Worst First Names for a Boy

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301 Carson
302 Loser

I relate

303 DeMario

DeMario? Why not just Mario?

304 Dominik

Big dislike - Organ

305 Marco
306 Fran├žois
307 Paulo

Paulo is a good name, if you are a latino - RobloxBFDIPoke223

308 Sid

Sid The Science Kid! Now paint the kid yellow with some purple hair! Laugh out loud for a Halloween Costume! - FinnsWorld

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309 Bowie

Like David Bowie

David Bowser. There. New name. - mattstat716

Sounds almost like Bowser

310 Traber
311 Gomer

Might as well call him a gnome

312 Julious
313 Parker

That is my brother's friekin name! You do not have a good taste in names at all.

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314 Leif V 3 Comments
315 Jamell
316 Jimmy
317 Ricardo
318 Thomas

I once had someone in my class called thomas - FinnsWorld

319 Hubert
320 Samuel V 4 Comments
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