Worst First Names for a Boy

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181 Lucy
182 Anel

I like Anel and so does my boyfriend, we take turns

His last name would be Sex. - KianaLexi

183 Humphrey V 3 Comments
184 Logan

It reminds me too much of "log in."

Stupidest name ever.

I hate the name Logan

But... this is my name...

V 1 Comment
185 Liam

Liam is my name and I'm highly offended that it is at 183 it should be at a million it's a nice name I like it I was going to be called Riley - Johncenaisthebest

Like Liam Hemsworth or Liam Payne from 1D. Not a bad name. Plus my 8th grade math teacher's son's name is Liam

How the hell is this a bad name, it's quite a nice name.

Super bad name

186 Philip

I have no clue why but it reminds me of a noodle dangling around.

Sounds weird - Organ

A name for an idiot

Love this name - FinnsWorld

187 Aquafresh

Wow, the child would be bullied and could go on a Aquafresh advertisement

Aqua fresh? Might as well name your kid toothpate and while you're at it find a toothbrush for your son

Really!? So tell me... is it awkward when your girl screams Colgate in bed!?

V 2 Comments
188 Chucky

His last name would be Cheese. - KianaLexi

Like the doll! YAY!

189 Drake

Drake is an awesome rapper if you've got a pet hyena then that's the perfect name in my opinion

190 Nikola

Urm I have no words..

191 Ulrich
192 Bronson V 1 Comment
193 Peter

Does naming your kid this just automatically make him Spiderman? I can get behind that.

That's my name, Peter is a slang word for penis

There is someone called that, poor bloke

It's a lovely name if you deny the reference to a dick

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194 Alexis

I'm pretty sure the parents thought she was girl first and they chose Alexis but it turned out to be a boy and they just stuck with it

I think this is a horrible name for a boy or girl you mother mommy

I know a guy named Alexis and the name isn't so bad for a boy...

That's one of my favourite GIRL'S names

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195 Ronald

And your last name was McDonald. - aarond09

Not a good name like the footballer from Brazil

Ronald doesn't play football. He plays soccer

This name is ugly

196 Nyall

Reminds me of that guy Niall from One Direction

Nyall is one of the best names I have ever heard of so screw the list!

197 Judy

This is a girl's name.

198 Chaz



199 Tad

Everyone in this town is a tad strange. Except, ironically, Tad Strange. -Soos, Gravity Falls.

Like what haha

200 Cedric

Cedric Diggory! I hate how this name on here. I love Harry Potter and everything from it and so how dare
You dis this name.

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