Worst First Names for a Boy

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361 Adonis V 1 Comment
362 Kyd
363 Danny

Hey my friends name

364 Patrick

Hey, that's my name you ass! What's wrong with this name?

Yeah that's my boys name too! What on earth is so horrible about it

V 1 Comment
365 Humpfry
366 Yoner

A bit to close to boner for my liking

367 Perren
368 Axel

Why would any parent name their boy after an underside frame of a car, pickup truck, an 18 wheel tracker-trailer OR any kind of motor vehicles. There are a zillion beautiful names to pick from. Are we raising a generation of uneducated (OR undereducated) idiots?

its awful

369 Job V 1 Comment
370 Chance

This is my name it's awesome

371 Abraham

This is an amazing biblical name!

My uncle's name... - Iamcool

372 Mysterio

It'll always be a 'mysterio' as to why someone would name someone this

373 Damon

That's a sexy ass name I would date any man named Damon man who ever wrote this list will get an ass whooping

I actually like this name. There are many great names that should not be here.

What people don't know is that Damon is the Greek word for demon

374 Nipple

This kid is gonna get made fun of the rest of his life.

375 Boobley

To whoever names their kid this, grow up! Seriously this is a good name to you? Yeah right..

376 Macdonald

You want your kid to smell like crap?

V 2 Comments
377 Mohamed

Different spellings of this terrorist name... Mohammad, Muhammad the name of the first lunatic of Islamic terrorism..

V 1 Comment
378 Dylan

Why Mom and Dad, why did you have to name me this name, wwwhhyy?

379 Ludwig

My mom was almost named Ludwig.

380 Carlos

I think Carlos is a hot name also I have a friend named Juan Carlos

Carlos acts pathetic

all because someone moved his food and acts crazy like the world fell apart

what an angry man

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