Worst First Names for a Boy

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241 Adalfried

I love names that are hard to pronounce

242 Nimsay

This is the most epic name in the whole entire world, out of everyone in the world this is the most epic. I don't know where it comes from... But it's the most epic name in the all of the universe, and history.. Except for shabazz.. Which is equally epic. Thank you for your time.

This is 'Yasmin' spelled backwards. Y'know that contraceptive pill? Funny.

243 Shawn

I had a cousin named this. He was the sweetest little boy you would ever know. He had a problem with his head so he was slow and he died at the age of eleven, eleven. I wanna cry whenever I think of that poor little boy.

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244 Cornelius

This is horrible. I knew a women with this as her middle name!? Don't EVER do this to your child people!

... I think of Cornelius Fudge from Harry Potter

Sounds snobby and stuck up

President Snow.

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245 Hunter

I wanted to be named this, but I'm stuck with Spencer. - username34

Are you kidding me that's my favorite name after DAMON!

I think Hunter is a sick name thank you very much

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246 Tommy

I'll eat your mother's heart for supper! You're Todd I bet, haha

Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. 'enough Said. - FinnsWorld

247 Mark

This guy is my friend but still we can make a lot of jokes with this guy! It takes just four little letters and a lot of imagination just to get a laugh out of this name... :( It's not cool...

Mark is actually a nice name. And it's powerful because it means

It sounds like a dog with a hair lip mark mark.

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248 Morgan

Ironic that I don't like this one since its similar to my username

249 Zach

It's a cool name - TwilightKitsune

This is my name except I spell it with a k

Zach has got to be the meaning of.
Rule breaking little jerk - aarond09

No o this is a good name

250 Boyne

And your last name was "Er"

251 Hatley

This is bullying waiting to happen. Poor kid.

252 Grayson

Grayson is the best name. Come on.

My friends name is Grayson.

253 Chandler

I am fine with this name, but a kid in my class who bullied me to the point of wanting to stay home from school last year (2012-2013) had his last name Chandler. Again, I think the name is fine, but the person in my class was not. - username34

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254 Eldridge
255 Pauly
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257 Seven

7? Okay why not just name him 8? I don't get this honestly..

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258 Shirley

N the 1860s=1930s Shirley was a name for men and women but men were named Shirley today that would seem crazy it's not even used for girls anymore

259 Fluffy

There is this one boy who is named fluffy and I think his parents are mean because what they gave birth to is a child, not a cat!

I like this name

Why is this a thing?!

:( that's sad. Poor kid. His mother must have been a car lady..

260 Himla
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