Worst First Names for a Boy

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301 Carter
302 Danielle

There's nothing wrong with the name, although it's a GIRL'S name. Who would name a boy Danielle though, what? Daniel is more like it, of course

303 Buddy

This child will be made fun of all his life

304 Linus

After the Charlie Brown character? Really?

305 Bella

Name a FEMALE bully from down the street. But BELA Logosi was a good actor

306 Boner

Now that's just rude... what parent would name their kid this?!?

Make sure he has a bodyguard in the locker room.

307 Johnothan

My brother's name is Johnothan but it's spelled Jonathan

I do NOT think Johnothan is a bad name, it sounds good.

308 Carson
309 Loser

I relate

310 DeMario

DeMario? Why not just Mario?

311 Dominik

Big dislike - Organ

312 Marco
313 Fran├žois
314 Paulo

Paulo is a good name, if you are a latino - RobloxBFDIPoke223

315 Harley


316 Isidore
317 Sid

Sid The Science Kid! Now paint the kid yellow with some purple hair! Laugh out loud for a Halloween Costume! - FinnsWorld

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318 Bowie

Like David Bowie

David Bowser. There. New name. - mattstat716

Sounds almost like Bowser

319 Traber
320 Gomer

Might as well call him a gnome

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