Worst First Names for a Boy

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221 Jesse


222 Courtney

Crappy being asked, "Did your parents think you were going to be a girl." Especially when you're in your late 30's. Woohoo! Go women's lib! Thanks a lot. Wanna be taken seriously in the workplace, stop giving your daughters male names. Robin, Cary, Mike, Sam, etc...

That was one of my uncles girl friends name. I hated her. - Music_Lover123

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223 Tyler

Why is Tyler on the list? That's one of the best names ever. All the other names on this list totally suck. - FinnsWorld

Damn I feel sorry for whoever has this name. - Entranced98

What? Tyler's a hot name! - Popsicles

I know a tyler and he's gay

224 Cryaotic

Who the heck would name their kid cryaotic sounds like chaotic

225 Bernie V 1 Comment
226 Enis V 1 Comment
227 Taylor

I hate this name for a boy but its awesome for a girl my name is Olivia

Taylor is my friend but I hate the name

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228 Flavio V 2 Comments
229 Riley


230 Pumbaa

I do like me some lion king

Sick name la


231 Curtis

There's a kid in my school name Curtis. He's so annoying - StayAlive

232 Troy
233 Anarda

Kinda alright, kinda AWFUL.

234 Richard V 2 Comments
235 Bob

It sounds like a very boring adult name

What a crappy, boring name. Bob = Pie in the face jokes. Pie in the face jokes = crap. Bob is crap!

Bob is actually short for Robert which is actually a nice name.

Bob spelled backwards is Bob

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236 Ronald

And your last name was McDonald. - aarond09

Not a good name like the footballer from Brazil

Ronald doesn't play football. He plays soccer

237 Gabriel

WHAT!?!? I love this name. Like Gabe from the giver. I cry when I hear it. I will name my son this. Gabriel Jonas.

I'm aan archangel and this is my name stop bein rude-PS I'm still alive lol oops

238 Maximus

That name is like awesome

Gluteus Maximus is the butt

Gluteus Maximus - KianaLexi

-Maximus, Inc.
-Circus Maximus
-Latin word
-Not a name.

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239 Adalfried

I love names that are hard to pronounce

240 Nimsay

This is the most epic name in the whole entire world, out of everyone in the world this is the most epic. I don't know where it comes from... But it's the most epic name in the all of the universe, and history.. Except for shabazz.. Which is equally epic. Thank you for your time.

This is 'Yasmin' spelled backwards. Y'know that contraceptive pill? Funny.

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