Worst First Names for a Boy

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361 Makaela
362 Dippy

Sounds like it would be pared up with poop

Dipper from Gravity Falls... enough said - YouShallEatPoopy

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363 Bradley V 1 Comment
364 Claude

There's a character named Claude from Black Butler and it sounds like "Clod" Something Peridot from Steven Universe would say - KianaLexi

My friends name is Claude and his surname is Ball... Go figure

Lol, are they trYing to name boys after monster high!

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365 Ricky

If you ain't winning, you're losing. And you ain't winning with this name.

This is my name and I love it personally :) who ever hates it can go bang their nan

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366 Mufasa

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight... Until he wakes up to kill you

367 Mario

There is a boy at my school that his name is Mario and I have him in my 7th period. - briannakautz

Where's luigi

Super Mario sucks

IT'S-A-ME Mario!

now where's luigi... - mattstat716

368 Jonathan

That's one of the best names! My cousin who served in the military is named that!

369 Ben

Hate this name - GraceEmma

My "friend" is going to name his son this

That name is off of a creepypasta video.

Belongs to a DICKHEAD - sophie07

370 Adonis V 1 Comment
371 Kyd
372 Danny

Hey my friends name

373 Patrick

Hey, that's my name you ass! What's wrong with this name?

Yeah that's my boys name too! What on earth is so horrible about it

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374 Humpfry
375 Yoner

A bit to close to boner for my liking

376 Perren
377 Axel

Why would any parent name their boy after an underside frame of a car, pickup truck, an 18 wheel tracker-trailer OR any kind of motor vehicles. There are a zillion beautiful names to pick from. Are we raising a generation of uneducated (OR undereducated) idiots?

its awful

378 Job V 1 Comment
379 Chance

This is my name it's awesome

380 Abraham

This is an amazing biblical name!

My uncle's name... - Iamcool

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