Worst First Names for a Boy

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261 Declan

What kind of name is Declan? It reminds me of "I'm going to deck Lin in the face. " or De-clan. That's pretty damn awful to me. Lochlan and Declan are the two worst names in the world by far.

262 Pierce

Pierce Brosnan. James Bond. Enough said.

So now your kid can go get his lip "Pierced" - aarond09

263 Larry

Never got why parents ever got the idea that this is a nice name

Classic pervert. Wearing socks and flipflops


264 Frank

Obviously I wouldn't like this name at all

265 Jon

Seems like a cheap version of "John" - Organ


Is'nt there an american version spelled John or Jhon.

266 Arnold

Sounds like a name you'd give a pig if I'm honest.

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267 Melvin

No matter how you shorten it, it will never be cool.

268 Jackson

First of all that is my best friends brothers name and my best friends name

God, such a stupid name. Get it to number 10 at least.

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269 Tank

That was a character on the Disney series darkwing duck.

Reminds me of Tank Dempsey Waw, BO, BO2

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270 Josh

That's one of my preachers you ass.

This name is for boys who can't lift, yo' parents need to sort yo' ass out.

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271 Elliot


272 Jaren

Why can't people spell Jared right?
Jaren is for girls what kind of father would name his son "Jaren"

I knew this one kid named jaren and he was really weird and had no friends and it was kinda sad

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273 Emma

This is a girls name, not a boy name. Do people name there sons Brianna or Emma or Sarah? - Music_Lover123

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274 Nils
275 James

Jerk that's my name my grandpa's name AND my uncle's name

Um I love this name it's my fave what

That's my name you ass

You're a jerk.That is my Grandpa's name!

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276 Mohammed

Sounds like what terrorists will name their kids (No offense to people actually named Mohammed) - GriffinDoge

277 Bryan V 4 Comments
278 Mimai
279 Asep
280 Darrius
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