Worst Film Industries


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1 Bollywood

Unrealistic, Stupid. Utter nonsense, The audience of Bollywood films are divided into two categories- Masses (Majority) and Classes (Minority). the young people from the intelligent middle class and rich are already watching more Hollywood movies than Bollywood. Bollywood is for India's Hindi belt, lower castes and Muslims. No. Really. That is the bottom line. Pierce Brosnon can seduce any woman on this planet, but Emraan Hashmi's movies are downmarket

Ursula Andress in bikini is elegant, while Mallika Shehrawat is cheap

Sylvester can take on Russia / Myanmar on his own, but Sunny Deol against Pakistan is totally nonsense

American Pie is really funny, Masti is pathetic

Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles are gift of god, while at the same time "Salman toh baar baar shirt utarta hai"

Eminem's "I m Back" songs lyrics are cool, while Honey Singh is a je*k

Mutants in Xmen are mindblowing, while mutants in Krish 3 is simply ...more - SarcasticFalcon

2 Kollywood
3 Nollywood
4 Dhallywood
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