Worst First Names for a Boy

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221 Train

choo choo - FinnsWorld


222 Jesse


223 Courtney

Crappy being asked, "Did your parents think you were going to be a girl." Especially when you're in your late 30's. Woohoo! Go women's lib! Thanks a lot. Wanna be taken seriously in the workplace, stop giving your daughters male names. Robin, Cary, Mike, Sam, etc...

That was one of my uncles girl friends name. I hated her. - Music_Lover123

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224 Tyler

Why is Tyler on the list? That's one of the best names ever. All the other names on this list totally suck. - FinnsWorld

Damn I feel sorry for whoever has this name. - Entranced98

What? Tyler's a hot name! - Popsicles

I know a tyler and he's gay

225 Cryaotic

Who the heck would name their kid cryaotic sounds like chaotic

226 Adam

How dare you place my name on this list!

I remember this guy who once tried to sleep with e called Adam

He's just a Weeb. Anime 24/7 and always flirting with his waifu pillow. Like, seriously I saw him doing that. Also he needs to get over Hatsun Miku, like right now!

Always doing exactly what he's not supposed to do. always in everyones businees

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229 Taylor

I hate this name for a boy but its awesome for a girl my name is Olivia

Taylor is my friend but I hate the name

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230 Flavio V 2 Comments
231 Riley


232 Pumbaa

I do like me some lion king

Sick name la


233 Curtis

There's a kid in my school name Curtis. He's so annoying - StayAlive

234 Troy
235 Anarda

Kinda alright, kinda AWFUL.

236 Kossi
237 Richard V 2 Comments
238 Bob

It sounds like a very boring adult name

What a crappy, boring name. Bob = Pie in the face jokes. Pie in the face jokes = crap. Bob is crap!

Bob is actually short for Robert which is actually a nice name.

Bob spelled backwards is Bob

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239 Gabriel

WHAT!?!? I love this name. Like Gabe from the giver. I cry when I hear it. I will name my son this. Gabriel Jonas.

I'm aan archangel and this is my name stop bein rude-PS I'm still alive lol oops

240 Maximus

That name is like awesome

Gluteus Maximus is the butt

Gluteus Maximus - KianaLexi

-Maximus, Inc.
-Circus Maximus
-Latin word
-Not a name.

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