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201 Maria

In Germany men have it as their second name and in Italy it's a men name. Still sounds female to me.

Hey I take that offensive my names Maria jerk

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202 Billybob

One of those regional names, that unfortunately, would never be accepted outside the region. The poor soul would have to remain there for the rest of his life. And let's hope he doesn't want to run for president. Can you imagine "President Billybob? "

Really? Just really? I mean... Just wow. I get like maybe... Maybe William Robert and this for short but... Wow... Just wow.

Reminds me of James Bond "Live and Let Die." Call my brother-in-law, Billy Bob. He's got the fastest boat on the whole river!

Club penguin

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203 Chad

Are you kidding? My uncle is named Chad and he lives in Santa Monica and he is reasonably popular.

You named you child after a country in Africa!

204 Jeffrey

I like the name Jeffrey.

I have an uncle named Jeffrey. Or Jeff if you prefer, and I think it's an awesome name.

That's my brothers name

I love the name Jeffrey. It is my father's name as well as one of my favorite classmate's name. - anonygirl

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205 Shelby

You don't name a boy Shelby. That's my name and it should not be a guy's name just because a guy made a car called the Shelby.

206 Hemut
207 Michael

While everyone can have their own opinions, it is really getting annoying when people go all like: "That is my name End of my life! Blood! Blood blood blood blood! And... Death. Or: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE THAT IS THE NAME OF MY BEST FRIEND AND YOU ALL DESERVE TO MEET HADES! Mwa ha ha ha! Honestly, this is just a list and someone made this up. So all of you guys who think it's necessary to post a comment about how this really nice person in your class has the exact same name and that it is so rude and the creator of this list should meet a real Lucifer, save it for somewhere else where irrelevant and slightly bias comments are accepted. Thankyou.

Michael is a sexy ass name yo

I am OK with this name. My sister sits behind a boy named Michael that she hates. I kind of like it, actually.

One of my friend is named that and I keep misspelling it

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208 Winston
209 Braxton

Whoever named there kid this needs jesus

There's a boy in my computer class named this...
He decided that throwing pencils across the room would be a simply wonderful idea.

210 Jason

Why did the name dictionary think that this name is devilish?! Don't try to listen to the name dictionary! Unless it's bad, like the names on the top ten on this list.

This name is good. It's the name of a killer. - Powerfulgirl10

That is my dad's name and he is the best.

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211 Cletis V 1 Comment
212 Scott

I like Scott and that's my friend's name!

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213 Sergio

Sergio isn't good for an American but it is a Spanish name. You shouldn't even be making this list it is very offensive to some people because there name is in here. Get a life, Bum

Laugh out loud that is a terrible name!

I thimk it is the coolest name that's why it deserves to be number 1

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214 Gannon

This name makes me want to vomit. All that comes to mind for me is gangrene.

Clearly a Zelda fan aha

Gannon is from Zelda. - username34

Gannondorf from Zelda lol

215 Aiden

I thought this was a website with bad names this is how u spell and this is my brothers name next time check before you type in names weirdos

This name seems to be trendy. I think it's lame.

The character from watch dog is named that

This is the best name - Fiend

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216 Tobias

Tobias is an awesome name take it off the list!

Will you name your other kid Gumboil

That German kid in your class man

I neither like the german nor the English pronounciation. - Organ

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217 Malcolm

Have this weird kid at school with that name... Also Malcolm in the Middle.

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218 Willy

Seriously? That's another name for a penis!

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219 Xavier

The thing that every teacher at school always mistakes my name for :/ - xandermartin98

Sounds like Savior. - mattstat716

I hate this name now. - FinnsWorld

Oops, my mistake. I thought it was pronounced "exavier" - FinnsWorld

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220 Alec

He was trash at football and life

It's my name. Good enough.

It just... doesn't sound right.

My boyfriend name is Alec
Who the hell said this was a bad name

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