearly mumble rap bad, which is really saying something if you know them. The major problem with this, the pacing, is absolutely horrendous. Everything goes by so fast that there is barely an attempt to develop the characters in any meaningful way. The exposition is spouted out as if the players are supposed to magically know everything about the game even if you’ve never played it before. Sagat may be tolerable, but even he can’t save this piece of crap. Oh, and the music is terrible.

Known as Fighting Street. This makes no sense.

33 Heavy Nova
34 SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
35 Combat of Giants Dinosaurs

Even worse than shaq fu

36 Street Fighter II

I’m referring to the MS-DOS version, the Tiger Handheld version, the Amiga version, and the Game Boy version.

37 Mobile Fighter G Gundam (The Obscure Java Game)

Bad controls but good character sprites

38 BloodStorm
39 Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction
40 Karate Champ
41 Super Smash Bros Brawl

It's frankly insulting how awful this game came to be

42 Slaughter Sport
43 Jump Force
44 Soul Calibur V
45 Mortal Kombat 11
46 Killer Instinct

Not really. I disagree.
I agree that it's hard but people dislike it just because they don't really know how to play it.
I performed Ultra Combo with Fulgore in Snes and Arcade, Ultra Combo and Both No Mercy moves with Jago in 2 and I performed Glacius' ultra combo in 2 too.
Now, I might sound like I am bragging but this game is about skill and it's also about getting better. Internet might help you get better at this game.
To be honest, I like Eyedol and Gargos

47 Mortal Kombat 4

This is the worst Mortal Kombat game ever created.

The GBC version sucks.

48 Mortal Kombat Armageddon

I played this game, before, and had a copy for the PS2. Honestly? It's the WORST game I've ever played, even BASED on the series. With a poorly made combo system that's TOO HARD to even memorize, and not so variable gameplay! Which is why it's best off as nothing more, than a collector's item!

49 Super Smash Bros.

What the heck is Smash Bros. doing here? It's one of the best game series with Nintendo Gaming All-Stars

50 Street Fighter IV

WHat IS THIS GAME DOING HERE one of the best of all time

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