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21 Nick

Nick isn't such a bad name it's just so common that soon every boy will be named Nick and then when the teacher calls on Nick every boy will answer.

It's so common, there are three or four Nicks in my classes, and the people in my classes are only a fourth of my grade.

That's my cousins name!

Nick crompton - TeamRocket747

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22 Joe

But my name is Joseph

This is not really a real name. It's a nickname for Joseph. - EdRed

I think Joe is a great name! It is my brother's name

That is VERY close to my nickname, which is this except spelled J-O

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23 Braydon

I don't see anything wrong with this name. It's a lot better than other names on this list. I mean, who would wanna name their kid Satan?

It's a cute name ill name my son braydon

Looks like someone spelled Brandon wrong

I like this name

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24 Dakota

Only Girls Are Named Dakota For Crying Out Loud! I Mean come on!

My name is Dakota and I think that it's pretty cool. I'm a girl though so I can't say that I've been bullied for being called Dakota. I just don't like the nickname Kota, unless we're talking about Brother Bear!

No I like that name for a guy okay and of you don't that's fine but that ne is grate

North or south? - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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25 Guy

Who would name their kid guy it is just like saying hi I am a random guy and I don't have a name yay

My brother had a book, and there was a little black girl (no racism here) that was maybe 3 years old and was named "Guy." - username34

? What is this? Who names someone guy, were their parents all chill and then like, "Hey, guy! " Then is that his name?

Old royal french name or something

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26 Bart

Shiver me timbers matey!

This is the name of Impulse off of Young Justice and Bart is awesome!

Don't have a cow about this name man! - Tylerlangford1234

Eat my shorts, and roll me down the waterfall - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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27 Moose

And maybe he'll have a pet bird named Zee. - FasterThanSonic

Don't ever name your kids endangered animals. Its just wrong.

Huh. So people who hate this guy will call him a deranged aNimal, but the girl in his cooking class who's in love with him will try to lick him and call him sweet as chocolate mousse. This is a bad name all around! (no offense to any mooses or people named moose! )

Why not, his second name is arse - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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28 Tucker

That's my name everyone likes it... O well

Probably because its easy to replace the T with an F

To me, any name ending with "er" sounds more like an occupation rather than a name. Tucker doesn't sounds pleasing no do "Carver", "Homer", "Skyler", or even "Tyler". The sole exception is Xander. - Turkeyasylum

Well, this name is not bad at all. But if you have watched Fullmetal Alchemist and saw Shoe Tucker, you'd probably know why this was added. - Kiteretsunu

Well, I get it, because it is easy to replace the T With and F and it's ******** - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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29 Cayden

What's wrong with Ryan. Good Irish strong handsome name

Their is a boy named Cayden in my class and he is crazy and showed his private in front of the whole class.

My brother has a friend named Cayden what is wrong with it nothing

It seems like every baby today is named Cayden, Brayden, or Jayden.

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30 Nathaniel

It my youngest brother's name

Nathan is a good name, but NATHANIEL is a HORRIBLE name! Why would anyone screw up a good name and turn it into a piece of crap!?

Love this good solid name and it is my brother's name!

It's sounds kinda harsh - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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31 Brick

This is a hot name, especially because it's the name of my favorite rowdyruff boy.

I actually like this name, even though it sounds weird, I like it. - AnimeDrawer

Ha speaking of the middle Axel's also on this list

I actually love this name. My favorite character of my favorite modern sitcom, The Middle, is named Brick. - anonygirl

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32 Wilburforce

Because will was just too mainstream

I have no words

May the wilburforce be with you

Charrlotte's web and force so Willbur and force - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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33 Keith

It just rolls poorly off the tongue. Think about it. Keith. It sounds so terrible when you say it, doesn't it.

This kinda reminds me of Boingo from the movie Hoodwinked! Where he's like "Darn it Keith change your name! Seriously. It's not scary, and I'm embarrassed to say it."

I strongly agree with the person who commented on it rolling poorly off the tongue. I'd never really thought about it before, but wow, you could not be more dead-on

Definitely this one. The other ones are a joke, nobody really names their kids that. This name, on the other hand? Shockingly common for how awful it sounds

Uh Voltron, anyone? This name sounds fine to me, I don't know what you guys are so butthurt about.

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34 Norbert

That's Hagrid's dragon's name in Harry Potter! Every time someone says, "Hi, I'm Norbert! " I think he's a dragon!

"When Norbit was just a little boy, he used to run around the place naked, always naked. Then, one day Norbit was running around and a poisonous snake leaped up and bite Norbit right on ass; very close to hole! And so I go and ckeck boy's pulse, he's still alive, he's still alive. So, I start to think, 'do I suck poison out of Norbit's ass? Or, do I let him die? I do the most responsible thing... I say 'HELL TO THE NO, NORBIT IS OUT OF HERE, IT IS MLONG TIME IN HELL BEFORE WONG SUCK POISON OUT OF ANOTHER MAN'S ASS" The End

It makes me think of sherbert...I don't know why...I hope everyone who reads this has a good day or has had a good day

Change your last name to Beaver, and you're good. - Powerfulgirl10

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35 Jayden

That's my name. It's awesome - JaysTop10List

You suck this is an awesome name

That's my brothers name and my friends and cousins

Cute little boy's name

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36 Jeremy

Nothing wrong with this name

Jeremy is a fine name

You a holes my dads name is jeremy

Cool name bruh

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37 Milhous

This is the most funny sounding name, and yes it's real. Ever wondered what the "M" stands for in "Richard M. Nixon"

"Everything is looking up Milhous! "

Milhouse van Hauten (It's he dutch? ) - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Milhouse van hauten

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38 Hayley

Who in the world putted this here! This is a girl's name no boy name! What stupid idiots are out there I saw a girl's name on this list more than once. Hayley is a pretty girl's name whoever putted a girl's name on this list is gettin TORTURED! I MEAN IT!

I actually heard of Hayley being a guys name... In the third grade a girl name Hayley said that if she was a boy her name would still be Hayley but yah it still appears to be weird to me

Um, why are girl names on this list? This is a list of worst boy names, not worst girl names. So this and other girl names should be off the list. - AnimeDrawer

"Hayley is a girl's name." Yeah. And who was the star of The Sixth Sense? - 445956

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39 Hitler

Seriously, parents are really deranged if they name their child this.

Honestly it's like the parents want the poor kid's @$$ to get kicked!

Even I hate that name and I'm German

Who would their kid over the worst leader in history? - anonygirl

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40 Eli

What's wrong with Eli. I have a friend named that. I think it's a good name

There's nothing wrong with the name Eli. It's a great name and it totally doesn't even go in the same category as the other names on this list.

I think that this name sould be taken off the list. I have a friend at school named Eli. He's cute maybe even hot and kids are friends with him. Whoever made this list did not do very good-my opinion

I know someone who named there son Eli Richard.

Why's Eli on the list? My brothers name is Eli!

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